UltraShieldscam and cheating


I needed to make a claim for my dining room table that had burn marks from hot plates or cups and scratches. Before I made the claim, I did internet research and found many complaints about Ultrashield. It seems that they do not want to follow through with their warranties.

I took all the advice from others who had been denied. I did not give more information than they needed and when the representative was trying to lead me down a path to where I said something wrong so she could deny me, I told her that I was aware of how they operate as I have read the internet complaints and that I was not going to be tricked. I said very little except for what I needed to say. I did not say anything incorrectly as I had been prewarned by others who had been denied.

The representative said that she would be in touch in 2 days as to what they would do. I never heard back from her but received a letter 7 days later stating that they were going to deny my claim because of multiple stains/damage. I did not report stains, just heat marks that show the bare wood and scratches.

She was extremely dishonest and lied on her company letter. I have prepaid legal insurance that I pay for through my employer. One of the things that they offer is help with warranty companies that refuse to pay claims. Obviously this is common enough for them to advertise their services for that. I am contacting my attorney tomorrow and will go forward with suing them. I want my money back for the warranty that did not cover what it said.

I am also going to go to the furniture store that I bought it at and see if they are willing to do anything about this. I also purchased $4, 000 of other furniture last Winter and bought that extended warranty with another company, not Ultrashield, as they do not use them anymore. I will be asking for the money back for that as well. I do not trust a furniture store that sells extended warranties that do not work.


  • Jo
    John Smith Nov 10, 2008

    I work at a furniture store that uses UltraShield warranties and it is true that they rip people off. I frequently have to deal with customers that were cheated out of coverage due to trivial technicalities. My company is in the process of switching to another warranty company, so maybe it will be more ethical. My advice to fellow consumers is to simply read the warranty cards before making the purchase. All inclusions and exclusions should be in writing.

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  • Em
    EMPLOYEE Mar 06, 2009

    I work for Ultra Shield and if you would read your warranties as you should then you would know what it covered and what is not. Most of your customer's believe the salesman and do not take the time to look at the warranty. and when something happens they call and file a claim on what is not covered.

    Are company deals with accidental damage. We do not cover multiple damage. and multiple in the dictionary means one or more. We are two areas of damage that happened at the same time. So if you had all the scratches and burns then your claim would have been denied. The bbb says we care an F rating, this is due to the number of complaints. If you scroll down and look we have a high rate of " Resolved Claims".

    And at any time we are more than happy to explain the warranty and how it works. But there are guidelines, we have been in this business for over 20 years and continue to strive for excellence with our customers. SO READ YOUR WARRANTIES BEFORE YOU UNJUSTLY COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR COMPANY.

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  • Se
    secondlogan Apr 09, 2009

    Here's another story about ultra shield refusing to honor their warranty :

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  • Nu
    nuggetsfan Jul 13, 2009

    I had a horrible time getting Ultra Shield to resolve my issue. I first contacted them in November of 08 - I finally got my couch repaired in July of 09! I must have called over 30 times. This is a horrible company, and I would, and have, told everyone that I know to avoid them like the plague.

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  • Lm
    lmdh Aug 12, 2009

    I read all of the information on the extremely uninformative furniture service agreement and was confident that my claim would be approved. After reading all of these complaint sites, I am not surprised to hear that it was denied.
    I wish I had done more research before spending hundreds of dollars on a worthless warranty. I am not surprised to hear that UltraShield has an F rating - I would give them an F minus if possible, and will definitely be adding to their list of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ul
    ultrashieldsux Aug 21, 2009

    What kind of legal action has anyone taken? I know that they are banking on people just giving up and not pursuing any legal council, because we have all already lost so much money on the warranty. But it seems there should be some way to hold this company accountable so they cannot just keep ripping people off. If we put our heads together, maybe we can hold their feet to the fire. I would be just happy making them look like the really bad company that they are... and... it would be nice to get my money back too.

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  • Ma
    MamaD Nov 22, 2009

    Ultra Shield in my opinion are very insensitive, obnoxious people who surely are backed by the same character for their CEO"s. Such a simple matter as receiving the ultra shield wood protection products. The store where I purchased it stated I would have a lifetime guarantee for this product. I called Ultra Shield to send me the product and found out that the first shipment was free but after that, I would have to pay shipping and handling. Otherwise I would have to go to the store where I purcahsed my dining romm set and have my bottles refilled. Thats grand...the store is an hour away. I'M NOT DONE...they took my request and the product never arrived at my home. I called them and they said that the product was sent to me, that someone must have stole it from my porch. What BULL! I was home the day they said it was delivered...and no product was ever delivered.
    I can't imagine the problems I might have if calling regarding damage to my furniture that I bought...disgusting thought.

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  • Fl
    FLLISA Dec 22, 2009

    I just filed a complaint on another website and I have to agree with "ultrashieldsux". Why isn't there a class action against them? I am guessing that, although there are going to be quite a few people who spent $200.00 on their warranties, that there are so many more that paid $30ish? Those are the people who probably called Ultra Shield, got the run around and just decided to eat the 30 bucks. If a class action was brought against them, I am guessing there would be quite the response from consumers! I would certainly like to see it happen!

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  • St
    StrayKatt Apr 13, 2010

    I have definitely learned a lesson by dealing with Ultra Shield. I will never buy another worthless furniture warranty. First I filed a claim for damage to a nightstand that was caused by a beverage spill. They have not denied the claim, but this has been going on for months now and still nobody has come to even look at the nightstand. Every time I contact them I get another excuse. They couldn't read the scanned copy of my receipt that I sent them. Then I faxed two pages to them and supposedly they didn't receive the second page. Then they said they were getting the receipt from Roomful Express. Then they said that they were waiting on the cost of the nightstand, which I would expect should have been on the receipt that I both E-mailed and faxed them, and that they requested from Roomful Express (twice to my knowledge, by two different people). In the meantime, our dining table was scratched by our cats. I tried to file a claim for the dining table and I was told that pet damage is not covered. I got out the brochure on the warranty that I received from Roomful Express. It says that coverage for wood furniture includes scratches. It says nothing about excluding pet scratches. I have contacted Roomful Express to see if there is anything they can do. The fact is that they have so many exclusions that the chance of any damage actually being covered is slim. Roomful Express did not say anything about the exclusions when they sold us the warranties. I think they are as much at fault as Ultra Shield. I am hoping that Ultra Shield will decide to refund the cost of the warranty rather than deal with the nightstand, since that is one of their options. It limits their liability to the cost of the warranty, which is pretty slick.

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  • Au
    Audreyis not happy May 17, 2010

    Its all BS, I have a stain on my mattress, I called them to come and clean it, the lady lead me down a road that she wanted me to be on and got me to say I didn't know exactly when the stain got on my mattress and BOOM! Guess what? Its not covered. You have to know when the stain got there, I mean you have to know the exact day!!!. But she didn't tell me that before she lead me down the road to say I didn't know, then got me to repeat it, then re read it to me and i agreed with her statement and then she said "oh I'm sorry we cant cover stains because you don't know exactly when they got there. Boom my warranty is now void. Even though it was supposed to be a life time warranty. It does not say that in my warranty papers!!! Nice...and now my furniture store wont warranty the body impression in the mattress because it has a stain on it. = stain = no mattress warranty = dont know when the stain got on the mattress = no stain warranty, I'm now out $1500.00. Thanks Ultra Shield. You trap and trick people into saying things so you dont have to honor your warranty.

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  • Fi
    first middle last Oct 26, 2010

    BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. THEY DO NOT HONOR WARRANTY!!! If you have kids, pets, accidents, you can even sneeze on the couch and they don't cover it.(acts of god)
    WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS (taken from contract)
    This warranty does not apply to normal soiling from everyday use, rental, commercial use, or in home Day Care business, acts of god, intentional acts, human perspiration, human hair/body oils (stains form hair and body oil are considered normal soiling), neglect, abuse or misuse, gum, animal damage, odors, stains caused by incontinence, medications and vitamins, accumulated stains or damage, multiple stains or damage, unknown stains or damage, manufacturer defects, used or prexisting stained or damaged furniture, dye lot or texture variations, cleaning prior to calling customer service, stitching or binding, seam separations, fraying, non-colorfast materials, furniture in storage, furniture in transit, or damage caused by improper home movement, and improper fabric protection application.

    I had a Halloween party and they kids were having fun and jumping on the couch and one of the kids dropped ice cream and another a candy apple...i didn't do anything to the stain and i called and they said the couch had multiple stains...then they said neglect... They did say if one kid tripped and fell with punch and it went all over the couch they would cover it.

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  • Mo
    moultonsplace Jan 20, 2011

    I would love to sue this company, i am going to check into a class action suit against them. I have never done anything like this before, so if anyone knows how to go about this please let me know. One of my close friends works for a lawyer and i will ask her about this. They an awful company and we need to stop them!!

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  • De
    Debbie-Washington Feb 05, 2011

    I have worked for 2 companies with similar products to Ultra Shield and in mattress stores as well. I have to admit it is usually the salespeople who mislead the customers into believing that all companies cover everything! That is so rediculous! The salespeople are trying to make a sale. I recently worked for a retail mattress store that told all their customers that they would automatically receive a new mattress cover every 2 years! Hello! I corrected them even though I was new. If the sales people had listened to the sales rep they would have known it was actually; "If the customer sends in their warranty card upon purchase, then has damage to their mattress protector with specific things covered and not, sends the cover to the company then the company will send a new protector back- up to 3 in 10 years. Somehow the salespeople misconstrued this to be an automatic send out to all after 2.5 years. Like the person above said read your warranty before blaming a comnpany afterall, sales people aren't perfect and do make mistakes. All this slaming of a company could actually put people out of work or close a whole company when it was just a misunderstanding. Let's keep American jobs going instead of trying to shut people down. Also other companies not so reputable make up these complaints to try and steal business beware!!!

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  • Mo
    Montana Mary May 16, 2011

    Ultra shield does scam people!! I called them the day after my dog threw up on my couch. I fully read my warranty and it said that it covered animal bodily fluid (not feces) and that trying to clean it would void the warranty. So I did nothing and called them. After a day with dried dog vomit on my couch I finally got ahold of someone and she took down the information and then said that the dog vomit wasn't covered and was not a bodily fluid. THAN WHAT IS!?!?!? So now I have dried dog vomit on my couch. To the employee of Ultra Shield who wrote on here, I did fully read my warranty and followed exactly was it said to do and because of that I still have a "voided" warranty and am worse off than if I had just cleaned it. Like it or not your company sucks and I will make sure to tell everyone I know.

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  • No
    Not going to be scammed Feb 26, 2012

    The warranty is on a box of products. They denied my claim and I am now suing them in small claims court.

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  • Ja
    Jasmin1818 Nov 27, 2012

    Ultra shield cleaners came to my house and could not clean my sofas because there was no visible stains. My sofa are black and you can see every stain, hair, or crumb that lands on them. The men were very nice but told me they couldn't do a thing due to their policies. I have throw pillows that are cream color and had gotten dirty by my three year old. And they couldn't clean them because I didn't mention them to the operator. It takes ten days for the company to make a claims report. And they were just here and they couldn't clean them due to their policy. And when I called to make another appointment the operator hung up on me. They are such a scam not worth it! Beware save your money and have real professionals clean your furniture. I am very upset with Darvin's Furniture for offering their services to me. I could of saved my money and not wasted it on their phony company.

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  • Ja
    JadeCole Apr 18, 2013

    All of these complaints are TRUE! They trick you into answering questions a certain way and lead you down a path so they can deny your claim! This should be illegal!

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  • Wr
    wrong person to scam Oct 17, 2013

    I made the mistake of not reading the warranty brochure before purchasing it. That was mostly due to the fact I had plenty of faith in Lazy Boy products and trusted them to not be a part of ripping people off. I knew after my first conversation with Ultra Shield and after reading the warranty that I had been ripped off .I requested my money back { not gonna happen }, so I will settle this low level scam my way .Although their brochure sets boundaries and parameters { overloaded to protect their scam } regarding coverage, the consumer does have some rights. Those rights are in the section titled "what is covered". Follow those rules carefully as they are your ally. On the other hand " what is not covered " are your enemy, due not break those rules. Remember boundaries and parameters are in place and our rights are protected by them. NOW LET US RUN ROUGHSHOD ON THE SCAMMER !

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  • Je
    JEM2012 Oct 29, 2013

    I purchased an entire bedroom set from Darvin Furniture. The sales person recommended the Ultra Shield Protection Plan and made it seem like a wise purchase. In June of this year, I discovered a few scratches on our dresser and called them right away. I told them it was a windy day and the wind blew my picture frames off the dresser which caused the scratches. At first I was told wind damage was not covered since "wind is an act of God". After I threatened to cancel my plan (which is allowed under Illinois Law) they said they would come out to look at it. I emailed numerous photos and when the techs came out, they took one look at it and said "we can't fix this". It is now October 29th and after contacting Davin and Ultra Shield to request a refund on the plan, they have agreed to replace the dresser. I told them I prefer to cancel the plan and again requested a refund. Still waiting for a call back and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before I get a check in the mail. I''ve purchased numerous pieces of furniture from Darvin in the past 15 years and will never again agree to the Ultra Shield Protection Plan again.

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  • Gr
    GregLazboy Mar 23, 2014

    I have been selling Ultra shield for years and have it on all of my upholstered furniture. I explain it properly and my customers love it. The company I sell for does a few re-selections every month that are covered by the warranty. Most all of these complaints are from people that do not follow the warranty properly. I mean the lady who let her kids jump up and down on her sofa with ice cream and candy apples is clearly not using her sofa in a normal way. HERE IS THE SIMPLE RULES TO FOLLOW 1) REPORT ACCIDENTS WITH IN 5 BUSINESS DAYS AND KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU CALL. It is really that simple. You can't burn your table a bunch of times as the one lady describes and call for a refinish! It just doesn't work that way. I think the real issue is sloppy sales people mixed with consumers that hear what they want to hear. I am a lifer in furniture sales my customers all get my personal cell number so they know I stand behind what I sell and say. I even disclose the fact that sweat and hair oil is excluded. But I can also say with confidence that these things come of easy with regular cleaning because the stain protection really works. My advice get it but follow the simple instructions above. The reason they want to be called in 5 business days is simple, they don't want to be expected to clean an old stain that has set in due to neglect. You can't call your auto insurer with out knowing when and what happened to damage on your care and expect them to fix it. Nothing shady here just a few consumers that did not follow the rules.

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  • So
    sopmcm Dec 02, 2014

    Just next time make sure you tell them your dog tore your couch up! I haven't had my furniture a year and the couch is already tearing due to normal wear... I spent thousands of dollars for my furniture and the lease they could do is fix it. I mean isn't that why we bought the protection plan in the first place? After reading through all the complaints guess we all got the run about...

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  • Ug
    Ugh2 Jul 31, 2015

    Wished I would have read these before dropping $200. On a worthless warranty. Oh excuse me, " not in there guidelines" because my leather peeled on the bottom and top of cushion. Multiple places. Not covered. All happened within a couple days

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  • An
    AndyMoll Sep 23, 2015

    WOW... reading this as I am on the phone with a mgr about a claim... seems they are in business of denying claims!!! Here is my case in nutshell:

    1) Child accidentally cut couch
    2) I filed claim and agent took down all info, sent photos and sent warranty info as needed
    3) Agent calls and tells me they got everything they needed and will send out a new pillow cover
    4) Agent calls back and say they have to send tech out to gather pictures as pillow fabric discontinued
    5) After 1 no show, tech finally makes it to house 2 months later and takes 3 pics (at house less than a minute)
    6) next day another agent calls (first one left company) to deny reason given was extensive damage/missing fabric not covered
    7) I ask for mgr... I told him I read warranty in full and extensive damage/missing fabric not listed he says well... it might not say that but it should?? Ask for his mgr..
    8) Women gets on phone and said ok so that isn't stated but we don't have enough info so the real reason is don't know how happened is the issue... I SAID I TOLD YOU HOW IT HAPPENED... She then said well Amber no longer works here so I have to go by what she wrote? I said if she needed more info she could have just asked me!!!

    Turns out Amber left Ultrashield because she hated lying to and cheating people!

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  • Re
    Reviewer38507 Jan 13, 2016

    Ultrashield Leather Warranty is a scam. They have no intention of EVER DOING ANY WORK TO YOUR FURNITURE. Spent hours on the phone Talked to Andrew and Sandy. Both Supervisor's neither of which knew why they were scamming people. Scam Artists

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  • Jo
    JohnGjacob Feb 11, 2016

    I purchased the "Extended Warranty" so my couch would be covered, but the "Extended Warranty" they sell is actually DAMAGE INSURANCE. It will NOT cover any manufacturer defect. Plus as an added bonus, the second party "warranty" company, Ultra Shield, is very unprofessional and difficult to deal with.

    Take my advise and do NOT waste your money on the Ultra Shield "Extended Warranty"

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  • Bi
    Bibo Feb 29, 2016

    Anyone file a law suit ? I really want to . Contact me

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  • Re
    Reviewer1974 May 08, 2016

    How is that in 2016 this company is still in business? It's because they lie, lie, lie even on responses to the BBB complaints. They are nothing but brainwashed puppets who have been trained to deny, deny, deny any and all claims for the most ridiculous reasons. For instance, a claim was denied a year ago and proof of a cleaning hadn't been submitted, so a new one can't be filed and now it's past the 5 day window. Their "warranty" is so vague, they can just make things up as they go along to deny the claim. And the reason they won't send anyone out to service their "warranty" is because even the technicians don't want to do any work for them because they don't get paid! I've been dealing with UltraShield for almost 9 years in trying to get a few different issues with a fabric sofa and loveseat purchased from Lazboy. After my latest battle, I decided that enough is enough and filed a complaint with the BBB after getting nowhere after writing a letter to Sandy Cassler (as requested on the BBB website) who directed Andrew to "assist" with my claim. He, of course, denied my claim for "falsified information by reporting the same damages on different dates" and terminated my warranty due to falsification. How ironic, because the first line in my BBB complaint was "UltraShield has committed fraud with the sale of worthless fabric protection warranties". DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY FROM THEM! It's not worth the piece of paper it's written on. Go and purchase a $10 can of Scotchguard instead!

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  • Do
    donna burrows Oct 06, 2016

    In a 25 year period I have used Ultrashield two times. Once for a gouge on wood and once for a burn on a sofa. The sofa was repaired by a local company and Ultrashield paid the bill. As for the wood, they paid to have a new top sent to me and told me to donate the old one and send them the receipt. My experience was good. It is true that you have to abide by the policy. You have to report it within a certain time-frame. You have to know exactly what happened. It must have been an accident. You must agree not to try to repair or clean. It must be one incident and cannot be a situation that happened and has worsened over time. I deal with the public on a daily basis and I have for years. I can only imagine the crazy claims and complaints they get. Just remember, for every complaint you see here...or at the BBB... there are tons of good stories. Most people do not share their good experiences. I would give little weight to this complaint forum... just read and follow directions. Im glad I had mine.

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