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I am very irate with ulta salon!!! I was being responsible and called the ulta salon (3215 louisiana ave # 104, lafayette, la, 70501)
At 12:18 pm today and spoke with catina who was actually the one scheduled to do my hair and makeup. I told her I was traveling from baton rouge and would be late for my scheduled time. I asked catina to cancel the appointment due to me knowing I was going to be late and she specifically told me that it was ok and to just head this way when I can. I was shocked and confirmed again that I would be late and she said that is fine. My appointment was scheduled for 1.5 hours.
So I arrive at the salon for 3:30 pm, thinking everything is still good to go but it wasn't!
Catina had started on another client. Then catina tells me that someone can take me in about 45 minutes with a smirk on her face!! I told her I couldn't do that because it was going to make me late for the event I was going to this evening. Catina told me she was so sorry and there is a jc penney salon up the road I could try?!?!?! Are you kidding me?? My salon visit totaled $106, that's not including tax or tip.
My next issue/question was how did catina have another appointment there that she had been working on that person's hair knowing I had her booked for 1.5 hours and she told me it was ok if I was late??

This was totally ridiculous. Catina needs to be written up and sent back to a customer service training because she has no clue.
I have never been treated this poorly at an ulta salon/store and I spend a lot of money at these stores. I will never step foot in this store again and it's a shame because the person ringing up my purchases, cassandra, was totally fabulous!

Now, I am scrambling to get myself somewhat ready for the event I am going to this evening. Thanks...

Thank you,

Jamie c. Ross

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