Ulta Beautyulta hair salon

R Aug 03, 2018

I have blonde hair with apparent light orange roots. I originally went in to Ulta to fix my orange roots. They were a very light orange and I wanted them blonde. The lady and I agreed on only doing the roots, nothing further required beyond the apparent line of orange and blonde. She confirmed with me only making the orange roots into blonde, which was what I made the appointment for. I specifically told her I did not want the roots to be blunt. My blonde clashes immediately into my black hair and there is no fade or transition it is just clunky and blunt and does not seem worth the $180 I paid for. This costs about $11 at Walmart to do it myself. I'm extremely embarrassed how much I paid for this and even more to point out this amature work to the lady. She was nice. My hair still looks orangish enough to where I'm unsatisfied with that, to not even mention what patchy lines she started around my entire head

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