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Ulta$10 for flat ironing!?

I love Ulta and have never had a bad experience. But I think it is ridiculous that customers are being charged an extra $10 for flat ironing when it has always been included in a salon service.

I understand flat ironing takes time, but charging an extra $10 cuts into the stylist's tip in addition to making a trip to the salon more expensive than it needs to be. If I'm getting color in my hair which runs over a $100, I should not have to pay $10 extra for a service that should already be included!

Very ridiculous, I know customers that have stopped coming to Ulta because of this issue.


  • Xh
    xholaxgatitax Jun 17, 2009

    First of all, IM a stylist and I basically think your a rude, ignorant ###. We have the right to charge whatever the ### we want if your sitting in OUR chair. If an extra ten dollars was such a big deal then why did you do it? Were not just gonna do something for free cause thats what YOU want. Stylists are so under-tipped and unappreciated these days it makes me sick.

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  • Ev
    Evtome Jun 29, 2009

    I will say that yes paying an extra $10 is a little unorthadox but if you don't want to pay it... then don't have them do it. But it is the same concept as American Airlines now charging for bags when in the past you were only charged if they were over 50lbs. The economy is in a down fall and so for stores to stay afloat they have to add small fees or flat out raise their prices. Anyway stylists are always undertiped or not atall and that's why I am always sure to tip my stylist well. I have had the same stylist since I was like 9 years old and my mom always taught me to tip well and you will get something in return. You know what? now since she knows I'm going to tip well she drops fees or she just gives me a discount. Last time I was there I was getting my hair cut and curled and she whispered in my ear, "Because you are a good customer, I did not charge for the curl". Loyalty and generosity will pay off in the end.

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  • Po
    porcelainwhite Jul 05, 2009

    Stupid ###,

    Why do you want flat hair like the whites? Jealous 'cause your nappy 'fro reminds people of pub's gone wild?

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  • St
    styler40 Jun 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Time is money in the salon business. It's been that way since the beginning of time in the salon biz. $10 is NOTHING. Some salons charge up to $25-$30 extra for that especially if the hair is very thick and long. Usually in MOST salons, the haircut includes a shampoo and blow dry style. Any ADDITIONAL styling is extra. If its such an issue for you, then flat iron your own hair at home. Hairstylists spent a lot of time and money in school to become experts in their craft/to obtain licensing to perform the work they do. The prices don't just cover the cost of the products used, they cover the time involved in performing the service. It's a SERVICE. Like when you take your car in to get the oil changed, or tired balanced or rotated. There is no mystery that every place is different. Some include some things and some do not. Some places you get free refills and some places you don't.

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  • Co
    COLOR41 Jul 06, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Ulta has always charged an additional $10 for flat ironing.
    *Your stylist should have told you before the service.
    *You could also ask.
    *If you are complaining about tipping, it is YOUR CHOICE. No one forced you.

    --Ulta salon manager

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