Ubisoftgold edition 3 day early access

Annoyed would not be words i would use right now. I'm deeply disappointed in the fact i do not receive my hard copy Ghost Recon Breakpoint until sometime 01/10/2019. The fact that the 3 day early access goes live midnight on 30/10/2019 for early access and i do not receive it till sometime tomorrow is in breach of advertisement as it stated 3 days early access and not 2 and a bit days. I've payed my money so i get have the so called early access and now feel cheated of the money i have payed to get this. ive enjoyed playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint both tech tests the closed beta and the open beta i think the game is amazing but the fact i feel cheated by yourselves in the fact you have falsely sold me a edition that does not conform to the description on which it says . I would like to know what you are going to do to resolve this and not just a sorry to here this

Sep 30, 2019

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