TX Tagbilling

C Oct 02, 2019

On August 14th, 2018 my GPS dire cted me from Colorado to Katy Tx. I found myself on a TxTag tollway. I had to stay in a hotel until I found a apartment. Txtag sent the bill to my Colorado address. The bill was rerouted to my Texas address and was received on 11-25-18.The due date was on 11-24-18, I called customer service to explain but they charged a late fee anyway.I sent a check in on 11-25-18.The check was returned because the bank had to close the account due to stolen identity. TxTag charged
$35.50 for a returned check.I called customer service several times trying to resolve this issue.So, the bill escalated to $45.65 on November 2018.
Txtag continues to charge late fees monthly. The bill has increased to $ 78.25
and even though I filed a dispute statement on their website, I have not received feedback. So, the original bill of $ 5.15 has increased to $ 78.25.This is a scam .
Txtag will not negotiate the balance, this is outrageous. Please respond

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