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Dear readers, iam a active member of tvi .I have a big team of these days experence i can tell you this a BIG GLOBAL SCAM .involving some cruel mind from india .If you want any informatio about this scam & pepole involved please call . my # [protected] .


  • Po
    pomi Jun 14, 2009


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  • Mi
    Michel Jun 16, 2009



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  • Na
    naga people Jun 27, 2009

    exactly thats what i have been browsing all site to get their information even phone call and asking frends to see in london if the office exist

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  • Ba
    baldev chand Jun 27, 2009

    Dear sir, we are glad to see your website(TVI Express) and web comments now we want to join tvi express company to become fame and earning the money so we would like to know how to join and how to earn the money from your team so kindly requested to you so plz give us a right informantion as soon as possible our email address- [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Jun 30, 2009 is the official directory of all companies in UK.
    I searched for TVI Express - No relevant result
    Then i searched for Travel Ventures International - No relevant result
    Then I searched for Travel Venture.. well i got 2 companies which were "DISSOLVED" and those are "Travel Agency".. you can search by yourself, theres a button called "search company informations". I am not telling you that this company doesnt exist. Im telling theres no company in that name in UK/London as they say. It may be in India, I dont know. Also if it was a professional organization, their website will NEVER be UNDERCONSTRUCTION. Also see the address given "Travel Ventures International, UK, and a phone number" I wonder how you believed that.. lol.

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  • Mo
    mountain prince Jul 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks Vishnu s, there a lots of ignorant/iliterate people who is investing heavily on this company in small towns of Manipur for eg: senapati. trust me it is speading like wild fire. i pity their hard earn money.

    Who should i report this to? and how to hunt them down

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Jul 04, 2009

    Those are the details i found on net while validating the informations i had got about that company and all those and these are my own opinions. I dont think this is a real company.
    I never knew this company, one guy scraped me asking me to join this company.. i told him i dont trust it it might be a scam, he dint believe and started explaining about the company, i finally told im not interested and please dont make this as ur primary aim, thats my advice and said all the best and thought of leaving. This guy got angry it seems, he started shouting at me.. saying IM NOT GOING TO TAKE ADVICE FROM AN 18 year OLD SILLY BOY.. lol.. what does that mean.. i thought of ending up this conversation by this, but i just checked the online business directories.. if the company is as big as he said, it should be in the directory. also the site review should be done by some business magazine or another reviewer.. all i can find by searching the net is TVI Home page and lots of people asking about its truth.. like tht only i found this site also.. I found another site which explains the benefits of joining ths program, but that was also a referral, means he was also a person who tries to catch people lol... I scraped the things i found to him itself..

    Funny thing is this guy who scrapped me thinking that to get a website in google or any search engine is a BIG thing lol.. even my site is there, even you get my site if you search Vishnu S in google.. i dint comment to that.. then he scrapped me and threatened me saying that hes the cousin of the IPS of my state, and he will blow me away if i try to play smart online and dont ever play cheap with him and all.. first, i dint understand what he meant by cheap and smart online.. second since he is the cousin of IPS, he should have thought that Threatening someone is a punishable offence.. strange guy he is..

    anyways.. dont take my word.. try to find someone in UK and ask them to verify if this company exist in this building:

    Marble Arch Tower
    55 Bryanston Street
    London, W1H 7AJ
    United Kingdom

    And about changing people.. thats not possible unless they fall and come back themselves.. so lets wait.. :)


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  • Ga
    gaurav1977 Jul 04, 2009

    hi you all thanks for your comment but my opinion abt tht is ... this may be a very good co. or may be a fraud ... BUT the main thing is every one involved in this business is getting money and many of then whom i know got more than 60000$ in four months i have seen their bank statements and even i got my first 5004 because i joined that co. in first week of june but i m sure that if it is fraud also they will never go b4 two years and the money they r giving to their members are only from those people only if they gets 240004 then they give 15000$ to that person and "in that site the never said u must join" they are giving u an opprtnty to earn money with your work so i dont think we should say wrong abt them " they are not fraud" they are smart business men. If u complete your 1st board then only you get 500$ while till then they gets 250$ X 15 people sooo... now u think

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Jul 04, 2009

    u told u saw the bank statement... you saw softcopy (mailed.. may be pdf, jpg) or in original ? and one more question.. do you pay anything when joining? or after joining? if yes how much.. ?
    The scheme somehow works as long as people keep joining. When the influx of members slow down, so does income. This isn't any different from Amway, RMP etc. Early investors do get good returns, but as the chain builds up, returns slow down. well its ur life.. you may get going with it..

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  • Ga
    gaurav1977 Jul 06, 2009

    Dear Vishnu
    I saw real statement first... Even i m an engineer so dont think anybody can show me soft copy and i'll belive him ... and joining is after you pay money to someone who got prepaid pin. Please not all compnies are fraud you can see M-way, hindustaan liver and etc. and if at all as you said The scheme somehow works as long as people keep joining"" then i'll take my chances. and as i recovered my money I'll take that 15000$ also. as my upper persons ...

    And i dont know y u kind of people hates r u joined any fraud co. b4 or wt. 13000/- is not very big amount to invest if you can earn 5 lac ... in many business we invest 5 lac and not get return of 13000Rs per month also... It make some sence... think abt it.

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Jul 06, 2009

    i dont hate :) please let us know when you get the 5 lakhs.. And i dont like taking chances like <this>. esp with money.

    And again i am asking someone to please verify if the company exist in UK or not!! i dont believe that no one is there from UK.

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  • Ma
    manglik Jul 08, 2009


    Dear Vishnu

    Hopw u ll be fine !!!

    I have read all communications of both persons, and i think that vishnu is right. but wanna to say something there !!! This is gambling !!! come and play >>>> Because 13000 amount not a very big amont. so tht we can take a chance to get this oppurtunity and luck !!!

    Thx & Regards

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  • Mr
    mr.sharma Jul 10, 2009


    Even i tried to dig out the company.. wether it exist or not...! the only thing is that i got 3 times rolling and now m free from finance .recently i bought I10 HYUNDAI car with my own money.. STILL M TRYING TO CATCH UP THE COMPANY WETHER THE COMPANY EXIST OR NOT LOL... now its not a big deal buying NOKIA n90... i really don't understand why the people who r not interested in TVI express is so much concerned about the company...for me i don't have time to dig out ..every sec is a value for me ... for me i must say " only desire people will join TVI " if u have the financial freedon ..u'll have a BIG mind ..only small mind got fired...

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  • We
    wellwishers Jul 14, 2009

    If tviexpress is really a scam, some strong action from governmet is expected. Mr. Tarun Trikha with phone No. [protected] is one of the leader of this business. he resides somewhere in delhi. He made corores of Rs. from this business. And i doubt this money is being circulated in terrorism...

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  • In
    Interpol Jul 16, 2009

    TVI Express do not furnish the name of the CEO, President of the company etc... The address they furnished in their web page is an office building belongs to a travel company NOT this particular move huh? This is a pyramid scheme or scam if you will. TVI is nowhere to be found in BBB (Better Business Bureau) and not registered in the UK as a business according to my findings so far. There so many desperate poor folks from China, India and S.E Asia who wants to get rich the easy way, but they are on the other hand making the folks from this obscure company multi-millionaries.

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  • Ri
    Rishikant Jul 22, 2009

    Hello everybody...Its a big big world" no time to stand and stare".. why r we letting go a lot of our enjoyable momemts commenting on TVI Express or whatever, I have an idea.. either u get in or u get out from this scheme or venture..why r u wasting ur time for a topic on a meagre 250 USDs.. 4 me i joined the company some 25 days ago and made a handsome 10000 USD..nw its up to u guys whether u want to take the risk or u have other plans..but please please.. I beg u don waste ur time if u r not interested .. The govt. of India is not gonna force u to join TVI Exp or any other Networking Business or Schemes.. best of luck..
    Regards... Rishikant T.

    then i can't help u..

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  • My
    mylifeisgreat Jul 29, 2009

    get out people. if you want to earn money, work, work, work but not by paying somebody Rs.13, 000 so he can be rich. Don't you get they will make money and run away and not pay you after their mission is complete.
    Grow up people. This is a big SCAM. If there is an office, people should have freedom to call or communicate. You people are fooled by this stupid SCAM. This will go down the hill in no time when people realise.
    Good luck to those who have joined and people who wants to join read other people on google or yahoo what they have to say.

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Jul 31, 2009

    agree with you one hundred percent :) :)

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  • Bu
    budhajeet01 Jul 31, 2009

    Can anybody explain me the two payments methods Liberty Reserve and Bank Wires

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  • Ss
    ssumperkk1 Aug 01, 2009

    Hello Friends,

    I am going to give you some facts here, which are for you to decide whether you have to be a part of it or not:

    1) TVI Express is verified by Trust Guard which is one of the top Compliance Companies in the US. Address, phone number and legalilties have been successfully verified and you can find a proof of the same by going to the footer of TVI's official website.

    2) TVI is duly incorporated and is managing its financial operations wonderfully well. Many people have got their payouts transferred to their Bank Accounts which shows that TVI is not just a website and is a properly managed International Company.

    3) TVI's office is on the Business listing of Google and if any business has to be listed on google, they need to get themselves verified. This is another fact that count towards the legitimacy of the Organization.

    4) They have been backed by World Choice Travel to provide Travel inventory to its members which is also the backing company of two more Multi Millionaire Brands.

    Hope this will guide you in taking a firm decision.

    and above all waren buffet has also invested in this company.

    come out people. if you want to earn money, work, work, work but not by paying somebody Rs.13, 000 so he can be rich.
    Grow up people.
    Good luck to those who have joined and people who wants to join read other people on google or yahoo what they have to say.

    Mr. Tarun Trikha with phone No. [protected] is one of the leader of this business. he resides in karol bagh, delhi. He made corores of Rs. from this business.

    TVI EXPRESS IS REALLY SCAM\ no no not at all

    I DON'T THINK SO, I GOT 26000 IN 12 DAYS.AND ENTERED WITH my power team ssumperkk1 along with dr d r tiwari in express board to earn $ 15000.

    mob no .+[protected], +[protected]

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  • Fk
    fkcu Aug 01, 2009

    Its nothing other than fraud

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  • Jd
    JD Bellamy Aug 01, 2009

    Anyone wants to know about TVI Express email me: [email protected] ...TVI is REAL ! I have checked them out thoroughly, they are Verified thru Trust Guard, trust guard is a highly regarded company that verifies the company's physical address, the email address, the phone number. They are real. Besides the fact that I have made my first $15, 000 USD after 10 days. My team is exploding, the people are jumping in fast since here in the USA it just started 2 weeks ago, so here we are wide open, jump in my team and watch your downline fill up very fast. Email me or call me [protected] Happy Money making !!!

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  • Ne
    netpro007 Aug 03, 2009

    Everything is fine but why does tvi takes forever to
    withdraw money to Liberty Reserve! Has any member tried transfering/withdrawing funds to LR other then
    paying/cycling the money back to tvi for Pin?

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  • Aa
    aamber aakash Aug 06, 2009

    hello friends
    i say one think no risk no gain

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  • Mi
    Michael_Ph Aug 10, 2009

    Where is the free package and Thailand leader meet. how can i trust that TVI is real . until and unless if i didnt get all entitle TVI express package. ITS A REAL BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG SCCCCAM?

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S Aug 10, 2009 !!!

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  • An
    Antiscammers Aug 12, 2009

    Anybody with any sense at all can see that Tvi is another scam. The website tells you nothing (typical of fraudulent companies). In the message from Corporate it is signed "Executive Team". Real companies have this signed by an Executive who is not afraid to use his name. The only names appearing on their website are those of people that they have paid or who have scammed their way to the top (same thing). Just because theu have a website and a physical mailing address doesn't make it a legitimate business. Trust Guard has nothing to do with the legality and credibility of the company. The site does not tell you who the founders are and who corporate management is (real, legal businesses provide that information).

    Simple logic dictates that it is impossible to pay everybody tens of thousands of dollars on a $250.oo investment. Where is the money going to come from to pay you that kind of return? As in all ponzi schemes, the people in at the beginning make all the $$$'s and the rest can kiss their investment good by!

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  • Cf
    cfeehely Aug 16, 2009

    It is natural to assume that those talking about their success in TVI Express or the ads that we are seeing would be hype. Afterall, those of us in network marketing and are experienced know the amount of investment in time and finances in most programs are required in order to achieve that type of money. I would have been one of those skeptics had I not known and respected the person who spoke to me about TVI Express. In my opinion what cannot truly make a judgment on TVI Express unless they have first been personally involved. If you take notice there can be found no complaints of any nature in regard to TVI from those have been personally involved. I am one of those such individuals that became involved and am experiencing the success that is being claimed. Our success in the US is being achieved and rewarded with process and mindset established by TVI through a combined group effort of those involved helping others achieve their goals. I am a seasoned and experienced network marketer who is experiencing my own unprecedented success story in a time period that would be unbelievable if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes. This is not hype. It is reality! If you would like to speak with me directly I would be more than happy to talk to you in detail.

    All the best,
    Cathrine Feehely
    [email protected]

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  • Tv
    TVI member Aug 17, 2009

    I have recently began working with TVI and have been impressed with what I've seen and heard thus far. My sponsor has called and talked to the corporate office in London. His sponsor, along with others that we know, has cashed out the 10K from the express board. Everything I have seen so far is legit with this company. If you want to know more check out or email me at [email protected]

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  • Na
    nastynev Aug 19, 2009

    It's a Pyramid Scheme, pure and simple.. the first people in have the potential to make some money, but, once all the "gullible" folks have joined the number of people expecting payout increases five fold every time you move up a level...IT will be gone, soon, , , It's about as good as lottery tickets, I guess...

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  • Ur
    urcrazy Aug 22, 2009

    I have yet to figure out what TVI is even offering? People put up a $275 one time payment and they earn $10, 000 when they cycle out in 2 weeks? What is being purchased, where is the money being generated from? What this sounds like is a bunch of people putting in $275 and then those that are up at the front of their list get paid from those that keep putting money in. News flash everyone, these things are called Ponsi schemes and are illegal.

    Do yourself a favor and find a legitimate home based business with a solid corporate team, verifiable corporate office, solid compensation plan, good quality products, and quit chasing the get rich quick deals. They say there's a sucker born every minute and it's no wonder why these kind of programs attract the scam artists.

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  • Em
    em232 Aug 23, 2009

    It is a scam MLM or pyramid whatever you want to call it. As far as it being verified? Well any liar can post false claims. If you walked into a store and they asked you to pay just to hear what they have would you do it? No, probably not. When you spend money there has to be a viable product or service. If I want to buy icecream I'll buy a cone, I won't convince 2 other people to buy cones then hope that I will get one too.

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  • Fr
    freg Aug 24, 2009

    I heard from Mr. Jonanthan Murphy when I contacted their main website that TVI is uploading some legal document of their company on the website soon.

    I hope he can prove us soon.

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  • Rc
    rcf1952 Sep 03, 2009

    after doing some investigation, i am convinced that this is a classic ponzi scheme for the following reasons. there arrears to be NO PRODUCT NOR SERVICE provided, it relys on new money compounding money for old money. i.e. i sign up 2 people, they sign up 4=8=16=32 .. your 250 is being paid back with say 250 x 10 = 2500. the scheme organizers get a cut of every piece, making them very wealthy until the fbi or attorney generals office investigates. being in the british virgin islands, they go away scot free with alot of money. the top people of the pyramid DO MAKE MONEY, but it is illegal. even amway somewhat legitimizes itself with overpriced products, yet 95% of the people lose money.if you can lie to your friends or other innocent people, then by all means join up. but theres an old saying, what goes around comes around.

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  • Be
    Bells Sep 04, 2009

    I will pay $125 of the$275 fee for 2 people to join TVI Express...this is no joke, I am serious, I have already done it for 2 complete strangers, and I will do it for 2 more. I want to build my team, plus I like helping others. TVI is REAL, and my friends are making money hand over fist in this business. Call me, this is serious business. [protected] John

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  • Tr
    Troy H Sep 06, 2009

    If you like to know more, there is a webinar tonight at 8:00 eastern time (US). Reserve your Webinar seat now at Call me with questions before or after the webinar. Troy, [protected]

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  • Tr
    Troy H Sep 06, 2009

    Regarding my last post the webinar info is as follows - Monday (not tonight), September 7, 2009 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT Name who referred you is Troy Hurley.

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  • Ph
    photoeleg2 Sep 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have fast growing TVI team. I will personally help you or someone on the team will be happy to help. Team work and visioncreates the wealth.

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  • Tv
    tviexpress Sep 08, 2009

    If you are skeptical on this opportunity, please visit my blog as I update it regularly with my progress with TVI. I have attached proof of my current position, and I will be showing proof of bonus once earned (probably within a week).


    Web site:

    If you have questions, feel free to call me at [protected]

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  • Pm
    PMHayes Sep 08, 2009

    Your numbers are not quite right. Here's a simple explanation of the board. When someone pays their $250 they take one of 8 positions on the bottom row of the first board. When that row fills up (8 people) the board splits and our person Moves up to the row of 4 on a new board. when the bottom row of that board fills up, the board slits again and they move up to the row of 2 an a new board. When the bottom row fills up again, the board spits again and they move up to the top spot. When the bottom fills up again, the board spits again and they cycle to the express board and are paid $500, $250 in cash and $250 in travel voucher.

    So let's do that math. For one person to move all the way through the first board to the $500 payout, 32 people have come in to the company. 32 x $250 = $8000. So for one person to cycle all the way through to the $500 payout the company has brought in $8000. Once on the express board, the same process starts all over again. The company earns another $8000 and pays out $10, 000. So for each of those $10K payouts, the company has brought in $16K. That math works. All someone has to do to qualify for the $10K is to have brought in two personally sponsored people. That's 2 of the 64 requred to move them through to the payout. The rest come from their team and other teams filling out the boards.

    TVI is also tied into several multi billion dollar companies from Travelocity to Paramount. They have the financial backing to sustain growth and profitablitiy. No, this is not a Ponzi. It is a legitimate business opportunity. They have real physical address, a real customer service department, a real phone number and people are making real money with it. I have two partners about to cycle for their first $10K.

    If anyone wants to discuss this further with me, contact me at [email protected]

    Mitch H.

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