Alpine Access Complaints & Reviews

Alpine Access / hiring process

Jan 10, 2013

Feel like I was just put through the ringer with them and their ridiculous hiring process. I realize they have to be careful about who they hire. However, I feel they make it as difficult as possible - unnecessarily so IMO. I do not feel their hiring process really gives well qualified...

Alpine Access / shady, mismanaged company


The communication breakdown started before I was even hired. I was promised a call back for an interview and never got it. Called them to schedule and finally got in touch with someone saying they'd get back to me the following week. I was hired and told I'd be given info on...

Alpine Access / hiring decisions


Ok here it is i am here to tell you i did the complte hiring proccess and they turned around after paying for all the equipment and adding a second line to work for this company, and told m i am not eligible like 7 days before i was supposed to start training. i am looking for more people...

Alpine Access / hired then let go


My grand daughter signed up, bought the required headsets and did the required background check etc. and went through the training course. She started the customer contact work and was doing a good job and enjoying it. After 4 weeks of training and 3 weeks of customer contact and while she...

Alpine Access / scam you buy getting u to pay for credit report


Listen up people: If a job is legit they will not ask you to fork over $45.00 ahead of time to complete a background, credit, and drug test. SCAM!! They have a great presentation and set up but ultimately you fork over $45.00 and then you are told that you did not pass their check. What...

Alpine Access / hiring


Just to let anyone no who may b considering working for alpine access its an investment. If u hav internet and home phone great. I didnt hav a usb headset so I had to buy one. I spent 20.00 on that radio shack brand the logitec was 40.00. Im on a budget and did not have all that much extra...