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While watching Andy Griffith on TV Land on a Tuesday night between 7:00pm and 7:30pm I was floored to see a commerical about PD with men holding fruits and vegetables and talking about how this should not be your normal erection. This is Prime Time on a channel that many kids watch! How is this considered ok for small children or even pre-teen and teenage children to have to see something about the size and shape of an erection? How do you explain that to young elementary children? This is one of the most appalling, distasteful commercials I have ever seen let alone on Prime Time TV and a channel that is supposed to be family friendly! We encourage the children in our family to watch channels that we feel would be "family oriented" and "respectful" then this comes on? I was totally floored! I sincerely hope this is taken into consideration when showing future commercials! Not sure I'll be watching TV Land any more!
The commercial was from ENDO Pharmaceuticals .

Aug 20, 2019
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      Sep 11, 2019

    I wanted to attach to this comments since it was in line with my complaint! I have loved watching TVLAND for the old great shows that they play! But if they do not FIRE they Advertising Executive for not being able to find more suitable sources to help pay for airing these oldies I am walking away! Those stupid reality shows for VH1 and Paramount network! I have to have remote in hand to mute those when they are on. Please find commercials to pay for airing shows that are for products that households use rather than stupid reality shows! PLEASE PLEAE PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THESE COMMERCIALS!

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