Turkish Airlinespoor and unprofessional flight attendant service tka #78 seats 48ac 49ac 50ac

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During our flight # 78 ist - mia we kindly asked the attendants to ask the passengers in front of us to upright the seats a bit during the meal service, but totally ignored us and were not accommodating. During the last 30 years and hundreds of international flights on lufthansa british air or delta air the attendants made pa announcements on many occasions kindly asking everyone to upright the seats out of courtesy during the service meal.
Very unprofessional and cruel attendants who just wanted to do their job as fast as possible and go home.
Such a disappointment.
Finished the flight exhausted and to make matters worse the stroller was not at the cockpit door at as promised and had to carry luggage and kids thru connecting airport and baggage claim.

  • Updated by Dorina Mo.dovan, Oct 02, 2019

    Stroller was not brough back to the cockpit door at the connectig a air ports or the destinations as promised on the outgoing and return flights.
    It's a horrible and cruel treatment by turkish airlines to the passengers who have to carry their luggage and the children after a very long overnight flight.
    Tk #78 on september 14 to ist from mia. And tk #77 on september 28 from ist to mia. A total disappointment and very upset passengers who will most likely not ever use tka again.

Oct 02, 2019
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  •   16h ago

    There is no prove of the passenger seen from such public complaint.
    The Turkish Airlines do not respond to the complaints related to the reponsivbility of other carriers.

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