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The soul of Tupperware brand is its worldwide sales force. Fusing the quality, craftsmanship and utility – it is this holistic approach that unites all the product categories with one identity, the Tupperware identity!

For over 20 years in India, Tupperware has made an unwavering commitment to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women and their families across the globe.
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Complaints & Reviews

tupperware chopper

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

This is with reference to the Tupperware vegetable & fruit chopper purchase from flipkart on 28th Feb'19 and order delivered on 1st Mar'19.
Invoice has been attached for reference.

Date of the incident- 14th Oct'19
Client number-[protected]
Full description of the incident- my chopper string/ pull cord has been broke off from the middle and now its not working
Desirable resolution of your complaint- requesting you to Replace it with the new one as it is just 6 months i have purchase the product and that too not used so frequently.

Looking for the positive response from the Tupperware.

tupperware chopper
tupperware chopper


Dear sir, as i am a dealer in tupperware for more than 15 years now as i am a senior citizen my health does not permit me to do the buisness why my replacement is not taken it...

executive lunch box (yellow & green)

We have purchased one Executive punch box (which comes in 4 sets, 2 box with bigger size and two with smaller size), couple of years back.

As its known Tupperware products comes with a lifetime guarantee.

While using this not very often, and while not in use it kept under proper storage. But now we are facing breakage in the upper cover of this boxes (in the Green 2 boxes), while the Yellow one is perfectly working in good condition.

Attaching here images of the problem. We are hopeful will get some proper solution from Tupperware in this matter.

We can be reached on mobile [protected] and email on pintu.[protected]

Pintu Bhandari

executive lunch box (yellow & green)
executive lunch box (yellow & green)

water bottles are not exchanged

we are informed now that Tupperware bottles are not covered under the guaranty .why does this policy changes now? why customer will prefer this costly bottles? what makes the difference between the bottles of Tupperware and other companies bottles? this type of step taken by the company may lead to loosing its trust with the people ... it also make us ashamed firstly making promises to provide free exchange policy and then with passage of time company does not stand by its words if u have to change your policy then you should not make false promises...please provide me answer to my complaint on me email...[protected]

replacement issue

Hi, I am fan of Tupperware and my household items are filled with Tupperware by 80%. But, when I try to replace my lids(acceptable damages) with Ashok nagar branch - the...

[Resolved] microwave plates

446035 I have been using these green Tupperware microwavable plates. Yesterday, while heating up dinner, to my surprise the plate melted & the material started boiling. It was highly...

Tupperwarecustomer service department

I placed an order with Tupperware. The website wouldn't allow me to use a different shipping and billing, even though I thought it would and placed the order, after seeing that it was shipping to my billing address, I immediately tried to change it. You can't. Contacted a person on live chat, he also couldn't help, called them, they couldn't figure out how to change the address but put me on hold for 25 mins before I was "disconnected". I called back and canceled the order. The next morning, 2 debits from Tupperware had been deducted from my checking account. I call, the customer service rep was extremely rude, after explaining what had happened, looked up my order told me that it had not been canceled, when I told him I was on the phone for an hour the previous night trying to get this situation taken care of and was told it was canceled and that I didn't understand why 2 debits came out of my account, the rep told me that if I didn't calm down he wasn't going to help me and told me that was my first warning. He then asked me to hold, however, I was straining to understand what he said because he spoke in a heavy foreign accent, I didn't answer immediately and he repeated himself, very rude, when I replied yes, he said something I couldn't understand and told me that was my second warning. I was in disbelief. I hung up and called back. The next rep I was connected to told me that my order was canceled the previous night and she didn't understand why 2 debits came out and suggested maybe I placed the order twice. To which I replied, I only received one email confirmation. I was put on hold a couple more times while they tried to figure it out. They didn't and told me if the refund didn't go through I could send them my bank statements and dispute the charges. One of the debits were refunded, one was not. Also, I've emailed the company 3 times and they have not replied.

unethical behaviour of customer service agent

i have bought a tupperware chopper from your tupperware agent as it is already costly and its thread has been broken and i am repeatedly calling the agent and she is just ignoring...

Tupperware — product chipped

50828 I have bought a big Jar of Tupperware some time back, though we did not have an opportunity to use the container regularly, we use as and when there is an occasion. - but to my...

2 litre bottle, broke

I am really disappointed.

In September last year, I purchased a 2 litre water bottle. 2 weeks later the bottle cracked. I then gave it back to the lady that I bought it from, she said she will send it back although it will take about 3 months and I will get a replacement.

It has not been 2 months and I have not even received feedback.

Upon calling Tupperware, Xhanti said I should phone stores in my area and see who has stock of a bottle. Firstly I have a problem with a product and secondly I should phone and see who has stock.

By now I should have received my bottle as well as a courtesy gift for the fault and inconvenience.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

Tupperware — missing lid and zero help from consultant or customer service

50828 I have loved Tupperware for many years, but I'm sad to say I will never, ever purchase another Tupperware product because of a consultant who does not get back to her customer...

Tupperwareshaker, tiffin lid & tiffin

Dear sir/ ma'am
I am an old and worthy customer of your product, but unfortunately I faced serious issues with the said products. The shaker lid was not functioning properly it kept popping so got it changed. My shaker was red in color but in exchange got green part... Now that green inner wheel is cracked and the shaker collects vacuum hence isn't working properly. So is the case of one tiffany kind of fruit tiffany & the other which is a little bigger the lid is all cracked up I wish to get all the parts and frankly speaking I have lost all hopes from tupperware products. Inca's the complaint is heard surely the name tupperware will hold its commitment else its a big bye.
Thanking you
Varuni r-5/77 raj nagar ghaziabad u. P

Tupperwareset of 4 tupperware 1.7 l storage containers

I had purchased a set of 4 containers last year from a stall at ganpati pandal in skyline oasis society, vidyavihar. Now when I unpacked the product for use for the very first time, I found that 3 of the 4 containers were chipped. B
I can send across pictures of the defective product.
I need a replacement of the defective pieces at the earlieast.

set of 4 tupperware 1.7 l storage containers
set of 4 tupperware 1.7 l storage containers

Tupperwarenot receiving email with summary and confirmation/shipping fees

I ordered 6 items on september 29 and was given an order number along with the message that I would receive an email containing the summary of my order and tracking information. To date, I have yet to receive the same. I went through my consultant in an attempt to find out about my order and she was able to get me the tracking number which shows it was sent fedex smartpost, so you charged me over $12.00 for shipping just to have the order sit at fedex for two days before being handed off to the post office, which will take another three or four days to get to me. This is ludicrous. I would have not paid that much shipping if I knew it was only going to go through the post office. They do not charge that much. I will never order tupperware again. You received payment immediately, but then did not follow through with your promises of an email providing a summary and tracking information. I do not know of a desirable resolution, but I will make sure to tell everybody I know not to order from tupperware since they do not follow through.

Tupperware — canisters

I called the customer care line to see about getting a lid to my brown canister that cracked. The agent was fairly nice but was unable to replace my part. He did say he could...

Tupperware — the tupperware consultant laurie woller

I had to drive to her to pick my party stuff up. Then my order was missing things which I had to drive to her and pick the items up. Somebody from my party wanted to book a party...

Tupperware — broken tupperware, no satisfaction after sale

Dear, It is with great disappointment that I am writing today about outdated tupperware products. Following a presentation at my home last october 2016, a faithful customer for...

Tupperware — complaint against consultant crystal townsend and tupperware support

I ordered the tupperware impressions classic bowl set, can opener, and a purple pitcher on april 23, 2017. I have yet to receive the products. Have numerous times contacted the...

Tupperware — director

I'm a consultant susana torres, my director maria avendaño is making me feel uncomfortable, she belittles me and treats me disrespectfully, I spoke to her to fix the issue and now...

Tupperware — tupperware is a scam they do not honour the lifetime warranty

Everyone beware: on tuesday 17th january 2016, I dropped off all of my faulty tupperware products to even though I have a legitamite warranty claim and it has been accepted by...

Tupperware — tupperware container

Recently I purchased few tupperware containers which I paid $80 for them. I want to express my dissatisfaction about the products I bought. The containers are very flimsy, not...

Tupperware Australiareturning lids

The lid I wanted replaced doesn't have a number so I put the container number in and added a message to say I just needed the lid replaced. I was sent the container. I now have 2 containers and no lid. Last time I ordered new lids I got the wrong lid but I moved on and didn't worry about it. Now this. This lid returning is a crock of #. You lost a very loyal customer in me. My cupboard and fridge are full of tupperware. Even complaining is difficult to do!

returning lids
returning lids

Tupperware — tupperware uk

Hi, I have been contacting your tupperware uk since july 2016 concerning an item that broke, apparently tupperware no longer does it, and was promised a different item, in which I...

Tupperware — your crappy products

We have bought tupperware for 30 plus years we even sold your stuff ever since you went to this new "run it under hot water lids" we have struggled with your produce. Who has time...

Tupperware India Pvt Ltd — products given for replacement to the distributor not yet received

591362 Greetings.. Kalpana Mehta From Andheri west Mumbai Date of joining tupperware25th june 2011 Date of promote up as Manager..1st jan 2012.. Umeed unit Distributors Name.. Hemali...

Tupperwareall products

I am purchasing Tupperware products from 5 years ago, one of them was magic chopper, it had a failure in its gears, and I suffered with the company to change it, as it should be in the warranty and they said that it changed as a favor from them ... and after a short time, an other magic chopper, the thread of it has been damaged and by reference to the dealer, they said that it is outside the warranty and we must purchase a full top cover, and when we asked for the cover, we have not received any according to the price or the arrival date...
Another magic chopper problem happened also by a malfunction in the cover gears after using simple times, did not exceed two months ...
I am sure now that the life warranty in Tupperware is a big balloon and not real ...
And also the knives that need to be sharpened in each use ...
This plus the trend of industrialization in China and the transformation of the level of poor materials and full of defects ...

Tupperware — chopper

Sir .. I I have completed my target of 20000/- in sept15 .. Bt it has been four months I haven't received any star challenge gift .. It was chopper on 20000/- .. Jst please...

Tupperware — magic chopper

50828 Sir last year I have purchased a magic Chopper of worth Rs2700/-and it was told by the dealer that it was under the thread of the Chopper has been damaged and the...

Tupperware — online services

Reminder-1 response awaited to, all concerned. This is to inform that I am a consultant of tupperware from mumbai city. But its very very disappointing & saddening to inform all...

Tupperware — magic chopper

a year back my friend and I bought the product i.e. magic chopper from an agent. at the time of purchase I was told that there is a warranty on the product. however within a few...

ultimo chopper

I have purchased an ultimo chopper the cost of which is almost five times that of a normal chopper from a tupperware agent in mumbai. At the time of sale, I was told that the...

Tupperware — lid

I have given the lid of tupperware product to one the agents, but so far have not received even the product, its been 6 months. I want to know how long its going to take for a...


I have been buying Tupperware throughout my lifetime and every party the demonstrator pushes the replacement guarantee, which is why it is so expensive. Over the last few years I have collected my broken parts (mostly lids) only to find I have to PAY to get anything replaced. This is breaching the guarantee offered since Tupperware first entered New Zealand.
Terms of manufacturer's express guarantee (ie their warranty) must be met
Goods you buy may come with a manufacturer's 'express guarantee' (commonly known as a manufacturer's warranty), which guarantees that they will repair or replace faulty goods. If the manufacturer does not follow the terms of their warranty, you can claim for compensation from them under the Consumer Guarantees Act. How do I claim for compensation? I have 11 items which will cost me $27 plus the hassle of sending in (at my expense) anything they want to inspect. The Consumer Guarantee's Act does not expect you to pay for replacement or repair.

Tupperware Teaz Me Teapotnot replacing faulty product

I purchased a teapot from Tupperware and after using it for the second time and washing it a small part fell off the end and went down the drain. The Teapot does not function without the part. I went through a sales rep to purchase a replacement and a month later she came back to me saying that the part was not delivered with the rest of her order and she had reordered it. Two weeks later she came back to me saying that she could not get a replacement part as they no longer make it. I then called Tupperware customer service and after many conversations they told me that it was a common fault with the design of their product and therefore they had no parts left in stock. They also refused to offer me anything for the value of the teapot and said there was nothing they could do. So now I have a useless teapot so much for lifetime products and good customer service.

  • An
    Annemarie Schulz Jul 08, 2016

    i had the same problem, only had the teapot 2 years & was told by Tuppaware that they no longer have the part. I cannot get it anywhere else, so now the teapot is useless & it was $80!!! They will not replace it with another item of Tuppaware either. Bad service Tuppaware. Thats the last piece of Tuppaware I purchase

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Tupperware — smart chopper

I had very bad experience with Tupperware. At the time of selling the product they make lots of promises just to lure the customers. I bought : 1 smart chopper in Fer 2014 for...

Tupperware — jar lid was broken

Respected sir We are very sorry inform you about your tupperware products I have purchase the jar but its lid was broken without our mistake your subdealer assured us that i...

Tupperware — illegal distributorship

the distributor owner name is neetu prashar and she is running the business which is against the law . she has made some of the fake agents which are even not in the reality. her...

Tupperware — manager walks out on party demonstration

I am very upset with the fact that there is no one that you can speak to regarding an official complaint, or they pass you on to someone else and then someone else. I would not...

Tupperware — cancelled order

I was looking to buy a large quantity of cups for a Charitable Organization. I contacted Tupperware directly and I was told I had to go through a consultant. I then contacted a...

Tuppersure By Tupperware — no response from tupperware

Hello There, I bought tuppersure back in sept'13 and the cartridge stopped working within 2 months (Hardly used it). I've called the customer service for tupperware ([protected]...