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Corelle Brands Complaints & Reviews

Corelle Brands / corel dishes

Jul 07, 2019

I bought two sets of dishes from Walmart, I brought one box back because when I opened it the dishes were broke, two bowls and one plate. I got another set in return, I washed the dishes and one bowl just broke in the sink. I have pictures to send. My name is Denise Blundon, email i...

Corelle Brands / chicago cutlery knife set

Jun 21, 2019

I have an old Chicago Cutlery knife set. One of the handles on the 5" blade knife broke. I contacted Corelle Brands/Chicago in mid May. They sent me a 5" blade knife that is basically the same shape, but the handle is much lighter, closer to the color of the block knife holder. My knife...

Corelle Brands / corelle dinnerware

Apr 30, 2019

April 28, 2019. My son accidentally dropped a bowl on our hardwood floors and it shattered into a million pieces. The pieces are quiet sharp and could have caused more damage if anyone was sitting close by as they flew everywhere. It actually took a long time to ensure all the scraps were...

Corelle Brands / pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective

Apr 22, 2019

I purchased this set not even 2 weeks ago and lids are defective. Im requesting for new set. I paid full price at walmart i live to far away to drive to return. Please help! I wouldnt mind new lids but i prefer new set if possible. Ive never purchased brandnew kitchen containers til now...

Corelle Brands / I had purchased pyrex product

Apr 04, 2019

Pyrex product was purchased online via India Corelle website . But till this date I have no information about my product. Order was placed on 24 March. Money has been deducted however haven't got any confirmation.below is the message that I received ; Confirmed:Dear Meenal Bhardwaj, your...

Corelle Brands / full white square dish sets

Dec 31, 2018

I received 2 square white dish sets for an Xmas gift but am extremely disappointed with the quality. I have 2 chipped plates and yesterday a plate shattered in the sink for no reason while I was filling sink with soapy water. They are obviously defective and I have sent a complaint to the...

Corelle Brands / corelle serving bowl

Nov 10, 2018

As per many other feedbackers, I have experienced this"Corelle Explosion phenomenon" quite frequently. A bowl exploded into small sharp shards in a public place surrounded by adults and kids. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Why does this brand specify "break and chip resistant" that is not...

Corelle / dishes are not break and chip resistant

Sep 17, 2015

I got my break and chip resistant plates and bowls as a wedding gift four years ago. the last three weeks three bowls have been broken into a thousand pieces. the whole reason we wanted these plates and bowls so that we have broken glass everywhere where our kids can get hurt. So unpleased.

Corelle / chipped handles of tea cups

May 29, 2015

We Bought half a dozen tea & cup saucers of Corelle from a reputed crockery store in Crawford Market called Apsara Stores. This was bought sometime in last June 2014. Corelle advertises its products as Unbreakable, All the 6 cup handles have just chipped off and come undone from their...

Corelle / hazardous dishes explode

Mar 02, 2015

A Corelle bowl that fell in the kitchen from less than 3 feet high literally exploded and shards were found on the floor as far away as 17 feet and on TOP of furniture as far away as 12 feet. Smaller, glass-like pieces may never come out of the jute rug in the living room. Literally every...

Corelle Dinnerware / deceived by type of contents in dinner ware

Feb 05, 2013

I purchased a Corelle set of dinnerware after my divorce. I purchased the set with the red stripes around the edges on a white background. Since it was advertised as Corelle Ware I assumed incorrectly that It was all Corelle Ware including the cups were not chippable and were strictly...

Corelle / medial and dental disfiguration

Jan 18, 2013

I have severe facial and dental disfiguration because of the explosive dishware, exploding in my face, and breakling my teeth and knocking out one front tootrh. I need help to procercute. I was a model and this has affected my whole life and career forever. The hospital and the dental...

Corelle / fading color


i bought a corelle set of dishes and the color is coming off its not even a year old plus its not smooth

Corelle Livingware / poor service


I just purchased some Corelle Livingware after using a set for eight years. The product held up well and I continue to use the old livingware, but wanted a new design. I purchased the Memphis design and read the box thoroughly to note any changes in the product. The stated that the dishe...

Corelle Dish Set / made in china


I bought a Correlle dish set & dishes and bowls are marked made in USA. Cups are marked made in China. Box should have been plainly marked exposing this. Due to lead hazards I do not trust anything made in China.

Corelle / dishes shattering


I decided to buy a set of corelle dinnerware because it was soo pretty and because of it's advertising that it's chip and break resistant.. well tonight we accidentally dropped one of the bowls and could not believe that it broke into sooo many pieces!!! It was like it exploded...

Corelle, Dishes / explosive plates & bowls / injury, blindness, & death


I have experienced that the Corelle Dinnerware set purchased some 15 years ago to have a very explosive nature. Some of the dishes exploded just sitting in the cabinet, but the last experience almost maimed my wife. Their needs to be some sort of warning sent out about this product. ...

Corelle Ware / hazard your health!

Throw away all your Corelle Ware dishes they can become a hazard after they age. I just exeperinced an explosion of a casserole dish that caused multiple cuts and lacerations after a small tink from the lid when removing from a cupboard. Maybe suicide bombers should ware this stuff to inhance the effect.