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Corelle bowl

While holding a small Correlle bowl it spontaneously exoloded in my hand. It is a miracle that I was not seriously injured. I was holding it upside down over a sink of dishes with warm soapy water talking to my son getting ready to wash it. Thankfully my face was turned away from the sink to chat. A very loud explosion happened like a bomb going off. Shards went everywhere. Thank you Jesus for protecting me! I only had one small cut on my thumb on the opposite hand that was not holding the bowl. Most of the shrapnel fell into the sink but there were shards all around the sink and countertops. I am staying in a rented cabin so I'm not sure how old it is. These dishes are a serious safety threat and need to be recalled immediately. I won't be touching this brand with a ten foot pole.

Resolved corelle signature grey

I opened my sealed box from Meijer in Monroe MI and was missing two mugs from the corelle signature 16 pc dinnerware set (they grey one). It says I get four mugs. I dont know how to return it as I started by opening and washing them. I just want my two mugs. How do I get the other two? This is not fair the box was sealed. Thats false advertising. I took a picture of my box. It makes me upset. - April


corelle signature grey


i never meant to complain on this website i thought it was corelles. im upset

corelle bowl

It exploded in my hand just now in pieces!!! I didn't drop it! I just took it out from the refrigerator and opened the plastic wrap which was covering the food. I was shocked to see it exploded in my hand. Fortunately I didn't open the plastic wrap fast. The open side exploded, but the side my hand was holding didn't explode because plastic wrap was still covering it. What if it was my kid who took this bowl out?! Someone could be hurt! No more Corelle products in my household! It is not safe! I bought 5 bowls from Target six months ago, and I am going to throw all those out!

corelle bowl

dinnerware bowl

My corelle bowl broke and shattered. I was not expecting any of these products to break now my set is incomplete. I was putting the dishes on the dining table and this bowl slipped and broke. The only reason I bought these products is because it claims to be break resistant.
I have taken a picture that I will attach.
I am living in Uganda and bought the bowl from India

dinnerware bowl

corelle dishware

Just finished making myself a sandwich put it on the plate the doorbell rang the cable TV guy was here to help me with my TV service nothing hot on the plate just the sandwich with bread lettuce and tomato and mayo and bacon. TV guy was here about 20 minutes all of a sudden we heard this noise and turned around to look my Corelli dishware plate had broken all by itself and chipped off and went into a couple of pieces ?

corelle dishware
corelle dishware

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corel dishes

I bought two sets of dishes from Walmart, I brought one box back because when I opened it the dishes were broke, two bowls and one plate. I got another set in return, I washed the dishes and one bowl just broke in the sink. I have pictures to send. My name is Denise Blundon, email is deniseblundon.[protected]@gmail.com

I really love Corel dishes and very dissatisfied with the dishes being broke when I purchased them and having to take them to get an exchange and now a bowl broke out of the set.

corel dishes
corel dishes

chicago cutlery knife set

I have an old Chicago Cutlery knife set. One of the handles on the 5" blade knife broke. I contacted Corelle Brands/Chicago in mid May. They sent me a 5" blade knife that is basically the same shape, but the handle is much lighter, closer to the color of the block knife holder. My knife handles are almost black. I contacted them again. They asked me to send pictures, which I did. They asked what was the writing on the blade. I replied, it says "Designed and Marketed by Chicago Cutlery. Next they sent me, which I just got last week, an 8" boning knife with a black handle, which also does not match my set. I have been very disappointed in the lack of concern and slow response shown by Corelle. I was telling a friend about it, and she said when she contacted them about her broken knife and they couldn't replace it because her set had been discontinued, they sent her an entirely new set. I am having difficulty understanding why I'm being treated differently.

Thanks for anything you can do,
Jackie Powell

corelle dinnerware

April 28, 2019.

My son accidentally dropped a bowl on our hardwood floors and it shattered into a million pieces. The pieces are quiet sharp and could have caused more damage if anyone was sitting close by as they flew everywhere. It actually took a long time to ensure all the scraps were picked up for fear of anyone stepping on it or our dog. I have 3 sets of the same pattern and have had them for 8 years. The reason I bought them was for the fact they claim to be hard to break, which we have found out that is not the case. I'm tempted to dispose of all of them as I don't want anyone to get injured if this happens again.

pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective

I purchased this set not even 2 weeks ago and lids are defective. Im requesting for new set. I paid full price at walmart i live to far away to drive to return. Please help! I wouldnt mind new lids but i prefer new set if possible. Ive never purchased brandnew kitchen containers til now and im very disappointed. I dont feel im being unreasonable? Proof of purchase is included in with purchase and lids are also as well and picture of set is included as well.

Danielle Chavez

pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective
pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective
pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective
pyrex 14 piece set lids are defective

I had purchased pyrex product

Pyrex product was purchased online via India Corelle website . But till this date I have no information about my product.
Order was placed on 24 March.
Money has been deducted however haven't got any confirmation.below is the message that I received ;
Confirmed:Dear Meenal Bhardwaj, your valued order no. is 1752 is confirmed. Your shipping details will be shared soon.

full white square dish sets

I received 2 square white dish sets for an Xmas gift but am extremely disappointed with the quality. I have 2 chipped plates and yesterday a plate shattered in the sink for no reason while I was filling sink with soapy water.
They are obviously defective and I have sent a complaint to the customer service dept.
I have older casserole sets/food storage sets and haven't lost one yet (they are 25yrs old or more). Hoping they stand behind their products/name and do the right thing...

Kim H

full white square dish sets

corelle serving bowl

As per many other feedbackers, I have experienced this"Corelle Explosion phenomenon" quite frequently. A bowl exploded into small sharp shards in a public place surrounded by adults and kids. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.
Why does this brand specify "break and chip resistant" that is not a true statement in my experience? It is not so much that they actually do break on linoleum floors but that they shatter and explode when they fall. That creates a hazardous situation for anyone close by. Even though they state being bMicrowave safe, perhaps this makes them brittle after time? The video attached exemplifies the scenario that I experienced, especially the end where the bowl just shatters into a million shards, as does the photo which shows what I got when I swept up the remains of the bowl.
NOTE: I do not want a refund or a resolution to this incident. I am just providing feedback because I found the Corelle complaint site to do so. Thank you.

corelle serving bowl
corelle serving bowl

dishes are not break and chip resistant

I got my break and chip resistant plates and bowls as a wedding gift four years ago. the last three week...

chipped handles of tea cups

We Bought half a dozen tea & cup saucers of Corelle from a reputed crockery store in Crawford Market called Apsara Stores. This was bought sometime in last June 2014. Corelle advertises its products as Unbreakable, All the 6 cup handles have just chipped off and come undone from their place. The store owner of " Apsara" has completely absolved himself of any responsibility, and has advised us to communicate with the company directly. We need a replacement or these cups as even after spending a huge amount on such a popular brand the satisfaction level is zero. Please help us solve this issue.

hazardous dishes explode

A Corelle bowl that fell in the kitchen from less than 3 feet high literally exploded and shards were found on the floor as far away as 17 feet and on TOP of furniture as far away as 12 feet. Smaller, glass-like pieces may never come out of the jute rug in the living room. Literally every square inch of a 580 square foot space will need to be cleaned to insure safety of the home's inhabitants and visitors. Remaining Corelle dishes will need to carefully be put in the trash, and marks on the new vinyl floor can never be removed. Thankfully, no injuries have occurred, yet, but other many other complaints about Corelle dishes confirm serious injuries. There should be a National recall of this product and compensation for the documented horrible experiences. For more details, please see my complaint on line.

  • Ce
    ces47 Oct 03, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Product purchased about 6 months ago at Corelle outlet store in Gilroy. Yesterday, my wife served lunch to my son and as she placed the plate on the table, it cracked and shattered. Today, I witnessed the same thing happening as she served breakfast.

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  • Sa
    saneha May 17, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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deceived by type of contents in dinner ware

I purchased a Corelle set of dinnerware after my divorce. I purchased the set with the red stripes around the edges on a white background. Since it was advertised as Corelle Ware I assumed incorrectly that It was all Corelle Ware including the cups were not chippable and were strictly Corelle Ware. Little did I know that the cups were stoneware and I chipped one on my kitchen faucet . I am very unhappy and feel deceived. Never in my imagination did I think that Corelle would have stoneware mixed in with their "unbreakable" dinner set. What is my remedy?

  • Ab
    Abbazaba Dec 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have a 1 year warranty on the cups.

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medial and dental disfiguration

I have severe facial and dental disfiguration because of the explosive dishware, exploding in my face, and...

fading color

i bought a corelle set of dishes and the color is coming off its not even a year old plus its not smooth

  • So
    Sonam Raizada Jan 18, 2013

    i bought Inalsa Maxie plus in july 2011. it worked well for almost six months. but after that its jars started making noise. the noise is so loud that i have to close my kitchen door before operating it. i called customer care n the technician that came told me that u hv to run the grinder with lid open for atleast half minute after every wash. "THATS PATHETIC". since then I have to call technician every month for the servicing of the jars.

    now arises another problem: cracking of the plastic part of chutnney jar. while the product was still in warranty period, technician said that company will not agree that the part broke by itself so u have to buy the part i.e. "expense of Rs250".
    soon after replacing it plastic part of other jar also started cracking...
    Now the product is still in warranty period AND now when i lifed the grinder body for cleaning purpose, the whole body cracked.


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poor service

I just purchased some Corelle Livingware after using a set for eight years. The product held up well and I continue to use the old livingware, but wanted a new design. I purchased the Memphis design and read the box thoroughly to note any changes in the product. The stated that the dishes were break and chip resistant, metal mark-scratch and stain resistant, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. However, when I opened the box, the cups were STONEWARE. This means that they break easily. Stoneware wasn't written ANYWHERE on the box.

When I contacted the company, I was told that making the cups out of stoneware was cheaper and easier for the company and that they were updating the box due to consumer complaints. However, my box was not updated. I feel that the stoneware cups should be replaced with Vitrelle cups, which are break resistant, as my old set includes.

made in china

I bought a Correlle dish set & dishes and bowls are marked made in USA. Cups are marked made in China. Box should have been plainly marked exposing this. Due to lead hazards I do not trust anything made in China.