Tupperwarecustomer service department

R Aug 17, 2018

I placed an order with Tupperware. The website wouldn't allow me to use a different shipping and billing, even though I thought it would and placed the order, after seeing that it was shipping to my billing address, I immediately tried to change it. You can't. Contacted a person on live chat, he also couldn't help, called them, they couldn't figure out how to change the address but put me on hold for 25 mins before I was "disconnected". I called back and canceled the order. The next morning, 2 debits from Tupperware had been deducted from my checking account. I call, the customer service rep was extremely rude, after explaining what had happened, looked up my order told me that it had not been canceled, when I told him I was on the phone for an hour the previous night trying to get this situation taken care of and was told it was canceled and that I didn't understand why 2 debits came out of my account, the rep told me that if I didn't calm down he wasn't going to help me and told me that was my first warning. He then asked me to hold, however, I was straining to understand what he said because he spoke in a heavy foreign accent, I didn't answer immediately and he repeated himself, very rude, when I replied yes, he said something I couldn't understand and told me that was my second warning. I was in disbelief. I hung up and called back. The next rep I was connected to told me that my order was canceled the previous night and she didn't understand why 2 debits came out and suggested maybe I placed the order twice. To which I replied, I only received one email confirmation. I was put on hold a couple more times while they tried to figure it out. They didn't and told me if the refund didn't go through I could send them my bank statements and dispute the charges. One of the debits were refunded, one was not. Also, I've emailed the company 3 times and they have not replied.

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