The Pampered Chef Complaints & Reviews

The Pampered Chef / can opener

Jun 03, 2019

The Pampered ChefI have the new can opener from pampered chef, I've had it for a year or so. Lately I've had a lot of issues it opens the can and leaves metal shavings peeled along the can this is very dangerous and can lead to the metal in the food or someone getting cut I have photos of the can opener...

Pampered Chef / Very Bad Customer Service

Apr 21, 2015

At the beginning of February this year, a resident hosted a Pampered Chef party at my apartment complex. The property manager extended an invitation to all members of the community and it was widely attended. Subsequently, the PC consultant convinced several of the residents to host...

Pampered Chef / Paid cash - never got my product

Nov 27, 2011

On November 12, 2011 I purchased a gadget to mince garlic from a Pampered chef associate with cash.. The associate said that she would deliver my purchase the following week- it is now November 27th and I still have not received mu purchase. Unfortunately I did not retain her business info. Would like my money back or the gadget. Bonnie Stopper

Pampered Chef / Extremely Disappointed

Jul 08, 2011

Let me start off my saying that I have purchased a lot of Pampered Chef items for myself as well as friends and family over the past 14 years. I was so excited to get the stainless steel bowls with lids for myself in 2005|. I called customer service today to find out if I could receive...

Pampered Chef / Large baking stone not so large

Apr 20, 2011

I didn't realize that the second large baking stone I bought 10/10 was so much smaller than my first large baking stone. I made 2 egg casseroles last weekend and took one of them with me to a brunch and left one at home for my family. The one I left at home was the smaller of the 2...

Pampered Chef / Bad customer service


I received a Pampered Chef Baking Dish as a gift for my birthday and the first time I put it in the oven it shattered, contents all over the oven. Contacted Pampered Chef Customer Service and explained the situation. After several returned emails Pampered Chef did not stand behind their...

Pampered Chef / Bridal Registry Return/Exchange Policy


I was very excited to realize when working on wedding registries that Pampered Chef had a wedding registry option. I registered for items that I would like to have from Pampered Chef and looked forward to receiving them. After all was said and done I realized that I had received duplicate...

Pampered Chef / Gift Certificate Redemption


Buyer beware! DO NOT purchase Pampered Chef gift certificates...sounds like a great idea, however they can ONLY be used to purchase on-line, not through a consultant, party or wedding cannot use them on sales and/or outlet pricing that is online. For example, there Kitchen...

Pampered Chef / Terrible experience


I am trying to find a Pampered Chef dealer in North Carolina in Craven or Pitt County. I have tried to find one on the web, but no luck. I have one of there catalogs and cannot find a telephone number to call them. We are having a church festival, was looking for one to attend with there...

The Pampered Chef / Poison product

Pampered Chef sucks. Here is a trail of email concern and the not-so-wonderful replies: ME: Hi, I ordered a 1 gallon beverage mixer-container from a representative at a party, and she moved out of state shortly after that and had never given me a receipt. I wish to return the container a...