TruGreenlawn service

P Aug 13, 2018

I fell for it again. Last year my lawn, which was being treated by TRU-GREEN, was affected by a fungus and damaged throughout. I was under the impression I was paying them to keep my lawn GREEN. I called to report the issue and they said it was brown patch fungus and they did not treat for it, so I fired them. They continued to solicit my services by phone for some time after that and each time I mentioned the experience I had and finally I agreed to meet with their supervisor. He assured me they could do a better job so I signed up again. Fast forward to last week in which I called to report brown spots again. They said someone would call me within two days. I have yet to hear from anyone. Tech assures me he reported this on his last visit but did not have fungicide on his truck. Still no one else came still no calls.


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