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Have tried to get Truegreen out to my place now for two weeks. They have made alot of promises and never showed up. They even sent me a bill for over 1000.00 for the whole year and was going to charge me double of what they had quoted me. I called them up and gave them a second chance, they even flubbed that up. They still didn't show up. I told them not to bother coming out. I will find someone else.

Patrick... from Georgia


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    Thomas J. Carter Nov 12, 2019
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    To the Military, no discount!

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  • Dg
    dg0814 Nov 19, 2018

    unauthorized svc stop punctured my underground sprinkler this is the 5th day with out any response I want a resolution to this 20minutes on hold each call its going to cost time and labor to replace

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    Moony349 Oct 14, 2018
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    Lawn looks terrible and mosquitoes are rampant

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    Coretta4101 Sep 18, 2018
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    He ran me off the road. Don't know if he was on phone or what I took a pic to get of the truck he tried to explain why he almost caused an accident.


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  • Sc
    Scandw Aug 21, 2018

    Date of incident: 03/29/2018

    I have 3 "No Solicitor" signs on my house. A representative from TruGreen wandered around my yard and left unwanted marketing material with a "CALL ASAP" hand written note on my door.

    Desirable resolution: Representatives from this company should honor "No Solicitor" signs.

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  • To
    Tonya Apr 25, 2011

    I had trugreen for a while and started to notice that weeds were not dying, patches of grass were dying and growing larger, etc. I did EXACTLY as they directed as far as watering and called to let them know what I was seeing. Each time empty promises were made to send someone out. I continued to complain and finally a gentleman came out and said, "well, I thought it might me a fungus or insects, but that isn't your problem. Let me take a soil sample." So he did. That came out fine. I was told they would come out and do another treatment and figure this out. That never happened. The spots got worse! After talking to neighbors, I found they had the SAME problems with the company. The home office in Pensacola, Florida (for my area in Niceville, Florida) blamed and bad mouthed the techs and stated they were getting rid of a few. Whatever. I did stay home from work one day and just happened to have my truck in the garage and watched the tech come to my yard, treat the front, walk into the back and look at the yard. Treated a small section and left!!! How often did this happen when I wasn't here? Am i only paying for half a service? He didn't treat my shurbs or trees int he back at all! I pay an additional fee for that service. I reported it and was told I could have my next treatment free. That wan't the problem, the problem was, they can't guarantee I'm even getting a treatment. Needless to say, they offered several BS reasons that my yard was failing and of course must not be their fault. They verified that I was watering appropriately and that I did not have an insect, fungus or soil problem, therefore the problem must be with the company and they did nothing to fix it. They called and asked to get my business back and I told them I would consider it if they sodded my yard that they destroyed. They offered to drop off some grass plugs. Grass plugs? That would take over 200 plugs. Drop them off? I don't think so. I didn't destroy the yard, I apparently paid them to destroy it so they should fix it. Again, call after call resulted in empty promises and no resolution. I would definitely NOT recommend trugreen. They just want your money and are not concerned with customer satisfaction or the quality of their own work. I think I'll post a sign in my yard as we get it back into great shape that says "Yard destroyed by Trugreen. In recovery phase".

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  • Wo
    WORKIN HARD! Mar 20, 2011

    I am currently employed by trugreed as a field technician/applicator for the past several years. I will begin by saying - i am not "lazy". I am not "ungrateful". I am not a "whining baby" and neither are my co-workers who are hard working family men/women desperately trying keep our jobs under unbelievably difficult working conditions. Jobs are scarce these days- trugreed knows it, trugreed exploits it, and trugreed will push every worker to their breaking point physically and mentally. The operations manager at our branch office reminds the field personnel how under achieving and expendible we are at our weekly meeting. The constant threats and delusional demands placed on trugreed field personnel on a daily basis lead to virtually every letter posted in this forum and other forums as well. "YOU [censor]S" sure sounds like a shareholder who just can't get enough. He/she paints with a broad brush and might want to consider the strong possibility that trugreed is "MAKING A MOCKERY" of fair and ethical business practices as well as reasonable treatment of its employees. I know, I live it-everyday! I/we have families and bills to pay and will continue on- till something better can be found and not one minute more. Our branch office posted its largest profit margin ever (several million) in 2010. Managers were sent to Hawaii on the company dime- not one penny went field personnel. That is the beauty of TruGreed!

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  • Ed
    Edward43 Aug 30, 2010

    I signed TruGreen up in April 2010. Aside from typical fertilizer/weed control they were suppoed to do a lawn aeration front and back. On August 13th they laft a visit sheet on my front door letting me know that they had done the aeration that day. Unless there is a new miracle way of doing an aeration, there was zero evidence that an aeration had been done. No holes in the lawn or dirt plugs anywhere. When I informed the local office that no aeration was performed, they said that their technician probably did the aeration on someone else's lawn and was confused. This has happened before, I was told. Bear in mind that the technician that had come to my house and left the visit sheet had written that the aeration was done. Obviously has no short term memory. After my complaint, I was contacted by one of the local supervisors and we rescheduled the aeration for Saturday August 29th. You guessed it. They never showed up. Here is the best part. I received an invoice for the phantom aeration just a few days after the date it was supposedly done. Here is a better part. I called Tru Green to let them know they were FIRED!!! I was told that someone would contact me within 24 hours. Guess they really don't understand waht "fired" means.

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  • At
    Attn: YOU MORONS Jun 27, 2010

    Wow some disgruntled people on here huh? The 1's I love are these former employees who now have this sudden urge to say how crappy the company is. Sounds like you were fired, and a good thing, because you didn't make these claims while they were paying you. Now you are summoned to righteousness!!!

    You're making a mockery of yourselves!!! You are just lazy, good for nothing former employees, who got canned. Grow up get a job and work hard. Instead you whine like a bunch of babies, it is only a matter of time until the "next" company lets you down...what then??? It is always the bad company, right?

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  • Qu
    quieststorm May 11, 2010

    I had a horrible experience myself. I tried to get them to come out and service my yard, they just outright lied about having been out here. They don't realize that I have 24 hour surveilance on my property and have reviewed for the time - date that they supposedly showed up. I also got the run around at their corporate level. They are the biggest joke I have ran across for an organization. Come to find out, their BBB rating is a D-in the local Atlanta area. Asked for the charge they had billed me and they came back with a definite NO. Now this is from a corporate representative by the name of Ms. Askew. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS ORGANIZATION!!!

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  • La
    lawnman Jan 12, 2010

    I worked for trugreen and its true, they could care less about their employees. I sustained injuries to both knees and an ankle, ( ligament damage) while treating lawns and jerry the "operations manager" ignored me when i brought up the injuries. Then when i began missing days because of injuries I was fired. Their mssion statement is to "honor god in all we do"... Nothing could be further from the truth. Their ONLY mission is to extract as much money as possible out of the public. And run their employees into the ground to accomplish the same.

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  • 30
    30999 Sep 16, 2009

    I am going to make my complaint as a past employee read. I worked at there
    Corporate call center where we covered the calls from half of the United States. I was
    told it was an easy job that customers call us. I made many more outbound calls then I
    did recieve them. I felt like a telemarketer. I would never taken the job if I knew that.
    I do not like telemarketing. While I was there I had so many people say that we were the
    highest piced company out there. We had customers say that they are paying for service
    and there neighbors aren't and the neighbors have a nicer lawn doing it theirself. I
    basically had to harass cutomers everyday. The managers did not want us to put them on te
    Do Not Call list usless the asked for it specifically, because then we could not call
    them again. We had some managers in some areas even tell us to call the ones that did not
    want to be called. I know that can be agravating for a customer and I appoligize for
    myself for doing that to th
    e ones I called. Granted we had many customers very happy with the service but it is
    still not right to constantly call 60-70 times a year to add other services. I left there
    because of the working conditions. I probably would have been fired anyway for not making
    enough sales or doing something else right. They lied to get me to fill a seat when it
    got busy and then threatened me when it got slow so I would leave and then they would not
    have to fire me. If you are reading this and thinking about going with Trugreen expect to
    be harassed for as long as you have lawn care with them. They want you to buy everything
    no matter if you need it or not. Tell them up front to put you on the Do not Call list
    and if you do and the call then that is a $12000 fine for them. There is to many quotas
    everyone has to get that works there that the service is going to be cut somewhere in
    order for all the jobs to get done and the employee's money is not cut.

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  • Ex
    Ex Employee May 09, 2009

    I used to be an employee there as a sales rep. I was actually a manager, and i am sad to say it. I was sexually harassed by the Branch Manager all the time, he was calling me a ### and a homo metrosexual and the list goes on. They all smoke Marijuana, in fact the reason the branch manager got into horticulture was because he grew his own weed. The service manager was always stopping home getting high and then going to do lawn applications. This company is a sham. They do not even use chemicals sometimes. Customers were promised blanket weed controls and they just used fertilizer. when i asked Norman about it, he said that he is the one with the masters and he will handle it. We never refunded the last application price as our policy states. There are good people in the firm. The Newburgh Ny branch is a sham. The whole New Jersey region is a sham. They lie they cheat they steal. The sales reps would trick people into 4 applications or more so they could get extra money. they never kept appointments, they lied about actually doing services.
    Ever come home to see trugreen flags and never notice results? It is because the Branch Manager would want to save money on chemicals so he would just use fertilizer instead of weed control and grub control. They actually service people with chemicals without contracts for New York state which is illegal. Use Lawn Doctror, or other companies TRUGREEN IS A WASTE OF MONEY! I BEG YOU DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Willis Jul 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    After watching the TG reps service the lawn across the street (rarely the same employee) I have to admire their
    sprinting ability. Does TG only hire reps who can do the 100 yard dash in under 30 seconds...pushing that high speed broadcast fertilizing unit? This athelete was finished with a 1/4 acre lot in about 3 minutes!!! It takes me 20 using a drop spreader, which insures proper coverage on irregular shaped properties.


    It is clear they aren't interested in covering the (entire) lawn with the proper amount of fertilizer, which is why that lawn is never as green/lush as our lawn.


    TG rep came to our door and impressed me as knowing more than the average home owner but he really couldn't offer an explanation why the lawn across the street looked so pale, but he was ready with BS excuse which blamed the problem on inadequate watering.


    Spend $50 or $60 and devote the 3 or 4 hrs per season to treat your own trees, shrubs and lawn. TG will attempt to sell you everything they offer and based on my observations of the poor job they do on the customer lawn across the street it would be a waste of money. If this service is representative of the quality elsewhere then the ONLY explanation is ignorant customers. Don't use any lawn service until they provide you with the names of 5 customers in your neighborhood.

    The TG rep who did the lawn across the street didn't even bother to stick the little notice in the lawn, he just threw it from the drivers window as he was pulling away !!!

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  • Dg
    D>Kief Jun 13, 2008
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    As someone who works in competition w/ chemlawn in a small company w/ only approx 400 customers i realize what i say will be taken w/ a grain of salt. However, I hear all the time from people coming to us how poor of service they got from Trugreen. And even after they cancel they still get calls asking them to sign back up for special rates. I feel that TG misleads b/c I will give an estimate to a potential customer and they will say "well chemlawn will do it for xxxx dollars". What they dont say is that they'll be there every 4 weeks or so and it will cost them a lot more to sign up w/ them. But hey I cant force anyone. 1 customer even said a chemlawn tech drove up put a bill on the door and a tag in the yard and drove off. when he called and the guy came back he did 1 lap around the yard and left again. whatever you do, go w/ a small local company around you. they are the ones that actually care about your lawn because they have to have it look good for word of mouth advertising. We dont have the millions of $$$ marketing budget like chemlawn where they can find thousands of new leads every year to make up for the many dissasified people they burn through. But hey keep it up Trugreen, b/c for every 1 you screw up, we're there waiting.

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  • Ar
    Art May 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Everyone must be right? Afterall, how could the largest lawn company in the USA succeed by not caring about their customer's. That seems to be a lot of satisified clients, indeed, success usually ends up with more customers, not less. Your sentences speak for themselves- you do not know what you are talking about.

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  • T
    t May 01, 2008
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    I agree with everything, I have current knowledge of this company..Trugreen, does not fulfill their will be rescheduled if a tech does not feel he has time or for a variety of reasons. Most will not call to tell you it's been rescheduled. They sell Mite's and Grub controls...Why do they sell these applications when insecticide is included in your applications? Just for the extra buck. We say we do a free can we do this over the phone?? We haven't even seen their property? I feel we betray/mislead/lie to the customer when they are expecting an analysis and we set them up and just schedule and go out and treat the lawn with no analysis at all and new tech's going out who have no knowledge of problems with trees or lawn.

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  • Ka
    Kathy from Seabrook TX Feb 08, 2008

    They do not care about their customers. They care even less about the people that work for them. They are fraudulant. I have seen them try to sale to people that have just had chemo treatments, people who have just had their spouse die, people who are on social security/fixed incomes.. etc. Basically, they sale to people that they know can't afford the service.

    They don't care. They care about putting money in their own pockets. They don't care about the people that work for them. They use people up whenever they can. They will do whatever they have to in order to make their QUOTA in order to GET MORE MONEY from their Corporation. THE BETTER THEIR NUMBER LOOK THE FATTER THEIR MARKETING MANAGERS/REGIONAL MANGERS>>>>ETC POCKETS ARE GOING TO BE!!!

    They only care about themselves. At least 12-20 customers per TRUGREEN office cancel every day but they turn around the same day and sale 12-20+ new sales a day so what do they care? THEY DONT!!

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