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I tried Truegreen last year. In contrast to the complaints listed here the person doing the service was competent, courteous and listened to me when I had a concern. When the crabgrass emerged (after I had treated it) Truegreen came back with a spray to kill it. They kept their part of the bargain. The lawn looks better this year and although they dropped off salt for the front steps and sent me mail offering incentives for prepay they have not called me. Last year they closed their local sales/service office and it was a pain to get them, but once I got through and let them know that I wouldn't put up with delay they responded and my tech came right away. they apologized for the glitch caused by understaffing at the local office. I am about to call them to have the lawn tested and to get a decent price. If they are not competitive then I will do the care myself or go to another firm. I trust that it is in their interest to keep their customers happy because they are selling service as well as fertilizer.

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Oct 26, 2012 8:14 am EDT

Ready for this one! TrueGreen came to my home without my permission and completed an areation and reseeding of my whole property! They not only charged mt account and am still waiting for a refund going on two weeks now they also destroyed my electric dog fence! I am seriously deciding on sueing and pressing charges for destruction of property, tresspassing and theft (charging my account). I have since terminated my relationship with them and am on a mission to bring others along!

Apr 12, 2011 4:47 am EDT

I helped these people out last year when they called and told me they really needed the work so I agreed to 2 sessions. I just got a bill in the mail for service that I never even ordered ! When I called they told me that I had to cancel before the service or they just assume from last year that I want it...what?...WTF?...I told them that they had NO signed contract and did not get a full year service, how can they assume this? The operator told me that was the way it was. When I asked to speak to his boss to resolve this I was told she was in a meeting and he would have her call me. I'm still waiting...I'm not paying and I'll call every government agency, etc. and tell them why, this is nothing more than a scam !

Apr 12, 2011 4:49 am EDT

why is there an ad on this site for the company that I'm complaining about?


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