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TRS Recovery Services review: unethical behaviour

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I was contacted by phone a message left stating that TRS was trying to collect a debt. There was no mention of what debt, then when returning the call I got automated stuff that directed me to a website Upon going to that site all there is, is a download to enter your name DL #, Bank routing number etc. What kinda crazy person do they think I am. Still no information on what debt is trying to be collected. If I were an elderly person or totally stupid person I might fall for that. It is a huge scam and ridicoulous.


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Sep 16, 2018 2:15 am EDT
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TRS so called recovery service is a total scam employed with the most under educated people.
I’ve been with Amazon for several years and I must say until recently never had a problem. During on of my many self service audits of my personal bank account, I noticed a fee of $19 (8/28) with the explanation of Amazon marketplace. At that moment I called Amazon for a explanation. A mistake was made and I was satisfied that the matter would be cleared. Again on 9/15 I noticed another charge $25 TRS, upon my research I was told that this was their fee for recovery and was rudely advised by TRS that I wrote a bad check. First let me say I never wrote a check and with today’s technology I haven’t written a check in several years. Never bounced a check or even heard of this so called company. In short this has ended my relationship with Amazon. Mistakes happen and that I understand, but to deal with a dumb under educated group of rude individuals who can and did, go directly into my account and take funds is unacceptable to me. As long as Amazon does business with this trash TRS, my money will be spent elsewhere.
So be aware of this bull... of a company. If you see their name associated with any business run.


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