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T Aug 23, 2018 Review updated:

On 14th August 2018 I booked specifically a not "non-refundable" hotel accommodation with Amoma (reference B5PEPMR9DY2X & [protected]) amounting to £845.00 for dates of 25-27th August.
On 21st August I approached Amoma to cancel the booking but was told that a fee of £880 was payable for such a cancellation. Upon complaining Amoma said they would seek a refund from the hotel provide I agree to pay the penalty of £880 (more than my current loss). Amoma says the cancellation was penalty free up until 21st August but this was not disclosed at the time of booking. The penalty fee is also outrageous being more than the cost of the accommodation.

I would accept an exchange for the same or other hotel at some future point but again Amoma refuse such an option. They also do not give details of how to contact their complaints department.
Can you help please.



  • Hi Tony,

    Please note that the cancellation policy is always displayed throughout your booking process and – after your booking is completed – also in your confirmation email as well as your customer account area on our site.
    Upon looking into this matter I learned that your reservation had a flexible cancellation policy until the 20th of August, however you contacted us on the 21th of August for a cancellation for medical reasons, when full fees applied. We contacted our supplier and tried to waive the cancellation fee, however since no medical proof was provided to sustain the claim, we were informed that the no refund conditions apply.

    We remain at your service for any other questions.

    Your Customer Support team

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