Travelocityshuttle service from hotel to airport

I prepaid $291.42 for round-trip ground transfer from Naples (Italy) airport to hotel LaBussola in Amalfi for 2 people. As promised, we were picked up at the airport by a rep from Acampora Travel and delivered to the front door of our hotel. As instructed on our voucher, I emailed Acampora about 28 hours before our departure to confirm they would pick us up. They did not write back. Two hours later, I called Acampora Travel. I was told they could not find my reservation. My daughter called them and was told they in fact did have the reservation and would pick us up for the 1.5 hour return trip to the airport on Saturday, October 5, at 9:15 a.m. We were instructed to wait in the lobby of our hotel for the driver. On Saturday, October 5, at 8:55 a.m., we went to the hotel lobby and waited for the driver. He/she did not show up. We called Acampora Customer Service. The first person we spoke with put us on hold. After about 10 minutes, the line disconnected. Worried we would miss our flight, I spoke with the concierge at the hotel. He made arrangements for a different driver. I was told the price was EU 125. I went to the nearest ATM and withdrew the funds. With bank fees and exchange rate, the total cost to me for the the withdrawal was approximately $147 US. Upon return to the United States on Sunday, I notified Travelocity that we were not picked up as promised and requested a refund for half of the $291.42 (145.71). Travelocity has given me the run-around, insinuating I didn't do what I was supposed to do to get picked up - even saying that Acampora does not pick up or deliver passengers to the hotel because of its proximity to the beach, and that we were notified of that information. I can assure you, no one told us that, and no one picked us up. Acampora agreed to refund us $107.11. I think it is outrageous that their failure to provide the service I paid for resulted in my having to pay an extra $40 and suffer the stress of getting to the airport an hour and a half late for an international flight! I know it is not a lot of money in the greater scheme of things, but I am feeling very ripped off.

Oct 10, 2019

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