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Reviews and Complaints

Travelocity Cancellation/Refund — can't cancel flight or connect with customer service

I'm writing to you to request a refund for my itinerary #[protected] from March 19, 2020 to March 30, 2020 co-shared between British Airways and American Airlines. On March 12, 2020 I attempted to cancel my itinerary through Travelocity's online form. Because the CDC had a Level 3 travel advisory to "avoid all non-essential travel" in both the UK and Europe, and the EU had closed its borders, I couldn't complete my travel even if I wanted to. The form said they would contact me within five working days with more information. I never heard back. In the meantime I tried the chat function and the Facebook message function multiple times, to no avail.

A week later, on March 18, 2020, I called customer support to make sure the flights were cancelled given that they were set to take off the next day. I called nine times between 5:38pm and 9:36pm PST before I got through, was put on hold and the call wasn't dropped. At about 10pm I called and was put on hold for about three hours before someone answered the call.

To her credit, the representative who answered my call was very kind and polite. She said that they would cancel the flight and that British Airways would give me credit for them. She then said they were currently calling British Airways to ask how long I would have before the credit expired. I gave her my cell number and she said they would call back when they answered, in about 30-40 minutes. At that time it was about 1am PST, but I planned to stay awake until they called back.

Two hours later, at about 3am PST, I had still received no call. So I called back using my home phone and was again put on hold. I was on hold for about an hour, until 4am PST, when I fell asleep holding the phone. When I woke up the next morning, the itinerary was not cancelled, my flight had already left, and I had no missed calls on my cell phone, meaning they had never called me back.

A week later (today) I called again and have been on hold for over six hours but now there isn't even any hold music and it seems the call has been dropped.

At this point, I would like a full refund, not credit, for the entire $615.25. I am a college student on financial aid. Since I cannot go on my trip, I need this money for books and living expenses given that my work is cancelled until further notice. I know that the pandemic is causing a lot of cancellations like mine, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience or hardship this might cause. However, I went through all the necessary channels, I have been very disappointed in Travelocity's customer support infrastructure, and I do really need this money in the form of a refund.