Travelocitylack of response and empathy!

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I recently read some wonderful articles regarding CEO Michelle Peluso and her ideas of what customer service is all about. A wonderful mentality, which promotes growth. I liked what I read. Unfortunately, it’s not what the Travelocity customers are getting. I have to wonder if Michelle Peluso is sitting behind a shaded wall and anymore has no concept of how her customer service representatives are handling situations. Does this apply to the Vice President of Customer Service also? Where are they?

Several days ago I went online to book seven tickets for a group of at-risk youth for my company. State kids who because of their achievements in academics and one who won the Achieving Against All Odds award, was being taken on this trip to Florida. None of these kids have ever been in a plane before. First time travelers and well earned. When trying to book online as I always do, I found that I could not finish the booking since it was continually kicking me back to their home page. I called their phone service to find out why and recall hearing the recording about a $25.00 dollar fee for using the service. When Erick came on the line, I asked why the site was kicking me back and he stated those flights were in the middle of price changes but he could help me over the phone. I stated adamantly several times that I did not want to pay a fee and if he were going to charge me, I would wait the half hour and do the bookings myself. He assured me everything would be fine. Fine? After the bookings I was charged $142.00 dollars worth of additional Travelocity fees. I objected and he stated I should write an email or call customer service because he had already charged my account. The following day I called. I was told I needed to send an email. I sent the email with no response for two days. I followed with another email and received what to me, was the silliest, poorest excuse of an email response, which did not touch base to the issue at all. I called customer service again the following day and asked for a supervisor. The customer service representative, Robbie, wanted to hear the details of my complaint. I stressed that I only wanted to repeat it to a person who could make decisions and yet he insisted. After many ‘I understand’, he stated that he would have a supervisor call me back in twenty minutes. I have never received a call.

Now, one of my requests was to know if the conversation of the original booking had been recorded as it mentions could happen. For it’s very simple, had they bothered to listen to it, they would have no way of getting around the fact that I was misled and basically robbed of finances. Even the amount of the tickets was raised during booking! Really though, and the saddest most pathetic aspect is that it’s not my money they took. Travelocity took funds garnered and scraped together for a once in a lifetime trip for at-risk youth. Trust me, this is no sob story, it’s fact and I find it pitiful at how sadly ignorant and contrary to those articles I read, the administration of Travelocity is. How can Michelle Peluso smile and accept such grotesque falsehoods about the value of Travelocity clients when she either knows nothing as she sits in her ivory tower doing her nails or she approves of these misconceptions herself.

In conclusion, I searched a great deal for a contact person of value and authority. Even calling the Travelocity corporate office to if anything, ask if they knew or yet, incorporated themselves the policies and procedures in which the customer service representatives give Travelocity clients the runaround. I did not reach a human at all and I have no intention of wasting one more moment of frustration on them. Since Travelocity’s conception I have booked flights with them as a favorite. Never once using a person but booking the flights myself and evidentially I booked a decent amount because I’m supposed to be a VIP Client. And now, because of this sad lack of response and empathy, no matter how small or trivial the situation, I will not use Travelocity again. It must be nice for a company to be so secure in their productivity that they can lose future purchases for the amount of $142.00 dollars. I don’t suppose they have the benefit of feeling that deep pride that an ethical company knows about at the end of the day.


  • Je
    Jeff S H May 21, 2012

    After booking the flights for my study-abroad trip to Italy, I check withe airlines a couple of weeks later to request special meals because I am celiac. I find that the first two legs of my flight have been deleted. And this begins a two-month process to fix my flights that is still not resolved. Multiple calls to Travelocity (Travel India, as stated above) have done nothing but raise blood pressure and stress. It is clear that no one in customer service documents anything as we have to start over from scratch with every call. They constantly lie to you, promising to fix the flight, emailing you a confirmation within 48 hours. It never arrives and the problem is never resolved. Asking to speak to a supervisor is a waste of time. They will not transfer you to a supervisor. They "promise" a supervisor will call you back within a given time frame. They don't if they call you at all, it is during a time you have told them you are not available. They ask you to call them back. My callback number has always been a Los Angeles number that is always busy.

    Travelocity is staffed by incompetents, charlatans and liars

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  • Be
    Bernadette Dimitriadis Feb 22, 2012
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    Verified customer

    The writer of Lack of Response and Empathy here... Five years later Travelocity and I haven't used your site once since June 2007. And your services, um, lack of, definitely wasn't missed at all during the last five years. Although your pockets may not have recognized the small amount missing from my lack of using your travel site, my husband and I have traveled and arranged for others to travel countless times during these years. Not only have we not used your services, and no need to refer to me as obsessive, but in casual conversation, yes, simple word of mouth, I have managed to convert more than 173 people away from using your services... all by my lonesome self. It became quite fun once I started keeping track. Oh, and still haven't received that call from the supervisor that was promised. :-}~

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  • Pb
    pbillin Oct 11, 2011

    Travelocity has one of the simplest policies around:

    I'm suprised by this.

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  • Do
    Don in MA Jul 08, 2011

    This complaint is to make people who use Travelocity aware of a business practice employed by Travelocity. My wife had made travel arrangements through Travelocity which went fine. However, without her knowledge or consent, a company called Passport to Fun started charging her checking account in the amount of $19.95 for membership. Upon calling Passport to Fun, we learned that they are an affiliate of Travelocity. In calling Travelocity, we got nothing but a run around and no one would provide me with a phone number to Travelocity's Consumer Affairs Department. So, I will be filing a complaint with the BBB in San Antonio, TX about Travelocity and their business practices. A word to all who use Travelocity - read very carefully everything, including any pop ups that may appear, otherwise you may unknowningly sign up for something that you didn't want and won't find out about it until you see your bank statement.

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  • Tr
    TravelocityIncompetance Mar 02, 2011

    I've just spoken to so many people at Travelocity I can't count (both Amex Travelocity and the Travelocity Booking) - at least 5 people who were incompetent, Even after speaking with individuals in a supervisory capacity I've gotten the runaround. The first person I spoke with transferred me to Delta after I booked my flight on Jet Blue although the problem has nothing to do with either. In any event, I checked on the Travelocity website that I wanted to use my points and then I decided against it and unchecked the points box. I was charged anyway for 10, 000 points (I realized I'm only 28 points away from a $400 reward so I decided to wait). This must have been a computer glitch. I ended up cancelling the flight alltogther with no guarantee of getting the points back. We'll see what happens since I spoke with Customer Care at Travelocity Amex for the second time. Apparently the first person told me nothing could be done. The second person said I would get me points back. MY POINT IS DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY AMEX OR THE TRAVEL SITE. THEY ARE HIGHLY INCOMPETENT. DIFFERENT PEOPLE PROVIDE DIFFERENT OR IRRELEVANT ANSWERS. THE ONE HAND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE OTHER IS DOING. I'VE WAISTED 3 HOURS ON THE PHONE. AFTER I USE MY CURRENT POINTS I WILL CANCEL MY TRAVELOCITY AMEX AND WILL NOT USE THE TRAVEL SITE AGAIN

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  • Li
    Livid Lawyer Nov 20, 2010

    My Husabnd is an Active Duty Member of the United States Army. His elderly mother was supposed to visit us for Thanksgiving and booked a ticket through travelocity. WHen she got to the Airport, she was not allowed to get on the plane because her last name was entered where her first name should be. Travelocity charged her credit card (wich had her full name on it) and kept the money, would not refund it, or give her another flight. She was left staranded at the airport in tears and had spent $400.00 on a ticket. I called cutomer service, and got someone that sounded like they were in India and spoke to two supervisors who refused to rectify the situation. I was told that Travelocity did not recieve any monies and therefore do not owe her anything. I was told Delta airlines reiceved all of the money and that I should contact them. Delta Airlines in turn told me to call Travelocity. Do NOT use Travelocity. You will regret it.

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  • Da
    Dan75010 Dec 13, 2009

    Do NOT use Travelocity.
    They do not honor their famous price match guarantee and 11 weeks later I'm still looking for a refund check that was supposed to be here 6-8 weeks later.
    After booking a cruise online and filing a price match guarantee appeal within the approved time, I was notified the next day the reservation was suspended until a different dining time was chosen (a time not offered when I booked the trip) and gratuities paid. After a lengthy call during which the Travelocity rep couldn't find the reservation and didn't know about the e-mail I received, I was finally able to get things fixed, and I paid the gratuities with a second credit card. The next day I look on Travelocity but I don't see the reservation under my profile. Another lengthy, extended call to Travelocity who says there was a glitch and the payment I made when I originally booked did not go through, but the charge to the second card for gratuities did and that has potentially jeopardized my onboard credit promotion eligibility. I attempt trip payment again but the system has timed out on the representative and I am instructed to call the next day. I call the next day and am told everything was successfully charged the first time and the second card was never charged; however, I receive notification later the price match has been denied.
    I call the next day and am told by a Travelocity manager, Hakan, that the match was declined because the competitor doesn't offer the same promotions with the trip that Travelocity; I point out the rules specifically state promotions are not to be considered when determining the price match. I'm then told that because the competitor pre-purchased a group of rooms on the ship to sell, that's considered a "group rate" and thus voids the price match. I check my second credit card that night and see that it was in fact charged for the gratuities.
    The person who made the price match decision calls, but when I call back (another lengthy call) almost 2 hours before she is supposed to leave no one can find her. Another week goes by (and I send 2 e-mails to different Travelocity addresses - no help) before I can connect with her. Much debate and they really can't defend their decision effectively (their use of the term "group rate" is very liberal), and after some initial offers of a $50 voucher for future Travelocity reservations and the like I'm told I'll get a $150 check in the mail. It's been 11 weeks, no check in the mail.
    I'll have to start this all over on the phone tomorrow.
    I think a trip to their offices will be in order as well; last I knew it was 3150 Sabre Dr, Southlake, TX 76092; Anyone care to join?

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  • Je
    Jennifer Musick Nov 26, 2009

    OMG!!! Thanks so much for this #. (The customer service office in Texas) I too am having a terrable time with Travelocity. Even though I did not book a flight thru them they still charged my credit card $70.00 bucks!!! and have yet to put it back in my account as promised. I AM FED UP!!! I've been disconected on 3 occasions, and cannot get a resolution with there coustomer services dept. in India. ALl they keep saing is... I'm so sorry for your inconvience. ROBOTS!!!

    I don't reccomend TRAVELOCITY to ANYONE who is trying to book a resorvation. I just hope you read this complaints befor trying to book a flight!

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  • To
    Tom Prothro Nov 20, 2009

    Travelocity ... What a Concept ... Gone WRONG !!!

    My wife booked two round trip trans US flights WITH Flight Insurance (one for each of us) through a human being Travelocity Customer Service rep in the United States on 18 Nov. 2009.

    No Problem! We received "Confirmation Numbers" et all and everything seemed like a done deal. Next morning, 19 Nov 2009, she gets an email stating that " due to a technical difficulties" the Flight Insurance on her ticket didn't go through (mine went through fine).

    The email went on to explain that we weren't going to be "charged for the insurance", but it never said that we were actually getting it either. These days, with Swine Flu, Flight Cancelations, Businesses merging, going belly up and getting Obama Bailouts like it was standard operating procedure ... my wife naturally got concerned about possibly losing major bucks on her ticket if things unexpectedly went south over the holidays.

    The last line on the email stated: "If you need further assistance, call our Customer Service Center. Telephone within the UNITED STATES: [protected]." ...

    There were a block of other numbers for calling from outside the United States, or if you happened to be hearing impaired, required Spanish translation, or had a digital compulsion to pursue Customer Service online or over a FAX machine, but no specific instructions for how to correct non specific "technical difficulties".


    People, let me tell you up front, " Telephone within the UNITED STATES: [protected] " leads down a rabbit hole to Bangladesh by way of a myriad of phone room contractors - none of whom are legitimate Travelocity personnel and none have the authority nor capability to do anything but repeatedly/ad infinitum "put you on hold for 3-5 minutes until a supervisor comes on the line to transfer YOUR call". Three hours later, we had spoken to no less than 4 different Travelocity 1st line Customer Service Reps in India, their 4 Immediate Supervisors, 3 different Travelocity/India "Supervisor 's Supervisors" (2 of which couldn't correct the insurance problem and referred us to a Customer Service rep and HER supervisor at Berkeley Care - the company who issues Flight Insurance for Travelocity), before we finally hung up in exasperation and called AAA to see if our umbrella insurance would cover our tickets.

    3 hours & 10 minutes into our ordeal, we got a call back from a Master Jedi Supervisor named Vanessa in San Antonia, Texas who had the where-with-all, authority and customer service skills it took to contact Berkely Care and reactivate the lousie $19.95 Flight Insurance to my wife's ticket. Even then, it became a separate transaction and we had to pull out the credit card and go over line by line all the same information to make it happen.

    Heck, Travelocity knew the insurance was all my wife wanted in the first place when they sent us an email acknowledging their "technical difficulty" didn't make it happen. They should have fixed it right then and there and called it a day instead of sending her an email and dumping us onto the 3rd World Internet to research and find a solution for ourselves. "Never Roam Alone INDEED !!!


    HER NUMBER IS: [protected]

    Tell them I sent you ! You'll be glad you did !!!

    GOOD LUCK with your travel plans, PILGRIM !!! You're gonna need it!

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  • Fa
    Fair Deal Jan 12, 2009

    I also had a bad experience with Travelocity. I booked a flight. The deal went through. I reserved seats on American Airlines. @hours later someone called me and told me that the flights had sold out. They offered me another flight at a price of $100 additional dollars. I was also given the run around in customer service. a manager by the name of Ranea was less than polite offered a $50 voucher which I have not seen yet. So much for customer service.

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  • Pa
    Pam Anderson Sep 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was lied to by an agent. I was told a ticket was being held until midnight while we got some problems, travelocities problem, straightened out. I was given a long confirmation number to give the next agent to retrieve the held ticket. Later in the day, I find out it was not held. I was told by the next agent that they do not hold reservations without the credit card going through. The problem was that my card was not being accepted and it should have been accepted. I went so far as to have the top person talk to my credit card company for clearance. It was glitch in travelocities computer program.
    After three hours and lots of frustration, I used a different credit card. I lost my Hawaaiian miles. I did get the original flight that one agent told me was not longer available. I was not charged the 25 dollar booking fee.
    It was not a money issue. It was an ethical issue. I was lied to by two different agents. I will never use their service again. I plan to write their stock holders.

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  • Jo
    Jolene Aug 27, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I will never in a million years book with Travelocity again!

    In May, I booked a trip to Disneyland for August and they charged my credit card twice. It took about 2 weeks to get it refunded, and after it was done I called them back several times to confirm that I still had my original reservation.

    Two months went by and finally 4 days before we were supposed to leave for our trip my sister decided to add herself to our flight (she booked directly through the airline). They told her my flights (for 4 people) were cancelled in May by Travelocity!

    I was on the phone for a total of 2 hours before Travelocity would re-issue my tickets. They even had the nerve to tell me I would have to pay for the tickets AGAIN if they were to reissue them!

    Not only did they cancel my entire trip, but they never notified me, nor did they ever give me a refund for the trip that they cancelled without my consent! I was irrate, and thought it was finally fixed, but... two days before we were supposed to leave they still had NOT re-issued our tickets! I spent another hour on the phone and a very nice woman from India helped me. It was finally done the next day. I thought it was over, but then we get to the airport and the airlines' check'in clerk said Travelocity had our tickets and luggage going all over the place, she fixed it and told us that they always have problems with Travelocity and Orbitz. We were finally on our way.

    If you are going to book a trip do it directly through the airline. Save yourself the stress and enjoy your trip. I would NEVER recommend Travelocity to anyone!

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  • Te
    Teresa Skipper Jan 21, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am another unhappy customer. We signed up for a cruise for Christmas. Booked three cabins and were supposed to get "onboard" credit money. Well it was there when we got to the boat. The cruise line says this happens quite often. We called from the boat and went back in forth for over 30 minutes. Basically, if we wanted to pay a late penality for them not processing the "onboard credit" we could have our money by the last day - or they would mail the check. We opted to have the checks mailed - Travelocity said they would be sent out the next day and be there when we got home. Not true. We have called numerous times and they just keep saying the "check is in the mail". I also requested through an online survey they sent to be called and no one has done that. I believe it is just as you say - they don't care!

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  • Ro
    Roxanne Abad Nov 25, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am a sucker of Travelocity I also have been given the run around and dealing with people from India well I come to realize that is how Travelocity gets away and around of what they are doing. And the fact they do not have a way to reach customer complaint except through email well what are they hiding from. And no phone number for the corp office just manage to get a address in Texas well makes me think do they really even look at the complaints. I DON'T THINK SO! I will never ever do business with them again and will tell anyone and everyone not to as well!

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