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Z Aug 07, 2018

I hired a car through Rental when I booked my holiday through Easyjet as Rental cars was offered to me and I thought this would be an easy option and was sorted and out of the way in advance, they actually took the money for the care hire a month in advance, which I was not expecting!
My booking ref is [protected] 6th August -23rd August 2018 with Sixt Car rental at La Rochelle airport. My email address is [protected] Tel: [protected].

On Saturday 4th August I printed my voucher and realised I needed to take a credit card for the deposit. I called Rental to explain that I did not have a credit card and need to pay by debit card for the deposit. The operator tried to contact Sixt and said that nothing was open on Saturday or Sunday for me to confirm I could pay by Debit card.
The operator advised me again on Monday the day I was travelling that it was at Sixt's discretion to accept payment for the deposit by debit or credit card and assured me that when I landed and went to Sixt they would be fine. This was not the case and I arrived at La Rochelle airport was stranded there as Sixt would not give me the car and neither would any of the other rental cars at the airport. I had to take a taxi to La Rochelle and try to find another car firm that would rent me a car at 6.30pm in the evening! I called Rental Cars to do this for me and all they could offer me was a car at 9am from La Rochelle airport with Hertz but there was no guarantee that I could use a debit card. This was not good enough I had nowhere to stay and did not want to sleep in the airport until the next morning and then be in the same situation.

Fortunately I found Enterprise cars who accepted my debit card payment and were extremely helpful, why could Rental cars not have found them as they were apparently stationed at La Rochelle airport but did not have a desk. Rental cars should have known this!
I am upset that Rental left me stranded in La Rochelle in tears and to top it off said that as I had to cancel my booking they would deduct 3 days of my payment and I would not get my money back for 7 days, this is outrageous I feel like I was treated like a dog by Rental, all they were interested in was taking my money and leaving me to sleep on the street on the first day of my holiday. Why did Rental cars not refund my money when I called on Saturday or help me to find Enterprise cars who are in La Rochelle as this could have been a straightforward exchange and I am appalled that the first day of my holiday was ruined by the greediness of Rental wanting to keep my money and fobbing me off for two days when I kept calling to sort this out!

I feel that I should be compensated for the trauma I have suffered and most definitely should not have had 3 days worth of car hire money deducted as this is outrageous and my money should be returned instantly not at Rental convenience in seven days or more therefore I am going to contact BBC Watchdog to make sure more customers are aware of this happening to them.

Please let me know what your views are on this situation and how it can be resolved as I do not want this to happen to other unsuspecting customers.

Yours sincerely

Zoe Lloyd

Traveljigsaw Ltd

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