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Transglobal Service
6765 Kennedy Road South Mississauga, ON
5 June 2013
Re: Frigidaire refrigerator repair W. O# 2595655 dated 08 May 2013
Last month my fridge did not work properly and following is the situation:
- 1 May: The letters E and F kept flashing without out showing temperature as usual. We called your company for service.
- 8 May: Technician 89 came. He opened the icetray and looked at the inside (there is a fan there but he did not take the fan out of its position or plug the fridge in to see whether it was working well or not) and said that the fan was not working well, that’s why the fridge was flashing and asked us to replace the fan (work order in attached file). The total price for it is $234.83 in total. We were reluctant to buy the new fan because we saw that the fridge is still working and the temperature in the fridge was still low enough to make the ice and preserve the food, moreover, only several months earlier, technician 67 did replace the sensor which cost us $500 in total (he quoted me $400 on the 1st day he came and we agreed on the price but after installation, he gave me the bill of $500). Technician 89 then told us that we have 30 days to think about it and if we decide to replace, just call the company to order the fan and installation.
- One week later, we called your company to order the fan and installation. Your staff talked with us then transfer the line for us to talk to the part supplier and also told us whenever the part was ready, call them back to book for replacement service. 10 days later, we had the fan in hand so we called your company to book for replacement service.
- 27 May: Technician 67 came to install the fan but after installation, the board was still flashing, no change to the original condition. He seemed not to agree with the solution of technician 89 but still told us to wait for several hours.
- It was 1 week from the date of installation but everything stays the same. The board is still flashing and the fridge is still working as it was before, not better or worse.
We called your company many times, explained the situation to many people in your company from the beginning to the end, Debra- customer service supervisor told us to buy the new board at $400 because the board was the problem and the fan was old enough to replace it (!?!), and because we did not buy the fan from the company so we can not return (we are wondering why your company transfer us to the part supplier and then asked us why did not order the part from you?). She also told me "never call customer service again because our target was trying to get the fridge fixed for free", etc (for further content please rewind the recording system in your company at 1.03-1.24pm on 4th June 2013).
My question is: what if we buy the new board and the problem is still the same? Who will take responsibility and pay for the mistake and shortage of technical knowledge and due diligence of your technician? My family again?
Transglobal service is the worst servicing company I have ever dealt with and Debra is the most unsuitable person for customer service position.


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    Bob0007 Feb 14, 2020

    I have had a horrible experience with them too for a dishwasher. There is no management and they do not have any accountability for the job done. They broke my dishwasher door which is leaking now and they are telling me after a year that they do not have the right part. It is my mission to expose these guys. I feel I have been ROBBED. They have collected money with no service, and no result.

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