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one year later and still without a working dishwasher!

It has been nothing but disaster dealing with Transglobal and their dishwasher technicians. Originally, I placed a call Feb 2019 for the control panel change in my dishwasher. Since then, I have taken over 6 days off from work (Vacation lost) for the technicians to come and in the process, they broke the door (Seal and other parts). Multiple technicians have come with different opinions. Bottom line after a year of waiting and 6 days taken off my vacation pay, they have given up and they are not fixing the dishwasher that they broke themselves. Meanwhile I have paid for this service for the last 10 years and when it comes to use the service to repair my dishwasher they fail to do it. They come in and break my dishwasher and then they tell me they can not fix it. They don't even deserve a 1 start. Worst company to deal with. They are not accountable for their mistake. I have asked them to put themselves in my shoe for a year no service meanwhile they have been taking the monthly payments promptly from the account. I will be contacting the Global TV to report this and hopefully more people become aware of how Transglobal works and treats their paying clients...

samsung microwave

I have been waiting since 20 September for my microwave to be fixed and it's the 31st October today. The technician came by 3 times. The first time was to take a look & second time to first the microwave & he was not able to fix & he told me "it is not reparable, I will right it in the report that I can't repair it and to give you guys the credit now" but when I spoke when the agent, she said he never wrote that in the report so basically he lied to me. Plus, I had to called them each time to make an appointment because even if they did receive the parts for the microwave they did not give me a call. Even for the credits, I have to call to get it. While I was talking to the supervisor Jessye Taylor about being unsatisfied of their services and the lies the technician told us, she hung up the phone on me. She could have give me a call back since she does have my number in file but did not so I had to call back wait again until an agent answers me & wait again to talk to the same supervisor. And she did not really cared about the situation & was denying the fact that she hang up on me.

the brick warranty service

Worst repair company to deal with! It took two weeks to get an appointment for them to look at my fridge and then they rebooked my original appointment without my consent then when I couldn't make that appointment (repairman calles saying "I'm 5 minutes away" out of the blue on some random day I wasn't home) I had to wait two more weeks and then the guy shows up at my original appointment anyway, which I wasn't expecting and wasn't home for again! It's now been a month waiting to get an appointment for parts and I have not been able to get through to them even in business hours to book the repair. Finally get through to them and asked to speak to a supervisor about the poor service and I am told "we don't have supervisors, you'll have to call (another company)"???!!! No wonder so many complaints about them: no accountability!!

this company doesn't respond his workers mistake

Almost month ago service guy came to fix my stove but he broke my stovetop, of course he denied and his company (trans global service) beleaved him and didn't care about customer complaint what a customer service by the trans global service. We trusted the service guy but he rapped us by broke the stovetop.I never ever suggested this company to any one .

this company doesn't respond his workers mistake
this company doesn't respond his workers mistake
this company doesn't respond his workers mistake

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    Bob0007 Feb 14, 2020

    My experience with transglobal been somewhat the same. It has taken them a year and my dishwasher is still not fixed. About 6 months ago when the technician wanted to change the motor in the dishwasher he broke the door and ever since the door leaks and I can not use the dishwasher. Today they are telling me that they do not have the parts anymore. It is SAD, they collected money through Enbridge every month for the past 10 years and now that I need them they are quitting on me.

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failure to process repair request in a timely manner.

My Brada washing machine was in need of repair. After seeking out local appliance repair companies, it became clear that the companies I had contacted were not familiar with the "Brada" brand. I then decided to contact The Brick - the company from which I had purchased a washer/dryer set. Pursuant to the recommendation of a representative, I contacted Trans Global Services.

On January 11, 2018, "Mitch", an appliance technician checked out my Brada. Mitch informed me that the needed parts had to be ordered, followed by a request for $100.00, which was given. He then left, stating that he hoped that the parts would not take very long, re delivery. After a ten day waiting period, I contacted Trans Global and was informed that the parts had not been ordered because they had not been ordered due to lack of payment for the parts. The parts now paid for, I decided to check the status of my "order", only to be advised that it will be here on February 26, 2018.

I am now insisting that Trans Global cancel my order, return the $100.00 and the $136.00, for parts. I am booking the repairs with another organization. I do not have any linens, clothes, etc., that would give me the leverage to wait for Trans Global to get its "act" together.

terrible customer service with broken dishwasher

We purchased an LG dishwasher 2.5 years ago and bought the extended warranty with the dishwasher. 2 week...

Terrible service for fridge repair

Transglobal Service 6765 Kennedy Road South Mississauga, ON 5 June 2013 Re: Frigidaire refrigerator repair W...

They will not return a call

Has anyone figured out where Transglobal Service Head office is? There is one contact number that will be...

Damaged dishwasher

I have purchased all my appliances with The Brick. TransGlobal Warranty Corp. a division under The Brick Group covers the repairs. In the past my appliances had been adequately repaired within the warranty provided. One of the items I purchased was a KitchenAid Dishwasher. The warranty expired when I began experiencing difficulty with the dishwasher (at this point the dishwasher was repairable). Based on my previous customer satisfaction and the added commitment of TransGlobal's assuranty "to providing superior service to our customers" as stated on their website I called customer service for an appointment to repair the dishwasher. A technician came to assess the problem and indicated I required a thermal fuse. He had one in his vehicle and replaced the part. I paid for the assessment, part and repair and he indicated I had a 90 day warranty on the service. Approx. 15 days later while the dishwasher was on that evening, my husband and I smelled smoke permeating though the house. My husband went to check where it was coming from and notice it was the dishwasher. We immediately turned the circuit breaker off on the dishwasher and called TransGlobal the next morning. A technician came to the house the following day. When he opened the main board the panel was burned exactly where the fuse was repaired. He took some pictures as did we and indicated to call customer service the next day. I called and talked to Maya who mentioned that the technician had indicated on his review that payment should be made to the customer along with a discount for a new dishwasher. She stated it is still to be reviewed by the supervisor and to call back tomorrow. Leslie had contacted us the next day to say, and I quote, "this was not the fault of the technician and that I needed to go buy a new dishwasher". I was stunned and asked to speak with a manager. After speaking with 2 managers I was finally transferred to Juliana manager of TransGlobal Service. Her response to me was "We do not know what the problem is but we are not responsible". I came to TransGlobal Warranty Corp. because I valued their expertise and experience. After the initial assessment and repair, I was now being told that it is beyond repair and I required a new unit. They also retracted the 90 days warranty even though their technician's repair was responsible for the damage. After I voiced my anger and frustration she indicated Stephanie MacDuff, Senior Operations Supervisor TransGlobal Service will call the next day. That was on December 08, 2009 and I still have not received a call.

I am very frustrated and disappointed with the lack of good judgement and customer satisfaction that I came to associate with TransGlobal. I relied on TransGloba's experienced technicians to review and service my still repairable dishwasher. I was given a written commitment of 90 days warranty and now I am left with a dishwasher that is burned at the exact spot the repair was made, with the resolution that "the dishwasher is not their problem and is beyond repair". I am disgusted at this response. My dishwasher was repairable when I called and now it is destroyed.

Future customers beware of the lack of commitment, inferior customer service and unprofessional workmanship of TransGloble Service.

  • Sh
    She14 Sep 19, 2018

    Their service is beyond bad from customer service to their service technician. The technician came her to fix our brand new washer for machine vibration. Since he came to fix it, the machine got worse. He had the drum and motor changed and it became worst and worst. Their customer service has no phone manners and very rude.

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