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Tracfone — tracfone stolen phone minutes

During the first quarter of 2017, we lost cell phone minutes on 3 phones my family owns. We have used...

Tracfoneairtime & grievances with customer support.

My husband & I both were using Tracfone for our service but he switched to Net10 as they offer 30 unlimited plans.
On his Tracfone prepaid plan he had over 3300 airtime minutes and over 900 text that were unused. He requested those minutes to be transferred over to my phone and was told it would be done,
"No problem", which in fact was nothing but problems.
I used the remaining airtime on my phone, in addition to airtime on his phone and also used time on his Aunt's phone in our attempt to transfer the unused Tracfone minutes and to activate the new Net10 Sim & 30 day plan. This endeavor took approximately two hours.
Now today I used online chat service to inquire about the transfer of unused airtime to my phone and was told it is not possible to transfer the unused balance and there is nothing that can be done about it. Totally opposite of what I had been told prior to his Net 10 set up.
Upon my request the chat associate gave me a contact number for refunds so again I borrowed a phone to call ld i had been given a wrong number, I was in contact with yet another affiliate of your company. Though I was told I had the wrong number, the associate there was quick to tell me again there was nothing that can be done. I then requested a contact number for corporate. At that point my call was disconnected.
I feel as though I have been blatantly lied to over the course of this ordeal.
Tracfone and Net 10 are affiliated according to the website and according to your associate...please tell me why all the lack of inability within the companies and frustration they place on the customers?
I have used several different providers in the past and of those, all were simple to work with and their tasks were seemingly effortless.
I am requesting the remaining balance to be transferred to my phone as I was told it would be or a refund equivalent to the unused amount issued via mail or an additional 30 day Net 10 plan added to my husband's phone.
You may reply to me via email at:

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    Tracfone — turned off ringtone

    Recently my tracfone, s Ringtone has been turned off. Don't know why . Is there any reason to do this in the...


    Tracfone — employee at speedway sold me the wrong card

    On 5/30/2017 I went to Speedway to purchase an At&t phone card.I drove home and attempted to load the airtime...

    Tracfonefamily plan - customer service

    I have been with Tracfone since 2004. And Rarely did I have problems.
    BUT lately, OMG the Customer Service has been Hmm How do put this Don't Know what they are doing!
    Since March of 2017 I have been trying to get my Husband back on the Family Plan and for some reason Unable to I have been given the excuse of 3/22 Yes you are on the Family Plan, 3/27 Yes 9075 is on the Plan, 4/25 To many primary on the plan will delete them all and start over- Everyone is on know, 5/25 & 5/26 Yes it is one the Plan, 6/23 Unable to need new Credit Card Number - Hmm on that one So we will create a ticket, 6/27 still nothing 7/2 Rude Customer Service need to put in a ticket then hangs up on me

    As you can see Still not able to get him on the family plan

    Now it was very simple on the Internet to do everything I needed to do. But that has change also and personally I don't like it!!

    I am also attaching the Conversation with Facebook

    MAY 26TH, 5:50PM
    I have a very Huge Complaint against the People i talk with on the Phone
    In the last several Months I have called and spoken with several techs, trying to get my husband on the Family plan with me and every time I am told YES he is add and/or He is On the Plan
    3/22/17 spoke with Joshua -Put [protected] on the Plan - done
    3/27/17 spoke with Amanda Yes he is on the Plan
    4/25/17 Spoke with Ryan -[protected] Yes it is on the Plan
    5/25/17 Spoke with Edward Yes that Number is on the Family Plan
    5/26/17 Spoke with Analeza She tells me no it never happen? code #22890 transfer me to Helen after 4 tries Yes he is on the plan(really missed up here, no one Knows)

    Now I called again today Because the phone has Been disconnected again????????
    What is going on I have stated over and over that this needs to be fixed and When I spoke with Ryan (a Supervisor) indicated to me that it is all taken care of. I expect it to be!!!
    But no - Tracfone keeps playing this game with me??
    What is the deal

    Please can someone with knowledge contact me, and get this corrected

    I have been with Tracfone since 2004 and never had this much problem

    Thank you
    Mrs Summers

    Hi DeBorha. We are sorry for the trouble. Let me check your account. ^April

    As I have checked, your phone that ends with 9075 is currently deactivated right now. That phone number must be enrolled with the Family Value Plan. Due to some errors, the plan was not added when the your account was refilled. We are really sorry for that.
    Again what is wrong with it getting it together How many times do I have to call to get it right??

    We need first to reactivate your phone. After doing so, we need to reenroll your account to the Family Value Plan.
    I have done this over and over for the past couple of months is this a game you play for me to reactivate each time????
    I am not a happy camper

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured that you will not encountered the same problem again.

    JUN 23RD, 5:11PM
    Why do I Have so much problems with tracfone on a family plan
    Still having issue with this
    in which I do not understand

    Hi DeBorha. We are sorry to hear that. Let me help you. ^April
    What do you mean?
    I tried several time to get my husband back on the Family Plan and have called and spoken with several people including managers with no revail????
    Since March every month I call
    ANd promised via tech it is done
    And I am tired of doing this every month

    We do apologize for the trouble. Are you having issues with the phone number ending in 9075?
    I am on the phone again with tracfone and having the same issue
    Now they are telling me they need another CCard Number?? this does not make since!!
    Now the The person is telling me that it is my credit card (Now My bill just got paid last week with my credit card Hmmm makes me wonder WHat is wrong with the people at tracfone????
    I need to talk with someone that know what they are doing!!!

    We are sorry for the trouble. I do understand but they need to verify the credit card that you will be using that is why the customer care representative was asking about your credit card.
    No he was telling me he needed another card number??

    You may request to be transferred to a supervisor.
    Now being transferred again x3 ???
    This so frustrating!!!

    You will be transferred to the department who can resolve this issue.
    Nope they are now writing a ticket and some should call me in 24-48hrs?? Now I am saying his phone should not be turn off! I have been trying to get this fixed since March.
    Now this is really getting ridiculous
    I wish I could call the Corp and really speak to the owner
    On the phone for 79 min and still now resolution.

    We do apologize. If you would like to talk to the Corporate Office, please inform the customer service representative that you are speaking right now for you to be transferred to the appropriate department.

    TUE 8:38PM
    ok this is really bothering me All of the tech can not help now in days
    No ONE called and /or Text or email me in regards to the tickets that was developed on the 23 of June when I last spoke with April
    Again I am on the phone and now one nows what to do????
    Do I have to be put through this nightmare??
    This is upsetting I have been with tracfone since 2004 and I feel I should look elsewhere
    All for a simply little plan
    WED 12:03AM

    Hi, DeBorha. I am sorry for this issue. Let me help you. What is the ticket number? ^Jhonally
    Hello Ticket #[protected]

    Your ticket has been closed. I am sorry I cannot assist you with the enrollment process for any credit card transactions must be done through calling our customer service. Please contact one of our customer care representatives at [protected] with reference PIN 800484. Please be informed that the Reference PIN is only valid for two (2) weeks. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
    OK I will call again Still not happy with Tracfone
    I don't know what has happen in this past year?
    It is very disappointing to see so much unattended help with something that I was able to due via internet and now they have even changed the web sight that is not effective to customers
    But I will see Tomm Morning and lets see how this goes
    I wuld hate for the owners to really see how bad this has gotten
    oops would
    Or has tracfone fallen to the bottom of the totem pole? Hmm
    WED 1:22AM

    We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with this issue / with our service. Feedback from our customers is very important to us. We assure you that we will research this issue to prevent it from happening in the future. Thank you for being patient. ^Jhonally

    Hi, DeBorha. How may I assist you? ^Katrina
    I tried again trying to get the number ending in 9075 on the family plan and still not able to even with representatives at [protected] with reference PIN 800484
    We need something done!!!
    Now again they are informing me that we need to create another ticket and that will take 24-48 hrs Hmm That is what we did last week and not no one called me
    I cannot believe this

    I am checking some information here in your account.
    Now I was rudely spoken by a Annand
    and she hung up on me!!!
    Now I am really wanted to write Corp and tell them they need serious help in the Tech dept

    We're sorry for that. Actually, you can only add a new member for the Family Value Plan three days before and three days after your refill.
    Well this is new - And when will this be

    Your next refill will be on 07/11/2017. We're sorry for the miscommunication. They actually tried to enroll the other account, but it didn't work because we can only enroll the account three days before your next refill.
    Honestly I was told it was due to the Bank not receiving the charge WOW See how much the difference is

    We are really sorry for all the wrong information you have received from us.

    End of conversation

    All I need is some help on getting my husband back on the Family Plan
    Thank You
    Mrs Summers

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      Tracfonecustomer service

      It started 6-2-17
      THe port for charging was not working, I called and had to send in my old phone and they sent me a new phone (refurbished 2014 phone)..
      The day I got the phone it did NOT work

      Nearly 3 hours on the phone with (fake) mangers and I got NO connection nor my minutes restored from old phone.
      Called back at least 3-4 times and still got fake managers.
      Getting ID #'s meant NOTHING!!!
      Even the ticket #'s did not show documentation of my calls.
      A supervisor was actually (appearingly) a regular desk phone person.
      NO help.
      Each time I called I was on the phone for over an hour.
      One told me compensation would be given and that I had 2000 minutes. (6/22/17.)
      When I called back on 6/28
      One ID # 545446 Isisha was very rude and had a bad attitude. ID 511007 Scacey (was suppose to be a senior manager standing right next to Issha) also refused to allow me to talk with a person in a higher position -- saying "there is NO one else who can explain the proceedure of me nor to give me the minutes owed me.
      now they could only transferr 1, 824 minutes.
      Reason being no one documentated what I had said from last few calls.
      The 2 Tier people (which I think they were lieing about after they asked me to hold for 3') said that's all I could get.
      I requested, how did they come to the conclusion?
      I got NO answer.

      NO compensation given
      If I could afford a monthly plan I wonder would I get any better service.

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        Tracfonesafelink wireless

        SafeLink continues to advertise "Unlimited plans available." I joined the program in 2009. Over the last 7 years I have used a plan whereby have I received 250 minutes per month, with carryover of unused minutes. I just discovered that last year, without notice of any kind, SafeLink cancelled all plans, including mine. Our new plan limits us to 500 free minutes per month WITH NO CARRYOVER OF MINUTES.

        This sucks. The bureaucrats think they are Godlike and us poor souls deserve only what they are willing to bequeath to us with no say and no contract on which to fall back. Thanks for promising us the moon, Bosses, and then deciding to provide us with a load of moldy green cheese. I wonder what they will decide to change next--after they finish kissing up to all the illegal immigrants.

        My SafeLink service

        Feature Phone
        500 FREE monthly minutes & unlimited texts.
        *Unused minutes will not carryover from month to month.

        My Information

        Lanny Herlan
        Enrollment ID: 3173120
        Email: [protected]


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          I had been several years with Tracfone and it worked OK. Now suddenly I got "No Service" whenever I wanted to make a call (NW DC). I called customer service and they were wonderful, it worked again, that particular day. The next day, the same story "No Service" even when it said Home, it just pretended to ring 3 times (I tried it on my house phone, the call did not go through), called customer service again, same friendly service and it worked again for one day. I had over 600 minutes, wanted to make calls at the pool, no luck at all. Tried to call my friend from the Giant, no luck. My three months service was running out and normally I would have renewed, but I had no service. The reminder that my service would stop was a joke. Of course I won't renew, I'm not stupid.

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            Tracfonecell phone service

            Bought a reconditioned phone and service minutes and tried to activate but nothing happened. Called CS and they were unable or refused to help me. Was on hold a a lot and they did not fix the matter. My service was never activated but they said it was, they lied. So I wanted a refund. Call CS again for a refund and they were unable to help me or they refused to. Sent the phone back anyway, $10.20 for return shipping. Hope I get that refund. Again customer service was a joke and did not help of refused to. Pathetic.

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              Tracfonecheating and lying

              Jun. 20th, 2017 ticket#: [protected]
              My mother came to visit us and it's time to get back to her place abroad. She cannot speak English, we worried that she cannot find the right departure gate after checking in. So I bought a sim card and a plan online with two day shipping. It arrived on time but the sim card is not working. So I talked with an online agent and she told me she will send me another sim card with two day shipping. And confirmed that the sim card will be arrived on Monday Jun. 19th. After the Jun. 19th, I still not receive it, so I contact them again, and chat with an agent named Kris. She told me that my card will be arrived on Thursday. I'm so surprised and very worried. Because my mother will fly back to her country on Thursday. She told me they cannot do anything since the package already in transit. I ask her if the manager could give me a better solution and let me get the card on time, she just repeat that she cannot do anything again and again. She not even give us an apology. I'm so disappointed and if I cannot get the sim card on Wednesday Jun. 21st then I want the money back include sim card and plan fee, and an apology.

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                Tracfoneminutes removed from my phone just prior to adding purchased minutes

                I had wondered about this before. I've used tracfone for over 10 years, same phone number. The last few times I've added minutes (which I do ever 3 months) I thought I should have had more than what I ended up with after I purchased minutes online. But I didn't think to look to see exactly how many minutes I had prior to my purchase so I chalked it up to a bad memory. So this time I looked at my phone to verify the minutes I had just before I clicked "buy" to purchase my 60 minutes. It said I had 435 minutes. I clicked "buy" and within a few seconds my minutes went DOWN to 409 without me using my phone at all! Then it added my 180 minutes (I have triple minutes for life)...but what happened to those 26 minutes I had just BEFORE I clicked buy? Something really doesn't smell right here. I contacted CS via your chat option on your website. It was quite apparent that Phillipp didn't speak much English and kept saying over and over that tracfone doesn't charge for adding minutes or whatever. He wasn't going to help me so I just gave up. Now I'm looking for forums where this has happened to others.

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                  Tracfonecell phone

                  I ordered two phones from Tracfone, when they arrived, I discovered they used different carriers and one worked while the other had no service. When I attempted to resolve this issue with "customer service", it took over four hours and in the end I was told that even though they admitted it was their fault, I had to pay return shipping to get my money back. So on a $30 phone, I have to pay $10 to get my money back on THEIR mistake! This company might be ok to use if everything goes ok but if customer service is ever needed, forget it. The reps were rude, one even told me that I shouldn't buy things on line and that I should go to a local retailer even though the number I used to call him CAME from the "on line" retail service of tracfone! Small claims court charges a $15 min filing fee so I guess they know most ppl wont go that route and they give you no choice.

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                    Tracfone — customer service tracfone

                    I purchased a phone card for a new phone and the clerk activated the phone and transferred my old number to...

                    Tracfonemy phone number was changed without my permission

                    This is a continuation of my complaint dated May 15, 2017. Today I received my second replacement SIM card and, as just as before, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Tech Support to learn that the SIM card they sent me does not work in my phone. I have not been able to use my new cell phone since I purchased it from TracFone! According to Rey, who works in the Technical Support Dept., the SIM card they sent me "is a T-Mobile" not an "AT&T" card. He promised that he will have a SIM card sent to me that will definitely work in my cell phone. That was what I was told when I spoke with Mary, who guaranteed the 'next' SIM would work. Rey verified my address and gave me a ticket number to use when I call back to have my phone activated with the replacement SIM. After we ended the call, I went to the TracFone website to view and verify my account information, as I have done a dozen times since 5/9, when my upgraded (replacement) Alcatel cell phone I purchased from this company did not work with the original SIM card that was installed in it. Not in a million years would I imagine that this situation could get any worse, but it did! I noticed that there was a phone number listed under my account that I did not recognize, and my cell phone number, the one I have been using for ten years, was not listed. It appeared that either this was a mistake on my account, or someone at Tracfone actually changed my cell phone number without my permission! When I saw this problem and called to have this information corrected, I spent a very long time arguing with two employees in two different departments. They admitted that someone (probably the previous customer service rep I spoke with) deactivated my phone and then another rep reactivated it with a different phone number. I told them this was not acceptable. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I requested them to correct their error, I was told there was nothing that could be done and I had to accept and use my new phone number! They said they could not and will not give me my 'old' phone number back, one that I have had for ten years! It is not my fault that the phone I bought for them does not not work; it is not my fault that the replacement SIM cards they have sent me do not work. Why should I be penalized for their mistakes? I have already spent an inordinate amount of time trying to resolve the issues dealing with the wrong SIM cards. Now I am expected to waste even more time changing my cell phone number on all of my personal records, in addition to notifying all of my contacts and having them spend their time changing my cell phone number. So, now I have a cell phone that I cannot use, because they keep sending me the wrong SIM card, and a phone number that is not one that I requested or want! This company and its employees are the worst, by far, than any company I have dealt with during the past 50 years of my life! If by some miracle the next SIM card they send me works in my phone, which I highly doubt, I will use the phone until the end of my 90-day expiration date. I have wasted my money by purchasing this phone, as well as the 1000+ minutes I paid for. I will continue to advise every single person I know and meet to avoid TracFone like the plague!

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                      Tracfoneincompetent customer service and tech support

                      I have had an account with TracFone for several years. My phone was a 2G and I was told it was necessary to upgrade to a 3G phone. I did an online chat with a sales rep and a customer service rep at TracFone After verifying my zip code, I was given a list of 10 different phones to purchase. With their recommendation and assurance that "any 3G phone on this list will work", I placed an order for an Alcatel flip phone, which is similar to my husband's cell phone. Before I received my new phone from TracFone, I went to their website and bought more minutes that added 90 days to my service, in order to keep my phone active. When my new phone arrived, I followed the instructions provided with the phone, inserted the battery and charged it for 5 hours. I went to the website to have my minutes transferred to the new phone and have it activated. However, even after the minutes were transferred and the phone was activated, I was not able to make a phone call. The screen message was either "No Network" or "Emergency Calls Only". I did an online chat with Tech Support and was told the SIM card in the phone they sold to me would not work in my area (zip code) or it would "not work with the tower" near my home. That did not make sense. Why they would sell me a phone with the 'wrong' SIM card? They would not admit they made an error or that I purchased the wrong phone. They would not tell me why my phone would not work. I asked if I could exchange my phone and I was told they would not do that unless the phone was "broken" or "inoperable". Well, to me it was inoperable, simply due to the fact that I could not make or receive phone calls with it. Mary opened a new Ticket and advised me that I would receive a replacement SIM card by Friday, 5/12, and that the replacement SIM card "will definitely work" in my zip code. When I did not receive the card on 5/12, I contacted Ramon, via Chat, and was give the USPS tracking number. Today, 5/15, I received the replacement SIM card. Per the instructions, I called the 800# to have my phone activated with the new SIM in the phone. I spent 45 minutes repeatedly spelling my name, my street address, city, state, and zip code. My 5-letter city is well known State Capital and is very easy to spell and pronounce. However, I had to repeat it several times and hear her tell me that my address "is invalid"! She could not or would not pull up my account to verify my address. And she asked me, "Have you recently moved?" How utterly ridiculous! If I moved, how would I be able to receive the replacement SIM card, as well as the new TracFone they sent to me? After repeating my personal information and the NEW SIM card number a dozen times, I was told that the new SIM card "does not work" in my phone and they will be sending me a replacement SIM card to replace the replacement SIM card I just received. I let her know that I was dissatisfied and extremely upset with their incompetent service. And, of course, I was assured (by Mikaela) that the next SIM card I receive "will work". After reading other complaints similar to mine, I highly doubt the 3rd SIM card will work, if and when I receive it. TracFone Wireless is a farce. Both the Customer Service Dept. and Tech Support Dept. lack qualified and knowledgeable employees. They cannot answer simple questions, provide good customer service and/or technical support. You might save money by going with TracFone, rather than another cell phone company, but the headaches, frustration, lack of phone service, and time spent dealing with this company is just not worth it.

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                        Tracfone — sold sim card and airtime for the area with no coverage

                        I purchased a pre-paid sim card and airtime card on tracfone website on april 26th, 2017. Before purchasing...

                        Tracfonetransferring minutes and phone number

                        I bought an android phone at family dollar store to replace my old flip phone that I accidentally destroyed in the wash! After transferring to the new android phone-everything except some of my minutes, I had a hard time figuring out how to use this phone! Too many applications and things to understand!

                        So I went to walmart and bought another flip phone because this phone is easier to understand! After I tried to transfer phone number and minutes again! I lost 750 minutes, I can't activate my new phone and all I get when I call tracfone is a message saying to call again in 15 minutes! This has been going on for days! Help!!!
                        Android phone bought @ family dollar april 20, 2017! Flip phone replacement bought @ walmart april 24, 2017!
                        Tracfone ticket # [protected]

                        Android serial # [protected]

                        New flip phone serial #[protected] I even tried adding 60 minutes and this phone would not add the minutes.
                        Desirable outcome:return the android phone and get my new phone working with the 60 minutes I just bought with the phone refunded.
                        My landline (Home phone) number: [protected].

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                          • Ha
                            hacksaw55 May 19, 2017

                            My wife just purchased a new phone and we know it works because I have the same one when she transferred the number lost her minutes and data. They say there is no problem she didn't have the minutes but I still have over 4000 minutes and 4G data so I don't know what happened we use the phone about the same amount of time as each other. Feeling very unsatisfied with the switch.


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                          Tracfoneprepaid phone minutes

                          Phone minutes were purchased on 4/13/17 and somehow were consumed by 4/24/17 (while the phone was off and I was on vacation). Customer service gives you the run around and cannot explain what happened. They claim they do not have access to call or texting records. I called customer service and did an online chat. I asked what happened to the minutes purchased on 4/13/17 and they could not provide an answer. I was forced to purchase more minutes on 4/24/17 or not use my phone.

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                            Tracfoneims card bad in new phone - poor customer service

                            We received a new phone around 2/10/17. We called to activate and were told the SIMS card (1) was bad. A week or so later, we got the replacement card (2), and were once again told it was bad. We received another card (3) and once again, bad. We received yet another card (4), and it was the wrong one all together. Well into April at this point, and I requested another card (5). Told it would take 5-7 business days to arrive. Nothing as of 10 days of waiting (excluding holidays and weekends). So, note - waiting for my 5th card and it's been over 2 months. So, I call to verify that it's really coming, of which I really don't get an answer, and then I ask if I can just have a new phone already. I ask to speak to supervision and am put on hold for over 2 hours. After 2 hours and 14 minutes, the representative tells me that I can't have a new phone, only new cards, and her supervisor will only tell me the same thing. I was not told this when I started my long hold time, but only 2 hours later. So, am I out the cost of the phone, in addition to all of the minutes I've lost on my plan? No one wants to do anything except send me a new card over and over. And the last girl (of course, no name given), was quite rude. The phone was only $30 and I'm sure they've spent that on shipping new cards by now. I just want my minutes, data, and texts back and a working phone or a full refund.

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                              Tracfone Wireless Incunlocking department - not helpful and very rude

                              I called Tracphone in November 2016 to have my tracphone unlocked. At that time I was told that I needed to have the phone activated for another 30 days in order to fulfill my 12 month active obligation. I decided to use Tracphone once again instead of my Canadian phone in order to fulfill this obligation and get access to my phone. I activated that phone from Jan 15, 2017 to April 15, 2017...90 days! I called while the phone was active and was told that it was unlocked so I didn't pursue it further. Today, April 20, 2017 I tried to get it unlocked. After being on the phone for over an hour, being transferred from department to department I was put in touch with the Unlocking Department. When I asked to have the phone unlocked they told me that I needed to activate it for another 90 days. I repeated what I was told in November, 2016. They (the reps name was Hiliary) wouldn't listen - basically they kept talking over me and were very rude. This happened twice - the second time I asked to be transferred to a supervisor who refused to give his name...he also just talked over me and then transferred me to a recording. I have used Tracphone for well over 5 years when I am in the United States. I didn't make up the information I was given in November. I activated my phone with the understanding that I would be able to have it unlocked. I have dealt with Comcast, Rogers etc and have never had this type of treatment from them. All I want is for my phone to be unlocked. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

                              Sue Perrier

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