Total Wirelesstw locked my unlocked phone

I needed to switch my phone service to Verizon after buying an iPad. Couldn't add the tablet to my TW account. Only after 4 hours of trying to get it set up on Verizon did the tech figure out TW had locked my previously unlocked phone. Several calls to TW support people, who claimed it happens with Apple phones (BS, says my tech), were required to get an assurance it would be unlocked within 48 hours. Great. No phone service for up to 48 hours when I rely upon it for work.

TW was used for 2 years. I enjoyed reasonable rates, albeit flakey service (phone calls went directly to voice mail when I was outside the state) and tremendously poor customer service. Locking my phone was an underhanded move and I will forever share my story in an attempt to dissuade others from making the same mistake to choose TW as their carrier.

Oct 03, 2019

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