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8:36 pm EDT
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Monday 3/20/23 my phone lost network connection. It's Tuesday 4/4/23 and I STILL don't have network connection. Can't make or receive calls. Can't send or receive texts. I'm with Total Wireless [now Total by Verizon]. I've had them for 5 years with NO problems. NOT one problem. Till 3/20/23. It happened on the day my auto payment for the monthly service was paid. Because my CC and email are linked to get security codes thru my phone - I couldn't check my CC for the payment. SO I PAID IT AGAIN. Now I've paid for 2 months - but have NO service. I'm out $80. I've talked to MANY different customer service reps, ALL in the Philippines, and had a hard time understanding some of them. They all asked the same questions, said the same spill, promised a solution, then asked me for an alternative number so they could call back. Each rep promised a callback within 15 mins or 30 mins. NEVER got a callback. I asked for a manager/supervisor, but was told I couldn't be transferred and that I could only talk with the reps. I was beyond frustrated and at that point - angry. I apologized several times to last rep I spoke to. I found this "Complaints Board" website - 77 recent complaints with 77 UNRESOLVED. I also looked up the Better Business Bureau [BBB] and was angered even more. Almost 1000 "Total" customers have RECENTLY complained to the BBB - ABOUT THE SAME EXACT THING I'M EXPERIENCING. Why is this company STILL in business? I decided to just switch providers. I purchased a SIM card and my son was going to set it up on my phone...BUT NO... "Total" has LOCKED my phone. My phone is only 7 months old. I bought a cheap phone today w/a cheap plan just so I can talk & text to family/friends. Cost $125.00 Now I'm out $205.00 . And also today I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Redmond, US
Sep 04, 2023 5:21 pm EDT
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I agree called to switch a number on another phone. My service was cut off and now my account has disappeared tried to call all the same things. All what deeda1 and you say are true. I even called corporate. I did file a complaint through bbb but I am leasing a phone just have to figure ou bc a new carrier that will take my phone also

, US
Jun 21, 2023 1:52 am EDT

Same exact thing happened to me and I lost my number.

This company should not be in business.

Medley, US
Apr 05, 2023 11:58 am EDT

Hi there Deeda1. Please accept our deepest apology for this experience. We do not want our customers to encounter issues about the service we offer. Don't you worry. We will take further steps to remedy this problem as soon as possible. For further assistance, please chat with us via this link, or call us at [protected]. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. You can also use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611.

Anne Donohue
, US
Aug 14, 2023 3:02 am EDT
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Replying to comment of AlexTrac

"Don't you worry. We will take further steps to remedy this problem."

Your entire response to this insanely frustrating problem (I know how frustrating because the problem Deeda1 describes is almost exactly my own experience with Total by Verizon) was word for word the exact same response you gave to the last review I just read from an angry customer.

Your solution was to send a link to chat with a customer service rep.

How would you possibly think that having an already frustrated customer call the very same customer service department that asked the same questions over and over, without sending instructions via text or call, beyond "turn your phone off, wait a couple of minutes, and then turn it back on" would somehow resolve the problem? Do you realize how patronizing and tone deaf you sound when you say "don't you worry" to someone who has tried that solution over and over, because it's the only 'solution' customer/tech support reps offer?

Stop with the one size fits all scripts. Listen when a customer says, "I tried that 10 times already!" because, I promise you - they're not exaggerating.

If I'm not being fair and you really take steps to resolve the problem, I'd love to know what those steps are. I would think that the volume of terrible reviews and customers switching to other services would make somebody take notice, and maybe even make an effort to provide actual help. Like Deeda1, I've been on the phone with tech support, answering the same things over and over; I've paid for service that I haven't been able to use, and I'm about to switch service.