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9:19 pm EDT

Total Wireless lte voice and mms for iphone 6

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.
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Filed on : August 11 2017

Filed by :
Marc Balentine
22 Lexington Court
Napa CA 94559

Filed against :
Total Wireless
9700 NW 112th Ave
Medley FL [protected]

Complaint Description:
after about 8 hours over several days, Total Wireless was unable to make LTE voice or multimedia texting work on my stock iPhone 6. my phone has never been jailbroken / rooted, and was completely reset when i activated. they had me delete a profile (apn) in settings, then download a new one from a url. once this was done, my service was worse, still no LTE voice or MMS, and the place where that profile could be deleted in settings no longer exists. they then instructed me to wipe the phone completely, at which point iTunes prompted me to associate a number i didn't recognize with my iPhone, and upon doing this my number changed. i had to contact legal under threat to sue for the loss of my ported telephone number, which at first they thought they couldn't retrieve. they said that because my service was activated last month that no refund is a available. not only do they not seem to provide their knowledge base to the representatives they outsource to for technical support, but refuse to accept that they are to blame. they instead point the finger at Apple or Verizon. buffoons. i'm invoicing their corporate office for my time. Reason of review: TOTAL INEPTITUDE. Monetary Loss: $235.

Your Desired Resolution:
i want a refund of my $35 plan, and $200 for the hours spent on the phone with them to no avail.

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4:30 am EDT

Total Wireless $60 top up for 2 lines + 2 sim cards

I was visiting US for 2 weeks in July and needed to have local phone number. I have bought 2 Total Wireless Bring your own phone SIM kits with $60 top up plan for 2 lines. Best Buy sales people informed me that they do not provide any kind of support for these and warned me that Best Buy does not refund those, but they think “it should work with my phone”. When I tried to activate the SIMs, I didn’t succeed as both of my phones “ were not eligible for service”. I have addressed your customer support via chat and they confirmed that phones from abroad are not supported (there is nothing like this written on the package). They asked for my EMEI: [protected] and said that they cannot find this number in their database. I was advised that to get a refund I need to send everything to your headquarters and I will be reimbursed the full amount.

I have sent you:
2 SIM kits: one open, one sealed
1 $60 plan for 2 lines 8GB shared data
Receipt from Best Buy

Tracking number for USPS: 9405503699300069259363 and was delivered on 17th July 2017.

Its been more than 2 weeks and haven't heard back from you. Customer support wasn't helpful as I am not a current customer. You can reach me via e-mail: aida.[protected] or phone: +[protected]

Please advise what is the status of my request.

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10:23 am EDT

Total Wireless $35 1 line/device 30- day plan

I went and bought a card for my Metro phone and it wasn't compatible so I called customer service and they transferred me to the refund department and I explained to them what was wrong and they passed me back and forth 5 or 6 different people and higher than the time that I went and got it and they asked me for my name first and last and they asked me 4 my contact number and my street address and told me I would get my money back and a check form then they told me I needed a copy of the receipt and then they needed the card sent back to them and they didn't help me out at all so I spoke to the supervisor and he did not help me out at all either I just need my money back and need someone to call me back at [protected] and everybody was completely rude and they did not do their job the way they were supposed to if I could get a call back that I can receive my refund and somebody that is willing to help me get what I paid for that would be great

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10:50 am EDT

Total Wireless transfer of phone number to another service

This is a horrible company to do business with - when I called to let them know that I had lost my phone - they said they put that in the notes and that my phone would be deactivated. When I call a few days later after being unable to locate my phone - they said the phone would go on the black list as stolen and it would take 72 hours to remove the phone number from the black list when I wanted to active the number again. I purchased a new phone and called. They said I needed to wait the 72 hours - which I did. I called again to have my number transferred to T-Mobile. They said T-Mobile would have to call to request the transfer. SO off to T-Mobile I went, and they requested. Funny thing - Total wireless wont activate the phone number again unless I pay for another month - Now this happened on april 4th - and I have already paid for service until 04-28-17 (I even have an email from Total Wireless stating so - but unless I pay for another month - they will not activate the number - and there are no refunds - AND as you know - if the number is not active - you can't transfer it -

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10:36 am EDT

Total Wireless customer service

On September 21, '16 I sent my cell phone, which I purchased, to Total Wireless for repair with the underatanding I would have a new phone in 48 hours and I'd be up and running. Six weeks later and 6 calls, and over 3 hours on hold, I don't have a phone, and they new can't find my phone even though I have an RMA number, a Fed-X number showing the unit was delivered and signed for, plus I have the phone number which all the techs I talked to (6 in total I think, and each saying "I'm so sorry for your inconvenience")have used to track the phone to resolve the issue and get my phone back. This past Saturday, I spent 3 hours, mostly on hold, talking with the 7th tech rep, who couldn't find ANY record of my phone, even though I gave them all the above information...the cold wall was hit because I have since found out Total Wireless, on their own, have deactivated my phone, and this after charging for November, (no refunds on service plans) and after agreeing to reimburse me for September when I didn't have access to my account...remember, no phone...So now they have my phone, I purchased it, and they are not giving me the purchase price back because they say they have no record that I returned it. In it's most basic form, Total Wireless has STOLEN my property. Since having this problem, I have gone to a Website that lists all the complaints againt Total Wireless, and after reading complaints for an hour, I was still not even close to the bottom of the page. buyer beware, These people have no Customer Service and are simply Crooks.

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9:46 am EST
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Total Wireless - customer service

Just purchased a cell phone from total wireless. From day one I kept receiving provocative text messeges and spam number. Called total wireless to see what could be done to stop this. Well the first call I made to this company the rep gung up in me, the I called right back and that rep acted like she didn't care and started yawning right over the phone...

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