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Complaints & Reviews

warranty is useless

We purchased a Toshiba 46 inch LCD TV last February. The TV developed black lines down one side that gradually got wider and more of them. We were told to call the repair shop. They picked the TV up and have had it a month because Toshiba will not send them the new control panel to fix it. I was told they might respond to the customer complaint but that they did not respond to the repair shop when inquiring about the part. I called Toshiba and was told to fax them a copy of the reciept and ask them to please send my part to the repair shop. This is unacceptable service as far as I am concerned. They should be compliant with the repair shop and send the part asap.

  • Bo
    BobbyK Sep 26, 2009

    I agree Toshiba's customer service is horrible. Best thing we can do is tell everyone not to but Toshiba. If no one buys Toshiba's products, then they wont have to worry about warrantying their crap products. Everybody wins.

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extended warranty

Purchased Toshiba M105-S3064 laptop for $1085.74 plus 3 year platinum upgrade for $129.99 plus 3 year TAP extended warranty for $369.99, all from CompUSA on 8/11/06. Numerous problems with laptop has required service 5 times First 2 were directly with CompUSA. After CompUSA closed down, found that Assurant had taken over responsibility for warranty. Next 3 repairs were with Assurant. After fifth time, requested and received approval to get replacement computer per warranty. First offer was a reconditioned Gateway valued at $600. Not acceptable. Next was a better but discontinued Toshiba valued at $750. I'm a little leary of another Toshiba after my experience with the first one. Also unsure about how Assurant replacement policy works-seems like they just want to get out with as little cost as possible. Has anyone else encountered similar problem with Assurant?

sold us a defective tv

Sept 17 2008 my tv just stop working. I called conn's (Repair dept.) & was instructed to call toshiba. Called toshiba & set up an appointment. The service agent but the part would be more then a week. I told him that i purchased an extended warranty from conn's & was told by the salesperson at the time of purchase that if we had any problems they would switch out our tv no questions asked. The toshiba agent suggested to call conn's since we paid for this extended warranty. I called conn's on sept 19 & told them what the toshiba agent told me. They said "oh no we don't replace the tv we have to come out at least 3 times & then we will replace it" that's why its better you go through us then toshiba so we can document the service calls. So i placed the service call & was told he would be out on sept 22 between 2 - 4. Juan showed up sometime after 4. This would be the start of many inconsistencies by conn's. Juan (Conn's authorized agent) shows up & i let him know exactly what toshiba's service agent said the problem was. He said no that's not the problem you have a defective pcb the main frame computer of the tv its not rebooting. He said he would place an order for the new part & he should have it in 3 - 5 business days. I called conn's & let them know what juan had told me & asked if i could use a loaner tv because i was also told by the repair dept. That its up to the manager on this. They informed me they did not have any available i was just going to have to wait it out. So on fri 26th i called to find out if the part was in. I was told no. On mon 29th i called no part, & finally tues 30th the part was in. Now mind you i was told by service tech & the warranty dept. That i would hear from them when the part came in. But, who was calling who? I was calling them! I set up the 1st available date which was thurs oct 2. They told me that the service agent would call me between 730 - 9 am & let me know what time to expect him. I did not receive a call & called that morning after 9. The person who answered the phone in the repair depart said the service agent was not answering his phone & he did not know what time he was due out here, but he would keep calling him. Finally around 10:30 i got a call from juan & he said he would be out there between 2 - 4. He arrives at 4 & replaces the pcb board. He puts the board in & takes it out, puts it in & takes it out. Then he closes up the tv & said "this is not working they sent me a defective board" i say how is that possible you just ordered it from the manufacture. He said "it is possible especially with toshiba" i say well that is not good at all. First we get a defective pcb main computer frame when we have only have the tv for 5 months now, & then you order a new one directly from the manufacture & its defective again. I said that does not make me feel good at all. He said "well that's toshiba" i said they send out defective parts, & he said "yeah" he then said he would expedite the new part & call us he has not called! I called conn's on the 2nd of oct. & wanted to speak to a manager because when we purchased this tv we were sold a warranty repair that we paid an extra two hundred & fifty dollars. What has it done for us?!I was told that christina was the manager of this depart & that she was in a meeting. I said could you please leave a message for her to call me back, i was told yes. 30 minutes later i called again & was told the same thing she was in a meeting & she would call me back. I waited. At 5:50 i called & was told by maria that christina was gone for the day. I asked her to let me speak to someone over that depart because that was very unprofessional of christina to leave without returning her messages. Maria put me on hold & then she disconnected me. I tried calling back but only to get a recording stating that the warranty repair depart was closed for the day. On friday morning oct 3. I made an early call to the warranty repair depart & was told that christina was unavailable she was working on commissions. I told the agent i needed to speak to a supervisor. I was sent to ruby (Who said shes the supervisor of that depart) . I explained to ruby my perdicament & as i was talking to ruby she put me on hold twice. Which i thought was very rude, & very unprofessional. She told me that conn's would not replace my tv & that it has nothing to do with them coming out 3 times. She said it depends on the cost, if we start costing them more then the tv's worth they would replace it. Wow! Now that is the 4th answer i have gotten on how the warranty works. Ruby told me she would personally look into this problem & speak to juan & call the parts depart to have them expedite this part for me. She also assured me that christina would be calling me back. I waited half the day fri & did not hear back from juan, ruby or christina. So i called conn's customer service maybe i could get help there. The agent heard me out, & filled out an "esclated complaint form". She said what happens now is that it goes to customer service management & they call you back within 24hrs or christina will call you back. I waited the rest of friday for juan, ruby, christina, & now a customer service manager to call me back. Nothing! On saturday while driving from my sons football game to my daughters track meet. I called customer service again & talked to pat. She looked up my account & said. It looks like they ordered the part & it should be in on the 10th. Wait a minute that is not expediting anything. That is even longer then the first time they ordered the part. I said i want this tv replaced. I do not feel comfortable with the main computer frame not working, & your service agents comment " its known for toshiba to send out defective products" she said she would re - send the email & have someone from customer service management call me. Nothing! Today mon oct 6. 20 days later. I called customer serive again! I was told they would send a second esclation form & i should be expecting a call. Yes you guessed it, no call! I do not know where to turn anymore. This is my first experience with conn's, & i tell you what it will be my last. I will also tell everyone i know about how poor thier customer service is. They could careless about you or following thier own procedures. I will tell them do not buy an extened warranty from conns, it does not do you any good. Can anyone help us, and how can a company continue to sell defective products. I want a new tv!!!

  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    The battery life on the Toshiba A60 is terrible, even from new. The memory and overall computer is very poor. I paid nearly £700 for this laptop a couple of years ago and it has been nothing but trouble, I cannot tell you how much important work I have lost!

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  • Al
    Alicia Foong Dec 24, 2014

    I really upset with the team of technician & service centre of Toshiba KL (ref: Job NO.1412-03119)

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  • Jo
    Joanne Lalla Jun 03, 2016

    My husband and I purchased my mother-in-law her first laptop as a Christmas present, much to our surprise it was not working. Unfortunately she did not let us know and once we found out she was having problems we tried to bring it back since it was only less than 6 weeks old. We found out that she would have to go to the manufacturer to get things settled. We were extremely disappointed because we were told that we should have bought the protection plan, we do have the year warranty protection, but that was not enough. Apparently, office depot wants you to buy the protection plan in encase you happen to purchase a defective computer, makes things easier on their end. We didn't know we needed to buy the protection plan despite being sold a defective product.

    However, despite hearing this information we were met by a RUDE MANAGER named WADE. He wouldn't even listen to my husband voice his complaints, no eye contact and appeared annoyed that we were wasting his time. Finally he said he would have his service "guy" take a look at our computer, but all he did was look at the receipt and told us nothing could be done, they just wanted us to leave the store and so we did very disatisfied. We live so close to this Office Depot and I will never step into this place again. Thanks for making our Christmas present such a disaster to a wonderful mother in law, this is her first experience having her own laptop, and you ruined it.

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bad service

I purchased the Toshiba Satellite Laptop, and since the day of purchase nearly 8 mos ago it has had a...

won't honor their warranty

I just want to advise anyone purchasing a computer from Toshiba. They will look for anything to get out of their warranty.

I purchase the laptop from CompUSA, Anchorage Alaska in 2005.

Within a year, the motherboard died. They claimed there was liquid damage to it, there was not, there was a little surface stain by a speaker.

CompUSA looked at it and they said there was no liquid damage.

CompUSA fixed it.

Then the fan went out. CompUSA fixed that too.

Now the motherboard and the hard drive have died.

Come to find out they are having a lot of problems with the Quosimo's because they are over heating and the warranty on that model is still on. They still will not honor the warranty on it. With CompUSA going out of business, I'm in trouble.

I have been through 2 motherboards, a hard drive and a fan so far.

I will never buy another Tosiba product again and I will always tell anyone who is buying an electronic device to stay away from Toshiba.

I will put a plug in for CompUSA in Alaska. Where Toshiba has failed to honor their word, CompUSA has gone out of their way to fix our laptop. They may never see this but grats to you CompUSA.

  • Ka
    Kamal Agarwal Oct 01, 2008

    You are right, I also experienced worst service experience of Toshiba.

    Here is my experience:-

    Within 3 months of purchasing TOSHIBA Portege M600 Notebook from HCL (under 3 year extended global warranty for which extra money is paid), inner layer of LCD screen broken while doing usual work, without any mishandling.

    When I contacted service centre of TOSHIBA at JAIPUR (HCL Infosystems Ltd), they asked to pay Rs. 26, 000/- towards cost of replacing LCD. I contacted HCL and TOSHIBA, requested for technical investigation of notebook to find the cause of damage (LCD screen may be broken by technical defects also).

    HCL concluded the matter saying " FOC replacement is subject to approval of TOSHIBA". Toshiba concluded the matter saying “mishandling as cause of damage without any technical investigation of notebook". Toshiba is not interested to find out the cause of damage as they seems to be prejudiced.


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  • Ka
    katcom94 Nov 23, 2014

    I also agree,

    I live in Canada, and bought a Toshiba through a local store, which came with a one month in store warranty and a 1 year Toshiba manufactures warranty. The computer within the first month or two, started having software issues so I returned it to the store and they fixed it for me, worked fine after that. Then a month later, I went to turn it on... and nothing.. The toshiba sign came on for about 3 seconds and then everything went black (including the little light that shows its charging)... and then I heard this snapping like wires shorting out. I always keep my computer in a case and I hadn't used it in about a week when I turned it on. So I returned it to the store and they called me back the next day saying I would be better off calling Toshiba and using my warranty. So I did so, and Toshiba said and I quote " Where you purchased the computer in Canada, and it is a US model, unless you have a PO BOX in the states, you can't send it over to us and we can't deem it unfixable until our technicians look at it." So basically they said I was out of luck. So I called the store again and they were willing to replace my Toshiba with a different brand of computer, same quality. I don't see how they can say they have a one year warranty when nothing was stated on the warranty about me not being able to send it to them because I'm in Canada.

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I bought a new Toshiba A200-TH7 in May 2008. I was able to use this computer for 1 week only. The computer went to blue screen and would not start. I drove the computer 1.5 hrs to the repair depot... they didn't even offer to send free courier. Received the computer back and it still did not work. To make a long story short... the computer has been in for repair 2ce, i have used it a total of 1 week and it still does not work. I can not get customer service to call me back... I call technical every day as they are the ones to initiate customer service. It has been 3 weeks with no call back. I beg of people do not buy a Toshiba... they are lemons and they do not care about the customer or product. I feel so strongly about this I will spend my whole day trying to get the message out on every web site I can.

  • Le
    Lee Scott Aug 29, 2008

    You may have model that has a quirk that mine has - all you have to do is remove the battery and then reinsert it. That may fix the problem. It has only happened twice since I bought my Toshiba Satellite laptop - Circuit City knew about it and showed me how to do the battery thing right in their store.

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  • To
    Toshiba BOYCOTT Apr 17, 2009

    I completely agree!! I just hung up with the Customer Relations Department and am so angry, I told her I was going to boycott Toshiba for their inability to take care of their customers and she didn't even care! I bought a Toshiba Satelite April of 2008. Within 2 weeks, the keyboard was trashed. The letters were literally falling off! I am a business owner and do not abuse what I work hard for. By July, it would not even turn on. I called customer service and explained the problem. That took an hour because the customer service is outsourced to India. I have nothing against any country or race. However, I believe that when there is a customer service issue and they are dealing with the US, they should speak and understand English VERY WELL. Well my agent did not understand me. He would read something, respond by asking me a question, I would explain again, IT WON'T TURN ON! and he would read and ask a question that had nothing to do with what I said! This went on for an hour. I finally hung up, called back and got the same problem. Being extremely irritated, I asked to speak with someone in the U.S.. Make note that I was also transfered many times to wrong departments only to explain my simple but major issue over and over. I was finally connected to the U.S. and within 10 minutes an a Fed Ex number to ship it back for repair. Simple right? NO! I waited 3 weeks to get it back and it still did not work. They obviously did not even attempt to fix it and didn't even turn it on! I had to go throught he process again. Waited another 3 weeks. This time, they replaced the AC Adapter, Keyboard and System Board. The System Board alone would have cost $450. I'm thinking everything is fine. NO again! I tried to turn it on this morning and same problem. It will not turn on. I call, go through India not understanding again. When I finally get the US on the line, they tell me that my warranty has expired, which I knew, and that I would have to pay to fix it since it has been almost a year. I understand the warranty has expired and didn't expect them to do anything under that. However, when you replace an engine in your car and drive it off the lot, you have a warranty on your parts and labor for a time period. If if goes out in a few months, they are going to take care of you. NOT TOSHIBA! She said she didn't know if they even used new parts and wouldn't tell me. She said I had 30 days to send it back. I am so angry. I will never buy another Toshiba. I have 4 Acer computers in my office and one of them is 5 years old. I have NEVER had one issue in 5 years with any of them. Do not buy and make sure you tell your friends and family not to invest in this horrible company. They will not stand behind their product and they could care less if you are unhappy about it!

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  • Ji
    jim To Dec 29, 2010

    Toshiba products suck. I base this on a fairly new dvd player which the door wont open to insert a dvd. Spread the word: don't buy Toshiba, or you'll be sorry.

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  • Al
    Alami Dec 05, 2012

    I too completely agree that Toshiba laptops are crap. The touchpad on my Toshiba Satellite C870 has just stopped working, and the damn thing is 5 months old and hardly used in that time. I am not looking forward to calling up Toshiba customer support tomorrow morning, given the story above and several others on the web. And yes removing the battery and reinserting it was one of the first things I tried, to no avail. To whoever reads this, learn from our errors and avoid Toshiba las you would an AIDS infected, plague-ridden, rabid, axe-wielding maniac.

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bad service

February 4, 2006 my husband and I went to the Best Buy store in Sherman, Texas, and purchased a 62 Toshiba...

meter billing department

I received a counter notification from need help filling meters online my dealer was not able to support me so I called the corporate office which were very happy to help me.

My dealer sucks

did n't give toshiba cd

Most new Notebooks do not come with setup disks. Generally there is a partition on the Hard Drive which contains the setup files, and allows you do to a recovery/restore. With the Toshiba models, try this if you want to create your own set of disks:
Start - All Programs - Recovery Disc Creator
(there may be an icon for this on your desktop)
the Manual that comes with the Notebook should also give you some information about this process, and is probably supplied as a pdf file, have a look for a Toshiba folder in 'All Programs'.
Good Luck!

  • Os
    Osama Jul 23, 2008

    this model is not coming with operating system, so there is no cd with the laptop

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  • As
    Asit Aug 08, 2008

    I purchased one of these in Doha 2 days ago after lots of research on the product.

    Toshiba clearly mentions that it is a Notebook without ANY OPERATING SYSTEM - and that is true. Even DOS of any type is not loaded. The HDD comes totally empty for the client to do as he / she may like to do.

    Since there is no bundled operating system or any software with this notebook, Toshiba does not provide any Recovery CD or DVD (How can they if they are not giving any Op system ????).

    The price in Middle East is almost US$100 than in USA. But no option - I wud like to buy where I can walk in in case of a problem.

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  • Se
    secret334 Aug 31, 2008

    To the compliant,

    For additional information of your purchased notebook visit this link
    It will help you out the full details of your notebook, however, it states that the notebook has no bundle OEM Operating System, which means their are no CD's included.

    If your planning to deploy Windows XP in your notebook, just click on this link to download all the needed drivers in your system

    for Windows Vista 32Bit here's the link

    Hope I'll enlightening your mind. Goodluck! Enjoy in your new notebook.

    Mike of Alkhobar

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  • Aa
    Aaron Sep 02, 2008

    I purchase a Toshiba L300 | L300d Series With window Vister.
    I didnt Create a Recory CD and the Laptop is not starting up now. How can i get the Recory CD for my Laptop? I beleave if i could have a CD my Machine will start Up.

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  • Mo
    mohammad Sep 28, 2008

    I purchase a Toshiba L300 | L300d Series With window vista home primum I didnt Create a Recory CD and the Laptop is not starting up now. How can i get the Recovery CD for my Laptop? now my machine not working so what i can do??

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  • Ak
    AKRM Nov 04, 2008


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  • Pr
    presley Feb 12, 2009

    I purchase a Toshiba Satellite L300 notebook without any recovery cd in it.

    I want to downgrade to XP Pro. However, I do not know how I will do it.
    Please, send me the possible and correct procedure to downgrade from MS Vista to MS XP Pro.


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  • Re
    renjithraj Feb 15, 2011

    my laptop sreen showing half portion blinking everytime

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dvd manufacturing defects

My Name :-Lydia Riad
I bought lap top Toshiba Satellite L40-14X
and when i put my notebook in my bag, DVD opened without pushing on button so it broke.
and i went to Toshiba to Repair notebook, they refused to repair it .
so i want to repair it because it's not matter of me.
so please replay me as soon as possible.
and reply to Toshiba in Egypt to repair it without any cost.
and thanks a lot for your good product and your effort with me.

picture problem

I purchased a Toshiba 40RF350U LCD HD TV from American Electronics in Peoria, IL Dec. 20th 2007. I got the TV home and noticed after it was up to operating temp. the upper right hand corner was lighter in fact it looked like a small flood lamp shinning down at a 45 degree angle. I took the TV back the following day and they gave me another one. When I got it home it did the same thing. I called American and they said come back in and let's look at another brand with the thin bezel. It had the same problem. I thought I could get use to it but I can't. I called Toshiba customer service on May 22nd and got no help. In fact I was treated rudly. I went to American on Friday the 23rd and talked with the salesman. We looked at the floor model and it does the same thing. American said they can not do anything until Toshiba authorizes it. I E-mailed Toshiba and explained everything over again. They did not respond. I called Toshiba Today May 29th. They said they contacted the American salesman and he told them what the floor model was doing. They also told me this is normal for this model. I said this is not right I have three other LCD TV's and they don't do this. I also said I would pay the differance to up grade to this years model it does not have this problem. They must have fixed it! They said it's to bad I would have to live with it. I don't want to live with it. I want it fixed. This is a problem on all of their sets with the thin bezel from last year. Help!!!

  • Pa
    Paul Howdeshell Aug 23, 2008

    Yeah Toshiba got my last dollar and that of everyone I will tell about my experience. My tv looked like it had a picture frame around the outside of the screen that was lighter than the rest of the screen. Then when turned on, only half of it lighted up. The authorized service people kidnapped it and then after two weeks when I called, said they where waiting for parts, the next person I talked to said they were waiting on authorization to order the parts but that the parts needed were on back order. So two weeks later this dimwit calls to tell me in another two weeks they will dedide what to do with my tv. I asked to speak to someone above him and I get "Patrick" this guy would make a good prison guard. He has no people skills. He dismissed my questions and basically tells me to f off! I still dont have a tv and to tell the truth I would rather have my money back, I dont trust them at this point and the tv is only 6months old so what happens next time it takes a dump? I just want my money back.

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  • Kb
    KBCOLE Nov 27, 2010

    I’m a fan of Toshiba products, but was also disappointed with the problems that surfaced with my LCD. I bought the 40RF350U expecting the same great quality I’ve received in other Toshiba products, including my laptop, and heard nothing but great reviews on Toshiba’s customer service and reliability. Then my unit experienced the same defects described by other posts:
    1) ½ of the screen flickered out and became sporatic
    2) a 4 inch margin on one side of the screen that altered the viewing
    My LCD screen became unusable – of course I was most upset! I contacted Toshiba and at first was told there was no known defects, and no resolution offered. So I researched the problem and found these other post with the same issues. I took 30+ photos of my LCD. Contacting Toshiba’s customer service again, I was able to get a hold of the correct person and submitted the photos of the malfunctioned screen.
    The end result was Toshiba stood by their quality and repaired my LCD. The panel was fixed and resolved all issues, and the image looks even crisper than before. Submitting documentation and photos of my defective unit was the key to getting a fix.
    I was amazed by Toshiba’s customer service to listen and aid in fixing their LCD panel. Toshiba proved their quality and reliability. Although it was a hassle and inconvenient, the experience showed me Toshiba is an outstanding company with great quality and customer service. Afterwards, a customer service manager even called for a final check on my satisfaction. Toshiba is still excellent and I will continue buying their quality products.

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  • Ha
    HADLEY C. Jan 31, 2011

    If this isn't some type of burn in, what is it? I bought a Toshiba Regza 42RV530U 42" LCD TV on 8/15/08. Here lately, and
    getting worse weekly, I have what looks like a dark smudge. It begins in the upper middle of the screen and comes down in a
    circular direction and around the 9 o'clock position, starts to head towards the 3 o'clock position as if it is making some type of
    circle. I would guess there is no more than 5, 000 hours on this tv. An example told me as to the life of these LCD'S was, you
    could keep them on 24/7 and they would last at least 10 yrs. Any ideas? Any fix? I have had great luck with Toshiba products
    in the past and is the main reason I bought this one. I knew going in that these tv's wouldn't last as long as all my old picture
    tubes (20-30yrs) but certainly expect more than 2 1/2 yrs. Say at least 10. Looking at LG or Samsung LED's if this one is shot.
    Thank- you for letting me vent.
    HADLEY 1/30/11

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  • Sa
    sarahrbc Mar 29, 2011

    We have had this TV since January 2008 which we purchased at A&B TV in Austin, Texas. After a year the LCD display started giving us problems. About 1/4 of the screen on the left had a line through it and was lighter than the rest of the screen. A few months later the same thing happened on the right side of the screen. A few months later the left half of the display would flicker for about 5-10 minutes when the TV was first turned on, then the picture would come in again, but still with the lines on the right and left side. Lately the TV when first turned on displays vertical lines all on the left side of the screen (see photo). For a few weeks it would eventually go away, but as of yesterday it appears that the lines will not go away at all and we cannot watch TV. We have asked every electronic service person who has come to the house if it can be fixed, and nobody has been able to help. We called Toshiba not too long ago and was told that there were no known issues.

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  • Ru
    RustyNuckles Mar 27, 2015

    I was given a Toshiba 40rf350u (2007 model) i is now 2015 that has the colored bars on the left hand side of the tv.
    Sometimes it shows up when the tv is first turned on (cold weather) then goes away 15 minuets later never to return during that power cycle.
    Other times it shows up 30 minuets after the tv is turned on in the same area as smudged color bars or just a black area and does not go away but when I "flex" the left hand side of the tv it goes away during that power cycle.
    It used to have a 2 inch area running down the left hand side of the screen next to the bezel that was brighter than the rest of the screen ( only visible on bright commercials )but since I started bending the screen to get rid of the color bars that also has gone away!

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problem not resolved in five months (service very bad)

My toshiba photocopy mahine is having problem from jan 2008, but still its not resolved.

please don’t buy any Toshiba electronics in uae because service is not good.

  • Va
    vadivel Aug 30, 2009

    pls check first your machine is under warranty or AMC period

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  • Ss
    s.s khan Feb 12, 2011

    i want catalog of 4560 for progam setting

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terrible customer service!

I bought this laptop toshiba m35x series. Got crashed 5 times in 3 years.Got hard drive replaced about a month ago. Now the warranty is over. System is down again,with a error message windows file missing.Got customer care which charged me 35 dollars to help me guide on phone to reinstall recovery cd. I agreed, but installation process failed in the fist step. Now I was told to take the computer to authorized dealer. They still charged me without giving me even the diagnosis. I am calling them for the last two days to refund me my money, each time I am put on hold for 35-45 minutes to talk to the case manager, but always get disconnected. Very bad experience with customer care especially when it comes to get the refund back.

  • Ma
    Martha Mar 11, 2009

    Got a toshiba laptop last Dec. Hard Drive crashed 3 times. Now again and it is out of warranty! They refuse to do anything about it even though it has been an ongoing problem since we got it!!! Never again will I buy from this company. They keep saying it was from going on internet????? It was in for service so much we never used it!!! Had the hard drive replaced again 3 months ago, did not go on it but maybe once, booted it up yesterday and guess what? you betcha, crashed again.

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  • Na
    Nathan B Jan 26, 2010

    I just bought a P505-S8980 and had it for 15 before my harddrive crashed. I am in Iraq right now, so i had to send it to IL to a family member she REC it and the comp looked brand new as it was. She sent it to them and they REC it cracked, they are saying it is my fault that its cracked. They will not release the laptop back to me either saying i need to replace the cracked case. Even though it happened when they sent the box to my family. They gave me a number to the Depot were the comp is supposed to be at but no one picks up the phone. I waited on hold for 45 mins, mom waitied for 60 and my wife waitied on hold for 85, went to voice mail for both mom and wife and says leave a # and we will call you back that was over a week ago and noting. The customer service says that the depot needs to talk to me but they cant call me as i am in Iraq and the # they tell me to call keeps me on hold for 45+ mins. I filed a complaint with the BBB, hoping they can solve the issue. I dont know what to do but never again will i buy Toshiba, and they wont give money back because the comp has been over seas. Yet they sell them here at the BX/PX/NEX...If anyone can help please let me know.

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toshiba computers disregards lemon product issues

The clock has never kept time properly. In June 2007 I suffered a randomly generated BIOS password that...


I bought a Toshiba p35 S629 in 2005. Toshiba wouldn't honor the 1 year warranty as a previous buyer had buyer's remorse and returned it to the store, even though it stated on my receipt that I had a 1 year warranty. Because of this I was denied a full 1 year warranty and denied the option to buy an extended warranty. At 10 months to the day that the warranty ran out, the inverter went out on my LCD. Toshiba did fix it for me. 10 months later, the LCD developed vertical lines on it. After much arguing with Toshiba they agreed to fix it, stating that they've had no complaints with vertical lines on their LCD's (ha!) 5 and 1/2 months later, the LCD went out again. After 2 months arguing with Toshiba they fixed it again, still denied that there were any complaints regarding their LCD's. Now, 1 and 1/2 months went by and the LCD is messed up again... same problem. This is the 4th (counting the original LCD) that this computer has had on it!. I do not taken this computer out anywhere since the first time it messed up as I bought it as a desktop replacement. I was playing Scrabble this last time it messed up. Toshiba once again denied that they have had complaints about their LCD's. Other problems that I complained about to Toshiba were the DVD not recognizing media, severe overheating and fully charged battery lasting only 10 minutes max. They cleaned the heat sync once, but never would fix any other problems. My faith in Toshiba is lower than ZERO right about now.

  • Do
    Doug Barnett Dec 16, 2007

    I couldn't agree more. I have a Toshiba P35-S6292 and have vertical lines all over my screen. I need to clean the cooling system all the time to prevent overheating. The fans make so much noise that my family complains when I use the computer in the family room. You can't use the computer anywhere but on a hard surface, the fans are on the bottom and if you wanted to place the laptop on your lap, it quickly overheats. The battery never lasted an hour, and a year later, the battery lasts about 15 minutes. And finally, Toshiba will not allow an upgrade path in Operating Systems. They refuse to create drivers for the video card, and BTW, they make previous agreements with the video card makers to forbid them from creating drivers for the video cards in the Toshiba machines. So if you do upgrade to say Vista, you will have never ending issues with the video card. I knew when I bought the machine that Toshiba had a history of poor customer support, but I'm semi geeky and typically can fix anything on a computer without manufacturer's support, but I am truly disappointed in the overall quality of this product. The one and only reason I still deal with this laptop is the audio system. It has hands down the best speaker system on a laptop I've ever heard. In fact, the sound system is the primary reason I bought the machine in the first place. You hear that other laptop manufacturers? Copy the Harman Kardon system in this model of the Toshiba and I’ll be knocking on your door.

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  • Co
    c. olsen Dec 16, 2007

    I agree with you Doug. The sound system is about the only thing that still works great...and it is the best I've heard on ANY laptop. I wonder if Toshiba has exclusive rights to the laptop Harman Kardon system?

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  • Ch
    ChristopherComputer Apr 17, 2008

    I have the toshiba p35 and have had nothing but problems from the start...My lcd screen is shot and I am looking for a replacement screen. Anyone want to part out their dead p35.

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  • Wa
    wayne Jul 04, 2008

    I think I can top everyone with my maintenance sagas with the S629> All I can say is thank God I got the extended warranty, I have this machine since November 2004. Since then, I've had the display replaced 3 times, the hard drive twce, and dvd twice. The last time I sent this thing back, the geeks felt sorry for me and rebuilt the motherborad> I now have dual core processors and with the already fast 3.4ghz processor, they brought this laptop into the 21th century. I'm having problems with the diaplay again but now since the motherboard upgrade, I used as a desktop replacement and have another monitor hook up to it. And I do have to angree the sound system on this best. It hasn't cost me any money to have any of this done but I'll will stay away from Toshiba in the future.

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  • Em
    Emerson Feb 11, 2009

    LCD down . Speakers down . over heats. I have had it worked on more times that I can count. Think before you buy Toshiba anything. They were a great company at one point in time, but have failed in the last 4 years. Tadashi Okamura give me a call!

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  • Ta
    tandmsimmons Mar 07, 2009

    The P35 S6292 is a great computer when it works however the fans are very loud, the computer over heats very easily, the battery life is so short the lap top is useless unless you have it pluged in and I've had to replace the LCD. I will not buy Toshiba Laptops any more. Since buying the Toshiba I have purchased an HP it is very good excepting a hard drive failure, an Avertech it is a piece of junk, and a Dell so far it is very good.

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  • Ch
    ChristopherComputer Jul 15, 2009

    I have the Toshiba P-35 S6292 and like everyone else, have nothing but trouble with it. If Toshiba was a decent company, they would be honorable and tell everyone with this model that they will receive a free laptop that does not have this ENGINEERING FLAW. Toshiba, YOU KNOW VERY WELL that there is a problem with this model. Why act like there is noting wrong, because when you do this YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOOMERS that any business would try to keep! Someone with the authority, or should I say a decision maker, should grab the bull by the horns and do something good for us poor working people that have a piece of junk that we thought would be a decent working computer! Mine is shot, with just half the screen working, with the rest of it covered in lines or just black...Of course, this happened after the one year ran out and when I called, Toshiba provided their standard answer...oh, I am sorry but there is nothing we can do about that...SOMEONE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Toshiba and their defective product. This is America and for Toshiba to sell a product that is KNOWN not to work properly, is just plain illegal. SHAME ON YOU TOSHIBA! I will NEVER buy a Toshiba product as long as I live, and will continue to warn all of my customers to stay way clear of anything Toshiba, as they will be wasting their money...Chris

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  • Ay
    ayeseauracer Aug 24, 2009

    MY bother bought a toshiba and one week after year warranty was over the computer shuts down because of over heating, he called thinking they might honor their product and fix it ! insted they wanted $450.00 for repairs! I'm glad I bought this ACER ! so now he's byeing a sony! he was a diehard toshiba fan tell they slapped him in the face so to speak !makes me sick to see him spend that kind of money on pc and one year later it's lays in the corner!and while I'm typing toshibas running advertisements!

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won't honor their warranty

I just want to advise anyone purchasing a computer from Toshiba. They will look for anything to get out of their warranty.

I purchase the laptop from CompUSA, Anchorage Alaska in 2005.

Within a year, the motherboard died. They claimed there was liquid damage to it, there was not, there was a little surface stain by a speaker.

CompUSA looked at it and they said there was no liquid damage.

CompUSA fixed it.

Then the fan went out. CompUSA fixed that too.

Now the motherboard and the hard drive have died.

Come to find out they are having a lot of problems with the Quosimo's because they are over heating and the warranty on that model is still on. They still will not honor the warranty on it. With CompUSA going out of business, I'm in trouble.

I have been through 2 motherboards, a hard drive and a fan so far.

I will never buy another Toshiba product again and I will always tell anyone who is buying an electronic device to stay away from Toshiba.

I will put a plug in for CompUSA in Alaska. Where Toshiba has failed to honor their word, CompUSA has gone out of their way to fix our laptop. They may never see this but grats to you CompUSA.

  • Bu
    buddyb5585 Dec 07, 2010

    I have the same problem with my Toshiba laptop (only 5 months old) Because the little white spacer is missing ofnone of the usb ports they will not fix my dead laptop. Might I add three weeks after I bought the laptop the white spacer came out when I unplugged a usb mouse.
    Just read post on the net, Toshiba will so or say anything to get out of fixing thier garbage. BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Ma
    Mark F Mar 16, 2011

    I just want to advise anyone purchasing a computer from Toshiba. They will look for anything to get out of their warranty.

    I purchase the laptop from CompUSA, Anchorage Alaska in 2005. Within a year, the motherboard died. They claimed there was liquid damage to it, there was not, there was a little surface stain by a speaker.

    CompUSA looked at it and they said there was no liquid damage. CompUSA fixed it. Then the fan went out. CompUSA fixed that too. Now the motherboard and the hard drive have died. Come to find out they are having a lot of problems with the Quosimo's because they are over heating and the warranty on that model is still on. They still will not honor the warranty on it. With CompUSA going out of business, I'm in trouble.

    I have been through 2 motherboards, a hard drive and a fan so far.

    I will never buy another Tosiba product again and I will always tell anyone who is buying an electronic device to stay away from Toshiba. I will put a plug in for CompUSA in Alaska. Where Toshiba has failed to honor their word, CompUSA has gone out of their way to fix our laptop. They may never see this but grats to you CompUSA.

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it's a lemon

Toshiba has been terrible in terms of customer support. I bought a new computer this Spring (2007) and it has caused me problems since Wk 1. Unfortunately, I didn't take it back to Office Depot during the first 2 weeks. Office Depot's policy is that they only take back their products during the first 2 weeks. When I have contacted Toshiba, they either put me on a long hold or never get back with me (I get a recording to leave my phone number but they don't call back). Initially, when I called them, they took my calls but I guess they got tired of giving me new case numbers for each time I called. My computer has frozen on me since I got it. I asked them to provide me with a new computer since I paid the price of a new computer. However, they initially said that they, as a company, DO NOT replace computers, they only repair them. I don't understand this given that my computer has frozen on me and has been a lemon since Week 1. Does anyone have suggestions? I have recently had to purchase a new computer through another company. This situation with Toshiba has been extremely costly, not to mention taken a lot of my time and caused significant frustration. In addition, it has frozen on me multiple times while I was working on my dissertation or other important documents that had deadlines. Thus, I have had to re-do documents that I was in the middle of completing. I need assistance. I want my money back!

The computer was a lemon from the beginning. Since Toshiba is not willing to replace my "newly" purchased laptop, I am very unhappy. I deserve a new computer...not a repaired computer - I have had to buy a new computer through another company.

  • Ke
    Kevin Burkley Apr 23, 2008

    Purchased a Toshiba laptop for my brother from Circuit city in Dec 2007. Nothing but problems. The camera and the cd drive do not work. Circuit City and Toshiba have not been able to repair it. It has been at their repair center 4 times since December. It is April 2008. Toshiba will not replace it. They DO NOT replace computers only repair them but they do take your money. Would never consider buying a Toshiba again. This has been a horrible lesson to learn and so much time wasted.

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  • Dr
    dr. Nayel sobhi May 15, 2008

    hi, i have bought a cleaner toshiba 1600 watt, 2 years ago, the plastic coductor and the ground cleaning piece is very bad quality, it was teared several times, i have inform toshia elaraby - gzerh badran, and have bought these two parts up till now 4 times the last one was 2 monthes ago and it become teared again, is it logic that a company like toshiba accept that, iam regretting buying this product, please i don, t know what to know, if you aacept that, i will not worry, my phone is 0102635552

    0 Votes
  • Lu
    Luis Jul 22, 2008

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A135 laptop--a paper weight for the past 14 months! Three months after I purchased it, the ethernet card, which allows you to connect to the internet, quit working. I called their customer service center and was referred to a local authorized repair center. They kept it for one month, telling me that the part was back-ordered every time I would call them. When I finally got it back, the paper weight, I mean the laptop, did not work. I called Toshiba's customer service again. After waiting about 40 minutes, normally the waiting time to get a human on the line, the young fellow put me through the motions of removing and reinstalling software. After spending more than 30 minutes with him on the phone, the problem had not been resolved. I called a second time and the young man who took my call, wanted to put me through the same routine as the previous young man had done before. I refused to do it, so I told him that I was just going to put the piece of s--it as a paper weight. During the time the Toshiba has been out of commission, I've purchased a Compaq and have been very happy with its performance. Toshiba products are off my radar for as long as I live. Never will I buy another product from this manufacturer, nor will I recommended to anyone. Thanks for letting me post my bad experience with a Toshiba product.

    0 Votes
  • De
    Debbie Nov 04, 2008

    Purchased a Toshiba satellite laptop for my daughter and it has been a lemon from day 1. It stayed IN the shop more than out and that was 2 years ago and is not functioning as we speak! I tried to locate an AMERICAN location that speaks ENGLISH in the UNITED STATES without any success. I, too, demanded my money back with NO success. I will NEVER buy Toshita...I mean Toshiba...again! I have a SONY VAIO and it is almost 5 years old and still working! If you see a Toshiba...RUN...regardless of the price. They are a piece of crap and their customer service is even worse.

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worst after sales service!

I have bought Toshiba Neutron 3 years back , from second year it had problem of on and off. Now suddenly its dead on 13th Sept 07 , Toshiba don't have its service center its with Videocon we called them thrice and the person comes after 3 days , he is usable to fix the problem and says that they don't have the part they have ordered for the same, After a week we called the customer care and ask about the person they said he has not reported to them, after two day the person comes and same story no part available, and ask us to get the TV to service center, next day 28th Sept 07 we took it to service center [complaint no.4494] till now 15th Oct 07 the part is still now available with them. Its more than a month we are after these service center people and they haven't taken care of the complaint till now.
Its a worst service one could get for a product he believed in.

new but broken

I purchased my new Toshiba 50HP66 50 inch plasma TV online on August 2, 2007. It arrived on August 7. The TV will power up and show a picture for about 3 minutes, then the picture disappears - sound continues for another 2 minutes then the whole TV clicks off. This is a brand new tv, (not refurbished)
August 8. I phoned Toshiba, they gave me the phone number of my local service center - I called the local service center but they would not come to my house without a special mileage authorization from Toshiba - they told ME to call toshiba back and get the authorization. SO I called toshiba, they looked up the addresses for me and the service center - they said "it's only 15 miles, we don't pay special mileage - we'll call you back" August 9, I phoned Toshiba for an up date -they said "it's only been one day, we will call you when we know something" August 10, Toshiba phoned and gave me the number of another service center 70 miles away - told me to call for in-my-house repair - called them, and was told that August 16 was the first appointment for a service tech.

August 16 a tech showed up and opened the TV. He couldn't see anything loose, so he phoned Toshiba support. Toshiba said it's probably the scaler board, or the power supply - the tech said he would order both, but it would take two weeks!

August 30 (two weeks later) I phoned the service center to get a status - they said one of the parts is on back order - if I called back in a day he would tell me the scheduled back-order ship date
September 4 phoned the service center - they say the parts are scheduled to come off back order on September 7. I then phoned Toshiba and complained - I told them that I'm pretty unhappy with this experience - I've purchased this brand new TV, my kids and wife are excited, we've spent a TON of money, and here it is 30 days, and my brand new TV is still broken! Please help me! They said they would call the service center, find out which parts are needed, and they will "try to expedite" the parts. - They're supposed to call me back in the next "two to three days" gimme a break!

Could have gotten several other brands cheaper than this TOSHIBA - bought it for the "Better brand name" what a joke! Slow service and no satisfaction yet for 30 days!!!

horrible tech line!

Toshiba Laptop. I have been on hold now for 32 minutes with Toshiba trying to resolve a complaint about my...

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