Toshiba Satellite A135 S4417horrible tech line!


Toshiba Laptop. I have been on hold now for 32 minutes with Toshiba trying to resolve a complaint about my new laptop that has a worthless battery life of about 1.5 hours. I would just like to return it and buy something that doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time. If I wanted to be plugged in all the time I would have purchased a desk top computer.


  • Za
    zaza Sep 17, 2007

    dovnload A135-S4417

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  • Ki
    kia ryan Oct 03, 2007

    I know how you feel i hve now been on hold for 40 mins regarding my lap top which i bought new from toshiba last month.. the hard drive has died on it already.. I finally spoke to customers services whpo then said they culd send me instructions via email.... when i asked how i would access this email without a lap top it was suggested to me I should purchase another to do so and use while mine was in repair...( are they mental.. i mean do they take classes to get this ###ed???) After speaking to the supervisor it was arranged that my lap top would be picked up for repair . when i asked when i was told.. " well maybe tomorrow or the day after or even upto 3 week.. infact if you dont hear from us by middle of next week ide call to remind us about it" ( are these guys for real???) as soon as i mentioned i wanted to make a formal complaint everything was sorted real fast its now being picked up monday and will be reurned within 5-7 working days... yet they still cant put me through to a complain dept as they DO NOT HAVE ONE !!! they also claim not to have a replacement policy so if your lap tops beyond repair your screwed if anyone can enlightn me on the address for this fictional complaints dept ide be very very grateful.. thanks .

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  • Jo
    John Stanley Dec 11, 2007

    I also experienced the same results with my laptop problems. There is no Toshiba complaint department. I was transferred to customer service on three seperate occassions and left on hold for an hour each time, only to finally hear a recorded message to call back when there is less call volume and then they hang up. So if anyone can enlightn me on a valid phone # or e-mail address for this fictional Toshiba complaints dept. I would also be grateful.. thanks!

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  • Kd
    K Davis Jan 05, 2008

    I purchased this computer after having previously owned a Dell. BIG MISTAKE!!! The spacebar sticks making words appear to run together, it's slow as hell, and it will often click on items automatically. It's a pieceof junk and I'm sorry I every purchased it.

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  • Jo
    Joe Feb 10, 2008

    In a nutshell, I would never waste my money on anything Toshiba makes. It's the biggest waste of money anyone could make. Customer support that dosen't know what customer service means.

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  • El
    El Gon Mar 12, 2008

    Does anyone know how to contact Toshiba via email when you have a defective laptop with a black screen on, falling buttons, and bad battery (2 yrs. old), and no way to use it. I have tried for days to just send an email, get tech support, and so far I have only talked to various countries that are AFRAID of Toshiba main quarters firing them if they as much as help me a little bit without a warranty -- I think that is what they were saying, of course, the English was so bad I spend hrs. trying to get them to explain to me.

    Bottom line, is there a trick to get Toshiba to accept a tech support call, email and a complaint, do they care? They should NOT be allowed to sell in the US if there is no customer satisfaction or service.


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  • El
    El Gon Mar 12, 2008

    A suggestion is for all of us to contact a consumer complaint hotline and ask for results. If Toshiba can be told this, it would change their way of treating buying customers this way.

    I am sorry you guys are experiencing this bad service, my field is in Quality Cust. Serv and this is ridiculous that a company is allowed to get away with this.

    I am doing my part, I am complaining, you should to the same. Contact your local state attorney they have the ph numbers of the proper authorities.


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  • Br
    brandyessence Jul 22, 2008

    Hi. I am looking for an attorney on this case with toshiba. I bought a laptop for almost 3000 dollars-satellite on june 19, 2008-their customer service was horrifying-i was finally sent another and now that is a fire hazard-they refuse to give me access to someone higher up and customer service is in cahoots with them-even hanging up on me and telling me i was harassing-as if i would even call them if i did not have this 3000 problem with them-i have missed countless days of work-they have not done their job at every junction-doing the wrong address, not doing the express card for mailing..even though they told me when i contacted them over and over they would and that their would be no other problems--what?-there has been every problem in the book-whenever i think of them or their prducts i feel sick--toshiba is domestic violence and this has gone on for years regardless of class action suits against them--i even have emails from them stating not to go to corporate office-how bold can it get-i have contacted bbb, federal trade commission, am going to small claims, and the attorney general--i am trying to find a lawyer--can anyone send me more advice-my email is [email protected] so bold to carry on these practices for so long needs to be stopped--and to top it off-they find it funny--the lovely managers at toshiba direct..scott, ryan, and and david--and the lady at customer office and the jons at customer office--and the bbb person, jennifer burnett at toshiba says they will only refund if i send it back first-which means to take another day off of work, and trust them when they will not put it on paper or via email---in fact, jennifer contacted bbb and told them the case was closed-it is not closed..not even close---if i knew the way toshiba was, i would have never given them my hard earned money-if i wanted this abuse and unfair practices i would have bought a laptop off the streets of ny---toshiba needs to be stopped..they have abused too many of us-very very aware of toshibas lack of integrity and accountability..

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  • Si
    Siddharth Pandya Aug 05, 2008

    The worst company i have ever seen in my life . They dont have proper system to tract things . The customer srvice do not follow up with the things ..Highly Highly unprofessional company .

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  • La
    lamia Oct 10, 2008

    On september 2 2008 I made the mistake of purchasing a Toshiba Satellite M300 which was their newer line of satellites. I bought it with a rebate included for the total price of 1200$. Because it was a customized model, I had to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive.
    The device crashed 4 days after usage. For the first time in my life of using computers I saw what I was to learn the most dreaded error message 'Operating System not found'. Toshiba itself told me this meant a faulty hard drive and that I should return the product and I'd get a replacement with the same qualifications. However, it would take them again 2-3 weeks to customize the model for me. I returned the product and called to confirm they had gotten it couple of days later. The customer rep claimed he knew nothing of what was going on and when he finally was able to locate my records, he reassured me that the customization process had begun. I called again the following day and was told to call them back 2-3 weeks later.
    I called a week later and was told again that the customization process was continuing. After waiting 10 more days thereafter and not hearing from Toshiba I called again. The customer rep was again at a loss as to what was going on. Finally she pulled up the records and told me that no, there was no such customization and instead I'd be refunded soon. The excuse Toshiba gave me was that the whole M300 satellite series had been discontinued. Now I had called earlier to ask precisely this and I'd gotten reassurances from 3 different customer reps that I would get a replacement with exactly the same qualifications. I had been deliberately misled in the meantime as well . Now it' mid October -after 6 weeks of ordering the device-I'm still without a new laptop and my bank is yet to be recredited.
    Shame on you Toshiba.

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  • Sa
    sam osborne Dec 04, 2008

    Let's face it folks, no modern company has a complaints department.
    I could fill this screen with the companies who refuse any feedback.
    Obviously they will all go bust at some time in the future, but it's not helped by us "dumb" consumers buying their products.
    As from today my new policy is to check out and get 100% confirmation of a complaints department and procedure before parting with my hard-earned cash. If we all follow suit the said rogue companies will "see the light"

    It all depends on us!!!

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  • Ra
    ranjan Feb 11, 2009

    I gave my Toshiba laptop for repair at Toshiba Service Center Mumbai December 08 (within Warranty Period). It was just a minor problem of "USB port not working".Its almost two months passed but my laptop is not yet repaired and given back to me. Everytime I call them they say that the parts not yet came from US and it will come within a week... in this way two months passed... pls advise how to log a complain to Toshiba US or Japan against HCL who are providing service on behalf of Toshiba in India... its really very poor quality... never ever buy any Toshiba product in India...
    cel : 9930716168 / email : [email protected]

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  • Na
    Najuto9tail Jul 09, 2009

    Satellite, A135-s2286.Laptop baterry does not last more than 30 min.It started to fail with a bios crash which asked for a password, it got fix, weeks later the usb ports started to fail, I restored the latop 3 times, From Vista ultimate to factory default basic and to Ultimate again and nothing it kept failing, then i bought a pcmcia cardbus to usb card and it worked fine for some weeks and then it started to fail and devices desconect them self, then it started to show a blue screen and it turn off it self.My laptop is a useless piece of yunk, it costed more than 749$ and for me it isnt worth 200$ right now, This is a total waste of money. I send a message to toshiba about this and firts they say they can fix it for free and now they say they cant.

    I am so piss off that I made this:

    Will not buy From Toshiba ever again in my life, prefer HP or Sony.

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  • De
    deuceV361 Nov 30, 2009

    I do have to say that TOSHIBA has the worst computer repair, tech, and sales support there ever is. I have a 1 month old Satelite laptop, and they do not even have the parts available for repair. It has been 2 weeks since I used my laptop now, and I will not see it for another 2-3 weeks. I would never recomend these products to anyone!!! EVER!!! I feel as though I was ripped off and taken advantage of.

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  • Ma
    magisterosa May 15, 2010

    Yep. Have had my satellite L500 for 4 months and the dvd/cd+rw has physically packed up. Luckily I bought it on special for 460 bucks. I'd be spittin' at littl' ole ladies by now if I paid $3000!

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  • Jo
    John Osborn Jun 13, 2010

    I can't begin to list the length of time I have had trying to settle my problem. My hard drive "eats" gigs. 6 service calls, 3 re formats, 1 return to Kentucky another service call, one return to California (during which the Customer Service Department "forgot" to send me the Fed Ex box which I ended up reminding them about) only for them to tell me it's a Vista security problem.
    They won't replace the hard drive because "Company policy only replaces it if they can find fault with it, but they can't." Never mind that I have spend about 25 hours or more on telephone calls and re-formats with them, their tech service people spending about 15 hours or more with me, 2 returns and 2 calls with tech folks in California. This must have cost almost as much as the laptop, let alone the hard drive. But they can't do anything more for me.

    Needless to say will NOT recommend anything Toshiba to anyone I know. Quite the reverse.

    John Osborn Houston, U.S.A./Cuenca, Ecuador

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  • Sp
    Sprinter Oct 13, 2010

    I am in the process of complaining to the Better Business Bureau and our state's Attorney General's office about Toshiba's poor customer service, and warranty. My Toshiba Satellite Notebook A665 was purchased on July 18, 2010 and that's when my nightmare began. It has had three major failures, (Hard Drives and Mother Boards)! It's two months old! I only got to use it for only 14 days! I told Toshiba's Customer Care Department, that I was told by their technicians that due to the severity of my laptop's problem, I would be sent a new laptop. NOT True!!! Instead Toshiba Customer Care Rep "Manny" sent it to the Kentucky Depot. When I finally got it back, it wouldn't load so "Manny" sent me a FedEx box and I sent it to Simi Valley for their engineers to diagnose! I spent $1500 at Best Buy and all I got was a useless laptop and "warranty". I'm tired of all the "hours" on the phone with Toshiba techs and Customer Care Reps... I'm tired of getting hung up on, getting laughed at, getting abused by an unprofessional company! I'm tired of Toshiba Technicians promising me a new laptop but the Customer Care Rep, "Brittany" telling me: "I understand what you are going through and I'd be upset too; but there is nothing I can do for you! We have to wait for it to have another major failure before we can escalate it." What??? You've got to be kidding me! You want my laptop to fail 4 times before you escalate it? I wonder what that means Toshiba? Escalate it? In the meantime my useless warranty is running out! And they know it! And now you know it too!

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  • Ta
    taniakarenin2 Oct 15, 2010

    Has any one solved their problems with Toshiba

    Same story with me, problems since I first bought ir, I actually get a windows 95 interface every now and then, computer has spent more time at that Kentuky Depot that actually working. I got a Case Manager called Monique saying she was the top of the "escalating" thing and that Toshiba's warranty policies do not either exchange or refund damaged computers.

    So if any one agrees, we should do something together... make a massive complaint and directed either to BBB or somewhere in Toshiba, enough is enough, this is devastating, the amount of time lost in this bad investment it's invaluable, I, as you, did not paid to test a computer, we did not pay to have this types of problems... you can reach me at [email protected] if you want to try to approach this problem and try to get a solution

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  • Dd
    dddjjjeww Nov 29, 2010

    I just got off the phone with Mr. Chris from Toshiba and the guy just sucks. I sent my (less than one year old) laptop in over one month ago for repairs. This was the first Toshiba for me and it will be the last one.

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  • Toshiba Satellite L675 - I bought laptop January of 2011. Hardrive crashed July 2011. I sent to Toshiba with much effort to get computer to be fixed. Toshiba wasted approximately 1 week in delays fixing computer. Crashed again, October 2011, repaired harddrive, February 27, 2012 computer has the same exact problem and will not boot up. I'm now out of warranty and am completely unhappy with Toshiba. I will not buy another product from Toshiba again. I will NOT purchase another TOSHIBA!!!

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  • Ti
    tiredinohio Mar 24, 2013

    My old laptop was Asus. I never had an issue with it even when my little dog ran over it & damaged 3 keys. I got a new Toshiba as a gift. It is garbage. I had It in for repair 3x in 1yr. They replaced the video card 2x & the problem was not fixed. The 3rd time I sent it back for the same problem they said it is the lcd panel & the warranty just ran out. What pisses me off is it was never fixed, it is the same problem. They had it a month each time & never fixed it. I will never purchase anything Toshiba.

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