Tires Pluspoor alignment service, very poor!!!


I went for an alignment & wheel balance. I had a coupon for $20 off alignment and $15 off wheel balance. With the discount included, the total price I was quoted was at about $91, so I thought it was a pretty nice deal. I agreed to this price and was told this would only take about 90 minutes. Hence, I decided I could wait by taking a stroll at a nearby strip mall.About 40 minutes later I get a call on my cell from the mechanic trying to pitch me to buy new rear tires. I tell him, "I know my tires are a bit worn but I am not in the financial position right now to get new tires". He tries a few ways to get me to replace them, I simply tell him, no thanks.

Another 30 minutes later I am called up again and told I need to replace the tie rod on the right tire, which would cost me an additional $200!!!. "It's just too old and rusty that we can't do the alignment if we do not replace it", the mechanic tells me. Ok, all I planned to spend money on today was to get a wheel balance & alignment. I am not in the financial position to get anything else done. I was ready to just tell them - "Stop. Just charge me what you've done so far and I'm outta here." ... Frustrated, I walk back to the shop and have them show me what exactly they doing.

The mechanic shows me the needed rod replacement. Still unhappy, but with my car tires already out, I feel compelled to just let them finish. So I waited a total of nearly 4 HOURS to get the alignment & balance done and tie rod replaced.

I was initially quoted $275 for the tie rod + labor. On top of that was the $91 for wheel balance & alignment. I felt screwed over & did not hesitate to show my dissatisfaction. My entire bill then was lowered to a total of $242. STILL it was a LOT more than what I initially planned to spend that day.

It's almost closing time by the time my car is done. I pay my due and drive away. ... ONLY to discover a few miles down the road that my car's alignment did not seem to have been aligned at all!!! It still veered to the right as much as it did before!!!

I am not just dissatisfied. I am PISSED OFF at the utterly poor service this shop offers. Guaranteed I will NOT be a repeat customer and will advise everyone I know to avoid this shop at all costs. For a job that is so standard, their service is beyond dissatisfying!!!


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      Dec 23, 2010

    I received a horrible alignment from Tires Plus as well!!! They supposedly gave me an alignment but two weeks later my car was pulling to the right again, only now it drives extremely shakey too!!! I should've left my car alone because now it drives worse than ever and I have a really NICE, EXPENSIVE car!!!

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      Feb 22, 2013

    To the second commenter, that's what you get for trying to be cheap and taking your really NICE EXPENSIVE car to a cut rate shop. Can't feel sorry for you. Don't be ignorant next time. To the original poster, as far as the repairs on the tie rod end, if it needed it and they showed you it needed it and you gave the ok for them to repair it then you have no right whine and complain about the fact it needed the part and they fixed it. YOU agreed and YOU gave them premission to fix it. Then you had the audacity to go back on the original agreed-upon price and the manager KINDLY lowered the price in order to take care of your complaint and you still complained. Unreasonable customer! The alignment however is another thing. Corporate shops like this simply don;t understand the basics of a truly proper alignment. A real alignment is not something that can be banged out in 30 minutes, but that's what they sell you and what you pay for. In this case I would be on their doorstep first thing the next morning, telling them how you waited 4 hours for a repair and the car STILL pulls. THAT is a reasonable complaint. If they have any customer service whatsovever they should address your complaint right then and there.

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      Feb 22, 2013

    For the commenter, you should never bring your really NICE EXPENSIVE CAR to a cut rate shop. Why buy and drive something expensive and then let the cheapest show in the area work on it? Dumb choice. To the original poster: If they showed you what needed repair, and you agreed to it and agreed to let them do the repair, then why are you complaining about THAT? It's completely possible that your tie rod end was seized and trying to get it loose would ahve damaged it and then it would certainly need replacement (though most of the time this can be remedied with proper working knowledge and procedure instead of replacing a part). In all, the customer did give permission to replace the part and then had the audacity to complain to the manager about the price he had originally agreed upon, which the manager was kind enough to adjust. Unreasonable. The alignment on the otherhand IS legitimate. I would have been back on their doorstep first thing next morning, telling them I was here for four hours and $250 bucks later my car still pulls.

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