Tires Plusindicating a problem when no problem exists


Brought the vehicle in for 2 new tires and a alignment. Service writer came back and indicated that I had a bad tie rod and bushing that needed to be replaced prior to an alignment. The alignment would be worthless if these items were not corrected first. Total cost $488.00 . Had a personal friend look at the vehicle and said there is no reason to replace the tie rod, atleast not right now. The service writer also indicated that my air filter was bad and needed to be replaced-why I dont know, I didnt ask for this service, he had no reason to look under my hood. The cost to replace an air filter $39.00. The real filter was replaced less than 4 months ago and actually takes some work to get at. Okay, I know everyone is starving and we all want to make more money but this gentleman lied point blank to me and indicated "there are 2 filters, one to clean the air in your car and one for the engine."

This reminds me of 7 years ago when I went to the west side Tired Plus to get new tires- this gentleman indicated that my brakes were bad-were they? No I brought it to another dealer and they told me I had another year of use out of them. These people that work for tires plus are crooks, should not be trusted and should be put out of business.


  • Mm
    MMD19064 Oct 24, 2009

    We went to Tires Plus to have a belt put back on - the belt is new this year. They charged over $50 (for 10 minutes of work) to put on the belt . They claimed we needed a new one. The same company said that our other vehicle needed over $600 in repairs . Turned out we needed less than $300 in repairs. Some recommended servcies were not necessary!

    Tires Plus in Springfield OVERCHARGES its customers. I requested a refund when the belt came off a week later. The manger declined.

    What a rip off!

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  • Li
    liberty1776 Feb 04, 2016

    OK. I hate Tires Plus too, but depending on the year and model of your car, this "there are 2 filters, one to clean the air in your car and one for the engine." is a true statement...

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