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Tinder has banned my account, i payed for tinder plus, had it for a total of one day and my account was banned, i lost my money and chance to get matches, i had 58 matches by the time they banned me, my photo's were all of me and all appropriate, nothing that could get me banned. All i said to my matches was "hello" again nothing to get me banned.

Tinder provided absolutely no explanation as to why they banned me other then the generic "you broke one of our rules/terms" which i absolutely did not.

Tinder needs to change their system and start explaining why they are banning users profiles for no reason and taking users money.

There was a time they use to warn users that they had been reported and basically had a three strike rule, reported three times and they'd put the persons account under review and possible ban or delete it depending on the outcome of the review, i think that system was much better and fairer.

The system they currently have is nothing more then a scam, banning people's accounts for no reason, providing no explanation because they clearly know they banned it for no reason and taking a persons money instead of automatically offering a refund if they ban an account is criminal.

I was a big supporter of tinder, used it since it was first launched, had plenty of dates from it and met my ex girlfriend on it, but now having experienced being banned for no reason, i would suggest everyone avoids using it unless they like being banned for no reason and having their money taken and instead go and use bumble like i am now doing.


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      Aug 17, 2018

    Just happened the same to me. Awful.
    If you are filing a class action lawsuit, this is my email to contact me. I'm in: [protected]

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