Tindercharged me twice

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Hi I have just bought a 1 year package with tinder and paid SGD113.21 as of 10.20.2020 with my new card. Then on 21.10.2019, today, i received another email saying a payment of SGD71.68/- has been renewed for 6 months. How is this possible? Charging me twice! You should have a record that I have upgraded after the last expiration and not charge me twice!. The funny thing is the dates are all wrong with the renewal payment that i had received, showing 15.10.2019 as expiration.

Please check and update me please.

My payment for SGD 113.21 - Ref Code : TNDR.20daca3d-8bd6-49a1-bf78-d6920529930e

and the renewal email Ref Code for SGD71.68 /- : TNDR.0a078216-b89a-[protected]-cf27589f667c

my email ID with [protected] (existing) and now i had used [protected] for payment.

Please help here.

Thank you.


  • Updated by Uma Devi · Oct 21, 2019

    On this web page you can submit your complaint to a company about a specific product or service you have an issue with, simply share a negative experience with the company, or complain about a certain individual that has wronged you for whatever reason. The page consists of 4 mandatory fields: Company Name, Product/Subject of a complaint, Details and Category. Address of the company where incident took place is optional, but highly recommended to be filled as well.

    Upon submitting a complaint, if it's against a specific company, we will notify it via e-mail and hopefully you'll get your answer soon.


  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Devi, please provide more proof that you were incorrectly charged, the dates that you have provided do not make sense to me!

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