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Thrifty Car Rental Romaniaovercharged the cancellation fee

Recently we cancelled our trip to Romania due to the volcanic ash. As a consequence, we had to cancel our car rental with Thrifty Car Rental Romania/ Auto Rent SRL, as well. They charged our credit card three times the cancellation fee, and did not respond to our e-mails asking for an explanation.We contacted our bank and now they are disputing the amount. Very very bad company!!! Don't use!!!


  • As
    asgaina Aug 26, 2010

    Never do business with this outfit.

    We used our prepaid credit card to reserve online. Reservation was approved. Got to their counter at Otopeni and they refused to rent the car, saying "the card is no good" !!!.
    We found alternative transportation. To our huge surprise, the CHARGED the "no good card" for 3 days rental due to No Show.

    What a bunch of low-lives. I denounced them to Police.

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  • La
    Lavinia Loredana Bertia Aug 26, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I agree, it's a bad, bad company!

    In the month of May we stayed in Romania for a week, using one of their cars. We payed a 400EUR deposit, which we never got back, even if the car had no problems when we returned it.
    Having had an accident during our stay, they dealt with my boyfriend, who can't speak Romanian at all, they received the car, told them that everything is ok, jumped in the car and left.
    When my boyfriend came back he was astonished by what had happened, especially because the employee hadn't mentioned money. We tried to contact their 24/7 support service, with no success, because as soon as someone picked up the phone and I explained what the problem was, they hung up on me.
    I then rang the phone number of one of the employees, which was displayed on the agency door, just to get to talk to someone who was complaining that I woke him up at such an early hour for such a stupid thing. He assured me that we would get the money back in our account in about 10 working days, which never happened.
    They refused to speak to me after the 10 days elapsed, so here we are months after without having seen our money...
    We acomplaint with a Romanian national authority (Oficiul pentru Protectia Consumatorului), they looked into it and they said that there is nothing they can do as we had signed a contract that stated that if there is anything wrong with the car they would deduct the money from the deposit... Only there was nothing wrong with the car and we couldn't prove it...

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  • Ja
    Jan V Jensen May 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Recently we visited Romania for one week and rented a car at Otopeni airport at Thrifty Car Rental Romania/ Auto Rent SRL.

    10 days after returning home we discovered that they had charged our credit card the deposit of 320 euro.
    We contacted them immediately, to ask why they had done so since we returned the car with NO damage whatsoever. But they just claimed the car was damaged and refused to return our money.

    A search on the net found several complaints about this company from other customers that had been cheated like us.

    This company is dishonest. Do not ever rent a car from them!!!

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  • Da
    dan coman May 13, 2011

    I am renting cars with THRIFTY CAR RENTAL ROMANIA Autorent since 2007 and I've had no problems with them so far!The policy is simple, use a credit card and take care of the car as it is your own and you won't have any problems with them.They know their job very well and don't cheat customers at all, but they are very strict in applying rental terms and conditions

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  • La
    Lavinia Loredana Bertia May 13, 2011
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    the company who deceives their customers is AUTORENT SRL, they are associated with thrifty, which is an international company with a good reputation, that's why i don't understand why they associate themselves with such scammers

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  • Ja
    Jan V Jensen May 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dan I’ve been renting cars in Romania since 2004. Albeit not from this company. I am a very careful driver and have never had any problems before. I had the car for one week, drove very little and had no problems at all. The last thing I did before leaving the car in the airport parking lot in Otopeni was to go over it very carefully and I can tell you that I found absolutely no damage on it. Yet the company have taken 320 euro of my money for damage they claim I caused.

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  • Ad
    adriana p May 14, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Dear Mr Birgean,
    My name is Adriana, I am the agent who checked your car when you returned it. If you remember, while I was checking the car, an SUV, I found 2 small chips on the windshield, which I pointed out to you. Try to remember our conversation which was as it follows:
    Agent: Sir, you have 2 small chips on the wind screen, probably from a rock or something.
    Client: Yes, I guess.
    We had this conversation while my co-worker was helping you with the luggage and child seat.
    You SIGNED AND ADMITTED that the vehicle was damaged during your rental, and had no problem with it when I asked you to sign the documents .
    Both my colleague and I did our best to be helpful and respectful to you and therefore it is difficult for me to understand why you are not telling the truth.
    For the other customers, who complained about the no show fee, the unaccepted cards, i kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions very carefully before renting or booking. A car rental contract is as important as any other contract which MUST BE READ.

    There are 5 complaints, and all of them are from people who did not pay attention to what they bought! I am proud to say that most of my clients are happy with the service the company offers them, not to mention the prices!

    Best Regards,

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  • Ia
    ianakis May 14, 2011
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    I rented from them before and everything was fine. The staff was friendly and everything was as published, price-wise. I'd use them again.

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 09, 2011

    " 27 days ago by dan coman +2 Votes
    I am renting cars with THRIFTY CAR RENTAL ROMANIA Autorent since 2007 and I've had no problems with them so far!The policy is simple, use a credit card and take care of the car as it is your own and you won't have any problems with them.They know their job very well and don't cheat customers at all, but they are very strict in applying rental terms and conditions "

    What favors did the people at THRIFTY ROMANIA do for you so that you will post something good about THRIFTY ROMANIA? These people are CROOKS! I have about 40 pages of correspondence between me and them, and most of it is with the owner/manager of the franchise, Dragos Vlad.

    I returned the car in good condition, with no damage. Three weeks later I found out that they had charged me 700 dollars for damages. I asked them to provide the evidence for the damage. They sent me two pictures that showed two scratches on a car's bumper, but those pictures did not show from what car they were taken. They also sent me a FAKE Itemized Repair Report that was dated JUNE 7, 2011 although I returned the car on MAY 22. The Repair Report had no information about the REPAIR SHOP, SHOP ADDRESS, SHOP PHONE NUMBER.

    The Repair Report shows that all was done to the car was to paint the scratches. Does this cost 700 dollars? I went to a few shops in my city and asked how much would cost to REPLACE an ENTIRE BUMPER. They told me that it would cost 800 dollars! How could a little paint work cost 700 dollars when a complete replacement of a bumper costs 800 dollars?

    I asked Dragos Vlad for AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS that would provide evidence for their claim that I damaged the car and because he could not send them to me he claimed that I had offfended him and his bunch of thieves and that he would not communicate with me anymore. He is a CROOK, and the people who are working for him are thieves and robbers, too!

    I am sure Dan, that you did not have time to read their "rental terms and conditions." I read them carefully. They are written in such a way that when you signed the Rental Agreement you sell your soul to them, too! What an amazing piece of deception and customer robberry that Rental Agreement is! You are even asked to choose whether or not you are going to accept their Lost Damage Waiver, but when you turn the page you find out that it is MANDATORY to accept it. Dan, you are either a fool, or you are illiterate!


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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 09, 2011

    It looks like THRIFTY is a bad company overall, whether you want to rent a Thrifty car in Romania, Germany, South America, and even the United States. There are horror stories of rude treatment of the customers, extreme charges and overcharges, charges for no service at all, no recourse, etc. If you have not read a really bad book or seen a really bad movie, then you can "enjoy" the stories these people have told.

    Chech this web site:


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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 10, 2011

    Here is the article:

    Posted by Dragos Vlad Atkins
    Thursday, 26 May 2011
    Thrifty Car Rental Romania has streamlined its online reservation system once again, allowing its clients to see if their preferred cars are available for booking within seconds.
    May 25, 2011 - Thrifty Car Rental Romania has streamlined its online reservation system once again, allowing its clients to see if their preferred cars are available for booking within seconds.

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania shares the same philosophy and value with its mother company – Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, offering the best value for money when it comes to renting a car in Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu or Timisoara, as well as friendly, professional consulting agents that are available day and night, seven days per week.

    The company has recently revamped its website, making it faster to load and much more user-friendly. The customers can now reserve the exact cars they want from the broad offer of modern Chevrolet and Opel models, and the online system checks and reports their availability in only a few seconds, thus helping the clients save precious time. In addition to this, Thrifty now has offices is all the major airports from Romania, as well as in the important Romanian cities.

    According to Mr. Dragos Vlad, CEO of Thrifty Car Rental Romania, “we want to help our clients save time and money, so we have invested a significant amount of funds in implementing a modern online reservation system. In fact, I am confident that this system is going to serve as a reference for most of the car renting companies for the years to come. Here, at Thrifty, we say it and we really mean it: when you rent a car from Thrifty, you get much more than a car; you also get quality services and accessories, great insurance packages, and so on. The new reservation system shows clearly that we live what we preach”.

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania offers car rental Bucharest services and is constantly expanding its local reach, as well as its vehicle fleet, which is renewed each and every year. For more information, visit

    Contact: Dragos Vlad,
    CEO of Thrifty Car Rental Romania
    Email: [protected]
    Phone: [protected]

    Yea, sure!

    This fellow has some amazing nerve to post such a note about THRIFTY ROMANIA. Let’s look closer at his claims:

    1. “Shares the same philosophy and value with its mother company – Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group”?

    Maybe this is part of the problem. Dollar Thrifty seems to have a very bad “philosophy and value” – rotten to the core. See the web site for horror stories about how the Thrifty customers have been treated ALL OVER THE WORLD. If anything, Thrifty Romania seems to be even worse (if that is possible) than other Thrifty franchises in the United States and other parts of the world.

    2. “Best value for the money”?

    The total cost of my Thrifty Romania car rental is 1, 413.94 dollars out of which 729.67 dollars are the 12 days rental, and 684.27 dollars are the FAKE “bumper damage charges.” Isn’t this a bargain? I might have well purchased a car for this kind of money. I rent cars often, and I am used to car rental costs, but this is a RIP OFF, not a car rental. You should also know that the 450 euros “deposit” will not be returned to you when you sign the Rental Agreement. You will pay a double amount for the car you rented whether you returned the car in perfect condition or not.

    3. “Friendly, professional consulting agents”?

    Those who have had to deal with the people who work at Thrifty Romania know from experience how “friendly and professional” these people are when you question their charges. They begin with insults, continue with personal attacks, and end quite often with threats of lawsuits if you don’t shut up and swallow their charges. Ask for documentation for “damages.” You will get some FABRICATED “evidence.”’ Question that “evidence.” You will be told that you have insulted them, as the “CEO, ” Mr. Dragos Vlad Atkins has written to me, and you will be left out in the cold with no choice. You will have to pay whatever charges they pile on you.

    4. “Agents that are available day and night, seven days per week”?

    The Thrifty Romania office hours at the Otopeni Airport, Romania are 9AM to 6PM. If you get there at a quarter to six the “friendly, professional consulting agent” will charge you an “Out of Hours Delivery” in the amount of 20 euros. Their schedule makes it quite hard to return the car to an agent. Not that it makes a difference. Even if you established with the agent that the car was free of damage the “deposit” will still be retained for “damages.”

    In all, Thrifty Romania seems like an ideal rental car company! Isn’t that so?

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  • Ro
    Roland S Jun 15, 2011

    Having had the same exact experience (stolen deposit money) as Mr Birgean, Mr. Hanganu, Mr. Jensen and many others who have reported, we created the following website:
    The website was created to bring awareness to the public about the consumer predatory practices that this company is engaging in.
    Please share the link with anybody that plans to rent a car at Bucharest OTP airport so that they can make a more informed decision about their car rental choices.
    Having rented car many times in the past in different countries around the world, the experience that I was subjected to by this company was extremely horrifying to say the least.
    The leadership of this company, instead of addressing the concerns of their customers, choose to employ mafia type tactics and attack them ! You are better off walking during your vacation then even coming close to these predatory sharks ...

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  • Ba
    babanucky Jun 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe that the crook Dragos Vlad, CEO of Thrifty Car Rental Romania needs to bend over and have one of his agents give it to him from behind. Maybe this will change his attitude concerning the respect toward the customers and the non return of the "mandatory" deposit.

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  • Vp
    VP2 Jun 15, 2011

    I completely agree with the complaints listed here. My husband and I rented a car from Dollar Thrifty at the Bucharest airport last month. When we picked up the car, a woman named Adriana repeatedly assured us that we were declining insurance and she needed our credit card to put a hold or a "deposit", as she called it, of 450 Euro. This appeared to be normal to us, since they would want a deposit in case there was some damage to the car, or in case we failed to return it, the idea being that we would not be CHARGED 450Euro and that the "deposit" would be "retuned" upon returning the car in the condition it was, when rented. A young man brought the car to us and did a seemingly thorough inspection and noted scratches and dents (which were aplenty). He did miss a pretty bad dent which happened to be right where I was standing and so I pointed it out to him. He thanked me for it and noted it. We've rented many cars from different places in the US and Europe, so we let him do his thing and trusted him to do the honest thing. We were even impressed at this thorough inspection, but little did we suspect that when we returned the car, they would blame us for a scratch on the bumper which was allegedly not present when we rented the car. We regretted not going over every scratch with the man at pick up. To give him the benefit of the doubt, even if the scratch on the BUMPER had appeared while the car was in our possession, it seemed unrealistic to get charged 450EURO for repairs, especially when the company clearly does not do any repairs on their cars for scratches and dents. Yet, we did get charged for the whole 450 Euro amount. Upon a closer look at the rental agreement, we realized that at pick-up, Adriana had made us initial the Damage Waiver Insurance acceptance while telling us that she put down that we declined all insurance because our credit card came with it. She was a smooth talker and we took her to be honest, yet the whole time she was lying to our faces. When we asked why there was a 450Eruo extra amount on the agreement, she told us it was the deposit and would not be charged. Granted, we should have read the agreement, but the out right lying deom the rental agent is very hard to believe. Dropoff was another story. There was no kiosk at the drop-off place and they expected us to call. We were not carrying cell phones due to roaming charges, but luckily the person manning the Hertz kiosk was nice and called for us. Talk about inconvenient! Our emails asking for an explaination of these fradulent practices have gone unanswered except for a response insulting us for losing our temper at drop-off. Do not rent a car from Dollar Thrifty Romania because their customer is apparently never right and they will steal your money...not just small change, but all of 450Euro for a "scratched bumper" which they will never fix.

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  • Ja
    Jan V Jensen Jun 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys should take a look at this. I recently wrote a review on google maps:

    Having been duped out of my deposit I gave thrifty the lowest rating of one star. My review was one of only 2 of the company on the site at the time.

    A few weeks later 5 new reviews show up on the SAME day from seemingly 5 different people. All of them giving 5 stars and raving reviews of the company. :)
    If you look closer though...not only did these 5 people each review thrifty on the same day they also reviewed 60 other companies. The exact same companies all of them! :)

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 16, 2011


    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Mr. Dragos Vlad Atkins
    CEO of Thrifty Car Rental Romania
    Email: [protected]
    Phone: [protected]

    Mr. Dragos Vlad Atkins:

    Let me repeat what I stated in the message I sent to you on Monday, June 13, 2011:



    Claudiu charged me 69.50 euros (99.76 dollars at the June 14 rate of exchange) for the LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) insurance. This insurance is listed as OPTIONAL under the OPTIONAL INSURANCES on the RENTAL AGREEMENT OT8747, and I DECLINED the LDW because I had purchased before comprehensive insurance from Access America, and I did not need any additional insurance to cover my car rental. He asked me to sign on the Rental Agreement that I declined the LDW, and so I did. The LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) insurance charge is AGAINST the RENTAL AGREEMENT OT8747 which I signed, and in which I DECLINED THE LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) OPTIONAL INSURANCE.

    Claudiu also charged me 20.00 euros (28.71 dollars at the June 14 rate of exchange) for OUT OF HOURS DELIVERY, although I rented the car DURING THRIFTY ROMANIA OFFICE HOURS, and I returned the car to Thrifty Romania also DURING THRIFTY OFFICE HOURS. When I arrived at Otopeni on May 13, 2011 I went to the Thrifty office at 5.30 pm Bucharest time - 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE OFFICE CLOSING TIME. I also returned the car to the Thrifty Romania parking lot on Sunday, May 22, at 5:30pm Bucharest time, DURING THRIFTY ROMANIA OFFICE HOURS, THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE THRIFTY OFFICE CLOSING TIME. I let Claudiu know on the phone at the time I returned the car to the Thrifty parking lot that I was returning the car and that he did not have to come AFTER HOURS, on Monday, May 23 2011 at 6:00am Bucharest time to check in the car.

    THE TOTAL EXCESS CHARGES ON THE RENTAL AGREEMENT is in the amount of 99.76+28.71 dollars= 128.47 dollars at the June 14 rate of exchange from euros to dollars.



    You have not provided EVIDENCE that the rental car Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4, the car I rented from Thrifty Otopeni Romania between May 12 and May 23 2011, was damaged during the time I rented it from Thrifty Romania and that it was damaged at the time I returned it to the Thrifty Otopeni Romania on May 22, 2011.

    You sent some pictures to me with two apparent scratches on the back bumper of a RED CAR but there is no identification on the pictures that would prove that the bumper damages were from the Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4, the car I rented from Thrifty Otopeni Romania between May 12 and May 23 2011.

    You charged my credit card 684.27 dollars on May 31, 2011 although the incomplete DI-BAS REPAIR SHOP Repair Estimate you sent to me was dated June 7, 2011, 17 DAYS AFTER I DELIVERED THE CAR I RENTED TO THE THRIFTY OTOPENI ROMANIA PARKING LOT.

    Mr. Paul Dumitrache confirmed that the Repair Estimate was authentic, but did not want to confirm the date of the estimation which shows as June 7 2011 on the document you sent to me, and did not want to send to me the COMPLETE REPAIR ESTIMATE.

    How could you charge my credit card 684.27 dollars for damages to the Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4 rented car 17 DAYS BEFORE THE DI-BAS REPAIR SHOP DID THE REPAIR ESTIMATE ON THE CAR?

    The Repair Estimate you sent to me is INCOMPLETE. You sent to me only pages 2 and 3. Pages 1 and 5 are missing. I asked you to send to me the complete document but you refused. What is hiding in those two missing pages that you refuse to send to me the complete Repair Estimate?

    Also, YOU CHARGED ME EXCESSIVELY FOR THE DAMAGE. Again, Mr. Paul Dumitrache stated:

    "Valoarea estimata a reparatiei autoturismului cu nr de inmatriculare IF 03 UJU4 este de 859.84 ron; reparatia se refera strict la revopsirea barei ( bumper )" (The estimate value of the car with the registration number IF 03 7JU4 is 859.84 ron; the repair refers strictly to the repainting of the bumper)

    The estimate of 859.84 ron (lei) at the June 14, 2011 exchange rate is 294.79 USD (294.79 dolars), not 684.27 dolars, the charge you placed on my credit card for the claimed "damage" to the Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4, the car I rented from Thrifty Romania on May 12, 2011. You charged me 389.48 dollars more than the repair shop estimate, which, according to the date on the "Costul Estimativ al Repatiei" was done SEVENTEEN DAYS after I returned the car to Thrifty Romania in a good condition - without any scratches or damages of any kind. Someone else must have caused the damage to the car, and you have decided that I was a GOOD VICTIM for you. THIS IS A MADE-UP, FRAUDULENT, AND EXCESSIVE CHARGE NOTHING LESS THAN THEFT.

    You mentioned that:

    “Estimarea reparatiei se adauga costului estimat de stationare(downtime) si cheltuielilor administrare dauna asa cum au fost explicate anterior in toata corespondenta si au fost percepute conform contract.” (The repair estimate is added to the estimate cost car non-use [downtime] and office expenses for the damage as it was explained previously in all the correspondence and are charged according to the Rental Agreement).


    Was the rental car Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4 in the Di-Bas Repair Shop between May 22 and May 31 when you posted the charge of 684.27 dollars for repairs on my credit card?

    Was the rental car Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4 in the Di-Bas Repair Shop between May 22 and June 7 when you sent to me the Di-Bas incomplete Repair Estimate?

    Mr. Paul Dumitrache stated in his message to me (which you also received) that the Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4 HAD NOT BEEN REPAIRED. The “damages” were only estimated, and the rear bumper was going to be painted at a later date. Also, although I asked him two times to send to me the COMPLETE REPAIR ESTIMATE and CONFIRM THE DATE OF THE ESTIMATE, he refused to do what I asked him and stated that he could only confirm that he had done an estimate.


    Where does the DOWNTIME come from? You need to provide EVIDENCE that the Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4 WAS IN THE DI-BAS REPAIR SHOP between May 22 and June 7 2011 in order to JUSTIFY charges of DOWNTIME.


    What administrative expenses did you have during the DOWNTIME? You need to provide EVIDENCE of those expenses with an ITEMIZED STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES in order to show that there were administrative expenses and what were those expenses.


    Even if, hypothetically, you had downtime and administrative expenses for the rental car Chevrolet Aveo with the VIN KL1SA697J8WO45789 and registration number IF 03 UJU4, those expenses could not exceed the cost of repair.

    If the repair estimate was in the amount of 859.84 lei, which were at the June 14, 2011 exchange rate 294.79 dollars, you still charged me an extra 389.48 dollars, which is 94.67 dollars more than the estimated repair costs for the painting of the bumper. In other words, you charged me more for claimed DOWNTIME and ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES than for the CAR REPAIR.

    Mr. Dragos Vlad Atkins, such charges are UNHEARD OF and TOTALLY ABSURD, and you have not provided any EVIDENCE that the charges are LEGITIMATE and are due to services you provided to me. Your charges look like an UNBELIEVIEBLE RIP-OFF, one of the most RIDICULOUS BILLS A CUSTOMER EVER RECEIVED from a car rental company or any other possible company.


    Eduard Hanganu

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 17, 2011

    The Rats are Drowning

    Well, Well!!
    A little bit of research, and it becomes clear why the "Thrifty Romania team" are in such a hurry to deceive and rob all the customers who dare to rent cars from them without any worry that they will have to he held accountable for their crimes. The rats are drowning. Thrifty Car Rentals is for sale. Business is bad. This is the information provided by the web site See below:

    24/7 Wall St. Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2011
    Posted: June 15, 2010 at 6:49 am
    Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (NYSE: DTG), the car rental company, is for sale. Hertz (NYSE: HTZ) is a potential buyer as is Avis Budget (NYSE: CAR). Each of the larger car rental firms would use the Dollar Thrifty business to expand their market share. That does not mean that they would keep the brand. The current company is not much of a business. It made only $27 million last quarter on revenue of $348 million. It has more than $1.5 billion in “debt and other obligations.” The number of vehicles that Dollar Thrifty operates at any one time is only 95, 000 compared to 420, 000 for Hertz. The firm’s customer base and some of its locations may be valuable, but Dollar Thrifty can’t compete with Avis and Hertz. A decade ago, the car rental industry was able to support six independent brands. A significant drop in business and leisure travel and sharp competition among the companies has already caused the creation of Avis Budget. Dollar Thrifty will be the next casualty of the industry’s consolidation.

    Read more:

    What do you do when your customers have left because of your bad business? Well, you prey on the innocent, and rip them one customer at a time. you lie to them, deceive them in the worst way, rob them of all the money you can, make your fast, dishonest money, and then “Après moi, le déluge.” You liquidate your franchise or file for bankruptcy, and all the customers you diceived and from whom you stole money can have fun and cry in their fists.

    Hopefully, before the Dollar Thrifty Car Rental is sold enough people will come forward and complain about all this immense deception scheme and the company will be held accountable for all the evil it has committed.

    Someone's got to pay!


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  • Ba
    babanucky Jun 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is not a complaint but a comment…a summary of what I have read here and on the web, related to the Thrifty Romania Bucharest and their wheeling and dealing…

    I was blessed by the fact that when I visited Romania last year I did not rent a car from Thrifty but from a different rental car company…..a company with morals. I was charged $320 for 17 days and I opted to pay 120 dollars full coverage insurance. No deposit….no extra charges….just like that….They even showed up at 4.00 am at the airport to get the car from me….no after hours charges…no lies…no ¼ tank of gas…no washing required….no bull…..
    Form what I have learned from the postings on this site and from the web….this is what it looks like…the summary can be accurate but not sure I am just compiling facts about Thrifty Car rental Romania … SC Auto Rent SRL Bucharest (International Airport Otopeni)

    Did you see the movie Groundhog Day? If not, take some time and watch it….

    It seems like the same scenario is happening daily at the Thrifty Romania Bucharest Otopeni car rental place aka SC Auto Rent SRL.
    What they do is rent a car to a customer, lie and mislead (Adriana agent is the one most often mentioned) about the refundable mandatory deposit (nonrefundable in the end) and bill (keep the entire deposit) the customer for a made-up scratch (usually the rear bumper). They are hand in hand with (the repair shop Paul Dumitrache representing) who issues them an estimate so Thrifty Romania can “justify” ( most of the time incomplete and questionable paperwork) the charge to the customer…and never schedule a repair of the fabricated bumper scratch because Thrifty Romania is not going to have it “repaired” and cut off their source of extra income…….meantime the car is rented again…and the same story happens again and again…again the (same) scratch, again the estimate …and the charge….for repair, office work, down time…..all in the amount of the “mandatory” deposit, even if the “repair” (estimate) is half of the deposit. I wonder if ANPC ( would like to take a look at this company and subpoena the records of the “estimates”, the records of the rental and the records of the odometers of all the cars involved in these so called “damages”. Also the amount of the “estimates” issued by for SC Auto Rent SRL and the frequency of the events….and the total business value in euros or Rons produced in the last year or so by this scheme.
    Someone told me that this individual, Dragos Vlad Adkins, the GOD of the SC Auto Rent SRL, spent some time in Australia…for sure he did not live in Canada or USA….because he would have learn about the word “dignity”…virtue that he doesn’t have the notion of…

    Before you rent from Thrifty Car Rental Romania international airport Otopeni (SC Auto Rent SRL) do your homework…and read the complaints…or you will be on your own…and it will be no mercy…

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  • Co
    Corinoula Jun 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did someone from here rented a Chevrolet Lachetty with the no PH -12-AUS ?i m just so sure that also the others who rented before us had this problem.The intresting part is that the guy when we gave the car said that its nothing!!They took 500 euros for a tiny scratch which was made by the company in purpose to take all the deposit.Ive never believed that can exist such a persons, to can steal the mony in a such a way!!we have created a page on the facebook to find out everyone about what Dollar Thifty in bucharest is doing!/pages/To-make-Dollar-ThriftyBucarest-airport-stop-stealing-money-from-clients/208579319184645

    If u cant enter using the link i gave search for ' To make Dollar Thrifty, Bucarest airport, stop stealing money from clients'

    Please join that page and give a like to find everyone about them!!

    Please join also the group we have created # Nu inchiriati masini de la Dollar Trifty din Aeroportul Otopeni!!!' - meaning 'do not rent cars from Dollar Thifty from Otopeni Airport'

    Thank you

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  • Ma
    MalinaTO Jun 22, 2011

    Hi Everyone,

    There are more like us out there for sure. By pure chance we got in touch with another couple who have been victims of the same scam as us in the same week. Identical “scratch underneath the bumper” scam with damage bills amounting to slightly higher than the deposit. 400 EUR in our case, 500 EUR in their case. Here is some advice of the steps you can take if you’ve been a victim.

    1. Contact the financial institution that issued your credit card immediately and dispute the transaction as fraudulent. Your financial institution has the right to retrieve the money from the merchant, if the merchant doesn’t provide appropriate documentation. In our cases the repair bills show no date, the photos are bogus, the car downtime (3 -4 days in some cases) is ridiculous, when the repair bill shows it took a few hours. Furthermore, by reading all your examples, this is a clear case of fraud. Report this to your financial institution! They have the means to file a Complaint Report with the Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) which could result in merchant fines, and even being denied the right to conduct credit card transactions. Here is more info about the chargeback process:

    2. If your credit card has auto-rental collision insurance, file a claim through the insurance to try to recover your money. If the credit card company is successful in returning your money, then you can cancel the insurance claim.


    1. Share your story online - Thank you Roland for the webpage you created, and thank you Corina for the Facebook page. The more we share our stories online, the better chances there are for people to learn about these scams and what they can do to protect themselves. So, I suggest you continue to post your reviews and stories to sites like tripadvisor, expedia, travelocity, etc. We will try contacting them and ask to remove this merchant from their list of available rental companies at Otopeni.

    2. BUILD A COLLECTIVE CASE – I have created the following email address [protected] where I would like to collect all your cases if you are willing to share them. Please send the following info:
    a. Date of rental
    b. Brief description of what happened
    c. Attach the rental contract (please blank out your personal information at the top)
    d. Attach the repair bill
    3. Once I receive a few cases, I will file a complaint with the department of Credit Card Fraud Investigation with the financial institution I work for. They work closely with the police and will contact Visa International to potentially stop this merchant from operating.

    4. I will also file a complaint with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (

    5. I am also thinking of filing a complaint with the Departamentul pentru Lupta Anti-Frauda (DLAF), the Romanian Anti-Fraud Department (

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jun 22, 2011

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/ SC Auto Rent Srl - BANKRUPT?

    The web site:

    provides balance sheets for SC Auto Rent Srl between the years 2005 and 2009. These balance sheets seem to indicate that SC Auto Rent did not do well. On the contrary, Assets, Cash Deposits, and Total Capital seem to have gone down between 2005 and 2009 while the total expenses escalated. In 2009, Profit Before Tax and Net Profit were actually listed in the red (-335, 601, and -341, 334 respectively). Unfortunately, the balance sheets were not updated for 2010, but I would assume that they had not improved considering that the rip off of the customers appears to have intensified in the past two years.


    1 Votes
  • Da
    Daniela Orza Jul 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a horrifying similar experience in the summer of 2010. The story is too long to write here, but included the airport police involvement...a case in a romanian court...multiple emails back-and-forth to Dragos Vlad/Mirela Vlad (wife and business partner?), and a charge dispute case opened by our bank, which recovered only $800 from the total of $1600 charged to our account). We did not even use the Thrifty car! We rented an SUV from Avis instead (AVIS provided us with an amazing car, service and experience, for an only slightly higher cost).
    Due to our very traumatizing experience (which left us with bad memories which we are trying to forget now), we will not return to Bucharest soon, and sadly will not recommend travel to our beautiful country to anyone we know!
    As long as these corrupt, greedy so-called "business-men", who have no knowledge of honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction, are able to run these fraudulent transactions and scams at large proportions without being stopped, Romania's image will remain stained. Eminescu was right: "Unde esti tu Tepes Doamne ..."

    1 Votes
  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jul 08, 2011

    Ms. Orza:

    Would you be so kind and post more details about your negative experience with Thrifty OTP Bucharest/Autorent? I am sure that your story will provide other possible renters from Thrifty Romania with an understanding aobut how this Mr Dragos Vlad works to rob his innocent victims and will also help them realize why it is so important to avoid at all cost renting a car with this company. It will also build the case against them. Maybe sometime in the future the Romanian and international crime preventers will take notice of all these complaints and bring Mr. Dragos Vlad and his "team" to justice.



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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Jul 08, 2011


    This web site,

    shows a clearer picture of the financial condition in which Autorent SRL / Thrifty OTP Bucharest found itself at the end of the year 2009. Autorent SRL was clearly moving towards bankrupcy and needed to be saved. What better way for Dragos and Mirela Vlad to save their company than to begin an AGGRESSIVE ROBBERY of their customers?


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  • Ro
    RO-American Aug 02, 2011

    I am currently in the process of attempting to recoup my “refundable deposit” from the awful, horrible thieves at the Dollar Thrifty OTP Romanian office. I cannot tell you how foolish I feel for renting from this terrible place. Only now have I come across all of the many, many horror stories of their international fraud.

    And my husband and I have fallen victim to their most notorious and oft-repeated scam – the notorious rear bumper scratch. We rented a car for 10 days and actually paid the equivalent of $90 for their insurance – HA – just pure profit for them. Then, upon return, the folks refused to inspect the vehicle, instead saying they were ready to close. My husband insisted upon a return inspection, but they refused. He signed his check-in form and noted “No damage upon return.” Mind you, we live in America, but my husband is Romanian. So, he was able to communicate quite effectively with everyone.

    Of course, we come home and the full 500 Euro deposit ($756.80) has ALREADY hit the credit card. After much back and forth with Dollar Thrifty and with my credit card company, they finally produce a repair estimate and bill that was dated 12 days after our credit card was billed. And they produced a random photo of a car approximately the same color as ours. It shows a bumper scratch, but does not show any other identifying marks – not the make or model of the car, not the license plate, and not even a date stamp on the photo.

    The itemized billing says we’re responsible for damages, lost rental income (at a crazy high daily rate), and cleaning.

    Back and forth with everyone and the charges still remain. So, now I am again disputing but at least attempting to get the amount reduced to the amount shown on the “repair bill, ” which comes out to about $330. Again – HA – no company shown, no address, no way to contact them. No receipt from AutoRent RO to the magical, mysterious repair shop.

    I am disgusted. I am horrified. I am outraged. We had such a great visit to Romania, but this has left a bitter, acrid taste in my mouth for the government-sanctioned corruption. Just exactly how many kick-backs are the local officials receiving to turn the other cheek for this long-perpetuated scam. Ugh. Drag Vlagos is a criminal and horrible human being.

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Aug 09, 2011


    I have been disputing and fighting the excessive and fraudulent charges from Dollar Thrifty Otopeny (Autorent SRL) for the car I rented from them between May 13 and May 22 since I first saw how much I had been charged. I contacted then numerously, and I disputed the charges with the Bank of America Credit Claims Department. My first messages were exchanged with the anonymous “Thrifty Team, ” then Dragos Vlad responded to my messages and expressed outrage that I was questioning their fair and honest business. Finally, in response to the disputed charges and due to a request from the Bank of America Claims Department, MIRELA VLAD ([protected], Dragos Vlad’s wife (?) and co-partner in customer robbery sent to Bank of America Claims Department the same fabricated documents previously sent to me:

    1. The deceptive, fraudulent rental agreement.
    2. The credit card charges receipt.
    3. TWO PAGES ONLY of the “repair estimate” dated SEVENTEEN DAYS after I returned to car to Thrifty Bucharest (June 7, 2011).
    4. Two random photos of car bumper damage without any car identification and date.

    Mirela Vlad also wrote a letter to the Bank of America Credit Claims Department in which she blamed me for all the Thrifty Bucharest fraudulent charges. I guess I have come to understand, in the end, their business philosophy: “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG.”

    These documents were sent to Bank of America’s Credit Claims Department at the request of a supervisor (Ennis), but the Bank of America supervisor had no expertise to evaluate the documents and decide whether they were authentic and legitimate or whether they were fraudulent. Ennis was satisfied that Thrifty Romania had provided that documentation, and declared the charges legitimate. I found out this way that I had no protection from the Bank of America for FRAUDULENT CHARGES, in spite of their credit card agreement statement that fraudulent charges would not be debited against their customers’ accounts.

    So, the Thrifty Romania fraudulent charges stand. I paid 1, 420 dollars for a 12 day car rental from these Romanian robbers (By the way, Dragos and Mirela’s last name seems to indicate that they are GYPSIES, and if this is the case, I am less surprised of their blatant theft. As a Romanian myself, I know that most gypsies are ###, born thieves and robbers). Whether they are gypsies or not, they are definitely acting like gypsies - Dragos, Mirela, and all the crooks that work at Thrifty Romania (which has, apparently, seven employees).

    The fraudulent circle seems, though, to be larger than the one that includes the robbers at Thrifty Romania. When I received the “repair estimate” dated June 7 (seventeen days after I had returned the rented car to Thrifty Romania), and I noticed that out of FIVE PAGES of the "repair estimate" only TWO were sent to me, I contacted the BODY SHOP MANAGER at Di-Bas Chevrolet Bucharest. Here is his contact information:

    Di-Bas Dealer Autorizat Opel si Chevrolet (Di-Bas Opel and Chevrolet Dealership)
    Address: Sos. Fundeni 260-262 Sect. 2 Bucuresti
    Ing. Dumitrache Paul – Sef Service (Engineer Dumitrache Paul – Head Manager)
    Sef Service Caroserie (Body Shop Head)
    Tinichigerie/Vopsitorie (Body Repairs and Painting)
    E-mail: dumitrache.[protected]
    Phone: 0372.184.905
    Fax: 021 240.62.26
    Second Email: p.[protected]

    Mr. Dumitrache stated that he had done a “repair estimate” on the Chevrolet I rented, told me that the car HAD NOT BEEN REPAIRED, but refused to confirm the date of the repair estimate (Which was dated June 7, seventeen days after I returned the rented car to Thrifty Bucharest), and refused to send me the COMPLETE “repair estimate” in spite of my insistence that the “repair estimate” Thrifty Romania had sent me contained ONLY TWO PAGES OUT OF FIVE. Mr. Dumitrache referred me back to Thrifty Romania, stating that I should get my answers from Thrifty Romania, the bunch or thieves who had robbed me in the first place.

    To me this looks like a ROBBERS’ RING, that includes the Thrifty Bucharest ROBBERS and the Di-Bas Opel and Chevrolet Dealership ROBBERS, specifically their repair shop with Mr. Dumitrache as the HEAD THIEF - a FRAUD SCHEME that makes up FALSE DAMAGES CHARGES and RECYCLES REPAIR ESTIMATES AND PICTURES in order to ROB the Thrifty Bucharest customers and DIVIDE THE LOOT BETWEEN THEMSELVES.

    For now there seems to be no chance of recovering the stolen money from Thrifty Bucharest/Autorent SRL, even if the company were sued. And for the people who visited Romania from abroad, this means that they would have to sue Thrifty Bucharest in Romania and spend an indefinite amount of time and money there, also running the risk of having their cases handled by some CORRUPT, BRIBED judge who would, in the end, decide in Thrifty Bucharest’s favor. Who can afford that?

    Based on the belief and experience that “what goes around comes around” I hope that the Thrifty Romania “TEAM” and the whole ROBBERS’S RING will reap their "rewards" soon for all the evil they have committed and that they will never have the chance to enjoy the money they robbed from their customers.


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  • Ba
    babanucky Aug 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After reading all the posts it looks like that the only justice against these thieves is going to be done by the Lord Almighty. As Christians we fled Romania because of the persecution and discrimination and the desire in our souls to live a life in freedom and dignity.
    Therefore I call up the curse of the God upon Dragos Vlad Atkins, Mirela Vlad, their children and family. Also the curse and the vengeance of the Lord should be upon their team of thieves and their wives and children and upon Paul Dumitrache of Di-Bas Opel and Chevrolet dealership, his wife and children.
    I am asking all the persons robbed by the thieves to form a prayer chain and ask the Lord for JUSTICE. Be sure that the Lord will bring justice to the ones asking his intervention!

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  • Ed
    eddhanganu Aug 11, 2011

    Car Rental Thrifty Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Bucharest Otopeni Scams and Theft

    Rental Scam Thrifty Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Scam

    Thrifty Car Rental/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L.– Car Damage Scams

    Thrifty Car Rental/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L.- Car Rental Overcharges

    Thrifty Car Rental/ S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni Romania – Thieves and Robbers

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni – Avoid At all Costs

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni – Robs Customers of their Money

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni – Charges Fabricated Fees for Made-up car damages

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni - Rips off Customers

    Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni – Do not rent cars from them

    Thieves and Robbers - Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni

    Avoid at all costs - Thrifty Car Rental Romania/S.C. AUTORENT S.R.L. Otopeni

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  • Cr
    Cris_d Aug 12, 2011

    Hi there,
    The same happened to us. We have been living in Ireland for over 11 years. Went to see our parents in Romania, decided to rent a car from Thrifty. Got charged for o hit bumper and a dent 634 euro. The same PHOTO probably sent to us, that was sent to the guys above. Please, complain, to the Consumer Rights of European Union. The link is .We might make a case.

    -1 Votes
  • Pr
    pro dollar Sep 23, 2011

    i think dollar rulz!!!

    -2 Votes
  • Ma
    Marian M. Oct 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is a scam! They confiscated my deposit without any reason. For all victims please do the following: 1. Contact your credit card provider and dispute the charge; 2) contact Thrifty customer care:
    and write about your experience. Ask them to start an investigation. We should stop these swindlers!
    I rented a car from them between August 24 and August 31st 2011 and they cashed my deposit on August 30th, one day prior to returning the car. Marian

    1 Votes
  • Io
    Ionel Birgean Oct 21, 2011

    I am still amazed how such a cheap trick can flow through the credit card systems. The company has a card reader, there is no honest need for that draft they ask their customers to sign and then postdate it without providing them with a copy (actually it should probably be a copy of each copy). They are exploiting the T&E clause and of course they get some "help" from some "friends."

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  • On
    Oneofmanycheated Mar 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Basically the same issue $650. Never using them again

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  • To
    Tourist_2013 Jan 14, 2013

    Thrifty Romania is a scam company! Stay away from it. They stole my money saying I damaged the car. I've restricted my card and made a complaint to the Bank. Bank started investigation and after four months gave me my money back.

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  • Em
    EmmanuelP Aug 12, 2013

    Today I tried to book a car for the long weekend from their online website .

    After selecting the car and entering all the data, I choose to pay online, enter my credit card detail on the payment processor "plati online"... and then after a long time "Processing"... a white empty page!

    I decide to call the thrifty office to see if my booking was passed or failed, no one picked up after 3 attempts on the 2 numbers provided (mid afternoon during business hours).
    I finally call the "emergency" number of contact to get the same info, I end up with a rude d...bag visibly annoyed that I dared disturb him.
    Not only is he rude but tells me that there is no car available anyway while the website still will let you up to the payment step!
    I ask him to send me a confirmation that the payment was not processed: his answer you'll on your bank statement, we don't send this kind of confirmation!

    It looks best case like a very poor service with extremely low standards and no consideration given to customers, worth case a complete scam since you cannot check immediately whether you have been billed or not!

    I don't know how thrifty is anywhere else in the world but here... they look suspiciouly like scammers.

    I'm still worried it may have been a trap...


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  • Ja
    javiymapi Aug 28, 2013


    I will tell you a nightmare. I rented a white Chevrolet car with plate B50BRK on July 2013 from Thrifty Car Rental Romania/ SC Auto Rent Srl and Otopeni airport (Romania) and I will try to explain how you can feel absolutely indefense. Just say that for processing complaints this company charges you 50eur, that´s their idea of customer service. But I hope that experience will be useful for other people in order to take actions to prevent getting robbed your money by them.

    When you pick the car the personnel (a boy and a girl) seem very kind and told you the car iss absolutely new and had no problem and bla, bla, bla, to distract your atention from little scratches on it. They give a round to the car by 30 seconds and you trust everything is Ok. You won´t pay any attention to any little small black sign like those often caused by mosquitos.

    When you return the car the personnel is the same, but the attitude is absolutelly different. In my case the boy launched himself immediately to look under the car looking for any kind of scratch (he didn´t checked it two weeks before), and also marked the car as "dirty must wash" (I washed the car myself that same morning at 12:30h, so I could never imagined that the marks of the water caused by the sponge and the 10 mosquitos I killed on the 30 minutes way to Otopeni office were going to be considered as "dirty car" with a 10 eur fee. When I saw he wrote that line I asked other three men they have there washing cars if I could borrow a cube with water to get a perfect finish to my clean, and they refused, but they said that a car wash was 6eur, maybe I had had to accept the proposition, but I was already late for my plane because of the other matter I will explain now..

    The boy marked also two black points less that 1mm each as "damage on rear bumper". I am sure that black points were there the first day, but I didn´t give any importance because you have to approach you less than 20cm to be able to see them. The surprise arrived when he told to me they will have to take the car to the mechanic for that reason, and they should charge it to my credit car as "bumper repair". I was absolutely surprised that they gave me the car with a large 30cm kick under the driver´s door and some little marks on the front bumper surely charged to other silly renters and never repaired and now they were thinking to take the car to repair for this 300 times less smaller reason. It was funny that at the same moment another customer was renting a large high category car for 5 people, and I pointed to him that the plastic strip under frontal bumper was missing for a piece of 20x4cm, he told to the kind renter girl and surprise, it wasn´t marked on the contract they were signing. After that, they spent almost 10 minutes revising every little black mark on the car.

    Arrived to this point, as the boy repeated one, two, three, etc, times "you must sign the contract", if not the car will appear as "no returned". What kind of menace is that?. I asked for a manager, but the manager is just available on this boy mobile phone, but not for customers. He told to me I could compain. Ha, ha, ha, and you will charge me another 50eur for "unjustified compaint" as written on contract? . Thank you. Finally he told to me I could write my email on the contract and the company would send me the cost of all the related problems. As it was the only chance he gave to me to write on the contract, I wrote my e-mail and also "I don´t agree" on the right top border. He went to do a photocopy for me, and when he gave it to me, the "I don´t agree" wasn´t there because it seems he put any paper over it. So they also change the content of the contracts at their convenience.

    As it is true that I signed all the conditions marked on the contract selling my soul to them, and the check-in time for my plane was running over (the office is 3km from the airport and they must drive you there, that is the way the can hurry up you to accepot anything, other companies at least have a desk into the airport) and it was impossible to find any solution with no-one responsable there, I resigned myself and I awaited any news from my bank.

    And the news arrived two weeks later. They tried to charge 277, 99eur on my credit card (the total amount of renting the car was 222eur!!!). They sent a proforma invoice of a friendly mechanic they use for all similar cases and never get the cars repaired. In my case it was for an amount of 172eur. I asked for a complete reparation and painting of the rear bumper in my city and it cost half price, and in Romania salaries are a third part. But they charged me also 106eur for "downtime" of the car. So, they didn´t repaired the car (just asked for a proforma) and they try to rob me another 106eur!. Even that they have repaired the car, the stimated time for the reparation is 2 hours, not several days, and it wasn´t so urgent, they could wait until the low season to do it.

    For luck to me, I lost my card on the way home, and cancelled it, and it seems to be the only way to stop the charge. My bank telephoned me before accepting it, and now I am doing a full complaint to get the charge returned. After reading other customer´s experiences at Thrifty Car Rental Romania — overcharged the cancellation fee or at (more than 300 customers in total), I have low expectations about how this nightmare will end, but at least if I can save anyone from renting with this pirates I will be happy. So, be sure, as a summary, DON´T RENT WITH THRIFTY CAR RENTAL ROMANIA AT OTOPENI (BUCAREST/BUCURESTI) / DON´T RENT WITH SC AUTORENT SRL AT OTOPENI (BUCAREST/BUCURESTI)

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