Thorntonsno food

D Aug 01, 2018

I used to shop at your South Holland Illinois store on a regular basis because I would walk in and the store would be ready for business. I have since stopped shopping at this location because of the following

Weekends no food in the hot case some days completely empty
On a few occasions the fountain area was shut down
The lines on a few trips was to the back cooler only one register open
The store was on the dirty side sticky floors garbage not cleaned up

Like I said, I was impressed by this store the first few times I walked in and shopped this location. I would tell friends and co workers but now I the only conversation I would have is how quickly this store went down the tubes. This location reminds me of Walmart they open up a store get you in then the customer service and conditions disappear. I do not want a gift card or anything show me that you are listening by getting the standards back up like they were the first few times I shopped this location.

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