Thompson Cigarprice at checkout did not match credit card charge...


On Saturday, I purchased a box of cigars using a 10% discount coupon and an $8.00 point credit. At the checkout on the website, the discounts were applied, as was my credit card and delivery information. I then received a confirmation email for the purchase which reflected a price that was $12.00 more that what was agreed to at checkout. When I immediately called the company, it was Saturday so they could only allow me to write an email, which I did. Come Monday (today), I called the company since I had not yet received a reply to my email. I was on hold for 45 MINUTES. A customer service associate then had me explain the entire situation which took me about 10 minutes since she kept telling me that the computer may not accept certain discounts. I replied that I am fully aware of how some coupon codes and discounts may not apply when checking out. However, at checkout prior to confirming a purchase, it would state such and the price would not reflect the discount. This was not the case here. The price did reflect the discount at checkout. She then told me that there was nothing she can do. I have ordered from them multiple times before. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. She placed me on hold another 15 minutes just to tell me that no supervisor was available and that she could not give me the price that I accepted at checkout. I am aware that it is only a discrepancy of $12.00 and minimal. However, I am a person who respects principles and am sick an tired of these corporations down-grading customer service without any consequences. If you do decide to purchase from this company, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A SCREEN SHOT PRIOR TO PRESSING THAT ACCEPT BUTTON ON ANY THOMPSON CIGAR PURCHASES. This way if they want to charge your credit card a higher price than the price you accepted, thus, defrauding you of your money, you are in a better position to dispute. The time and frustration far exceeded the $12.00. But, I will never be purchasing from this company again.

Oct 07, 2019

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