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I to receive a letter from these people, but not thinking that it wasn't.t real, I sent a check for $5 to them what can I do. Document # [protected]-TSIF.From L Brady. This letter states that I will win 12, 000.000 dollars. I really fill bad about the I don't want to be a victim of Identity theft, tell me what to do. Should I put a stop on the check. Or should I contact authority. These people should be put in jail for ripping of people like this. An investigator should get involved.


  • Ja
    Janet Wring Oct 29, 2009

    I just today received the "Sweepstakes Audit Bureau" Letter to win $12, 000, 000.00.
    Sure sounded good but I knew not true. I always fortunately research things first
    to check them out. When I saw all the fraud and scam complaints I was then sure of
    what I had then in the beginning.

    I am so sorry for all of you the lost your $5.00. I plan on sending them their stupid sweepstakes letter back all filled out and also telling them where they can stick it. Of course it will not have the money they are expecting.

    They are fake, no good, lousey son of a ###, shame on them!!!

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  • Pr
    princeton374 Aug 31, 2010

    I couldn't agree more. I also received a letter stating I won and to send in $5.00 dollars. Know what I did. I went on this site printed out all of the complaints and wrote you suckers all over the paper in red marker and sent it back in their envelope and told them they we worth the .42 cent stamp!! I can only picture their face of the person from this company who opens this up!! LOL

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  • Pr
    princeton374 Aug 31, 2010

    Always check every single thing you get in the mail regarding any of this stuff. Always go to google and type it in with the word complaint right after it and you can check on line with the BBB as well. Never, never send any money, as if you really won, you wouldn't have to unless it was for after you received the check for tax purposes. I love this [redacted] as when ever some thing I suspect isn't real, I look it up find all the complaints, print them out and sent them to what ever sweepstakes is trying to rip me off. I send no name and address, just the reports with a little note telling the company that people are on to them. Could you imagine if everyone starting doing that, that would be a riot!! They would most likely at some point get so sick of it at some point. Start posting their name and scam on face book, every where so they can't get anyone else. Post them so maybe someone who works for the company will at some point see it and at some point they will get shut down due to their bad name being plastered all over the internet.


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  • Sk
    skyhigh1030 Feb 25, 2011

    sweepstake fraud

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  • Ro
    Robinson42 May 10, 2014

    I also received a letter from this people saying send $5.00 you won $ and after look them up on line that are a scam please do your research first before you send any money . I wish that could catch these people and put them under the jail .

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  • Je
    Jening Aug 01, 2016

    I received a Sweepstake Audit Bureau, signed by R Brady, Awards Director, saying that the sum of over $12, 000.000.00 in cash remains unclaimed and response is required to ensue that I don't forfeit my right to win sweepstakes cash awards of more than $12, 000.000.00 guaranteed. They want me to send them $5.00 to research and data processing fee. Document number: 8845-9144-1701. Why do they want me to send then $5.00 to research and processing fee? Is this not a scam?

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  • We
    Wendy Rodgers Oct 26, 2016

    I, too just received the send $5.00 by Nov. 5th, 2016 for my $12 million share of unclaimed funds. What a rip off, someone should put a tracer on a bill and send it back to them, then activate the tracer and you'd be able to pin point exactly where these scammers are hiding. and get rid of them once & for all.. What a waste of time & printing these letters out not to mention the trees that these were printed on.. So sad people don't have anything better to do in a day... SCAMMMMMMMM

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  • Sa
    Sandra Kay Unkel Feb 11, 2017

    I ALSO RECD second NOTICE REQ ANOTHER $5.00 THEN CAME TO THIS PAGE. they don't check to they sent too already. NOT GOING TO MAKE SAME MISTAKE twice, WISH i HAD Recd second Notification from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau with Mail In Address of PO Box 549012 Dallas Texas 75354.RINTER ATTACHED TO THIS CPU i would print and send too. Did send ltr to BBB,

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  • Di
    Dick Neva Aug 02, 2017

    I just got my letter and I am not going to send a thing to these shysters! Thanks for all your comments! I always check before I send any money to anyone for wins. I play a lot of them on line and so far have never won a thing but it gives me entertainment to play and dream. I am an oldster and have been around the block al few times with scams and and such. Once burned twice is my motto now and do not send any money for wins. I wish that the government would stop this sort of thing but I guess they more important things to do.

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  • Eb
    E Baldridge Jul 16, 2018

    I have also received a letter for the same exact thing as all of you. I see that the dates go back as far as 2016. I received mine this July 2018. Now it is pass time to stop these thieves.

    PS : Always remember if you won something you, should not have to pay to get it(money)

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  • N4
    N4knowledge123 Dec 18, 2018

    I too received the same thing. First time...shame on them...second time...shame on you. Fortunately I can tell a scam when I see it, so they got nothing from me. For those they got money from...well at least it was only $5.

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