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sweatshirt: order number 69648

I placed the order October 18, 2019 and sent an email November 8, 2019 and November 25, 209 and have not received a response.

The calls go straight to a full voicemail box. Now I see they have been receiving negative reviews with the complaints I have for years. I should have done my research prior to ordering from them. I would like my merchandize ASAP or a full refund.

order never shipped

I ordered a shirt a couple years ago & loved it, but after reading reviews online it must have been a fluke.
I ordered 2 more tops July 12, 2018 & received a conformation email saying they would ship in 2 to 3 weeks ( in itself ridiculous). I started emailing last week, at about the 5 week mark. Called their office repeatedly. No one answers, the voicemail tells you what the hours are & implies your calling outside of those hours & that's why they cant answer the phone. Well I wasn't. All 6 calls are when they are supposed to have been open.
Today I wrote them on FB & left a comment on Instagram. I also called their parent company Synergy one there either!!!

I will be talking to my bank tomorrow and leaving earnings about them everywhere!!!

FCKH8their shop

In November last year I ordered some t-shirts and they never arrived. In February, I got very loud, and finally someone from facebook apologized and said they would be out by the end of the month, and everything was slowed because they were launching a new line. In April I got an email saying my package was finished being prepared and a tracking number, which never got updated (presumably they printed a label and then gave up again). Their voice mail box is full, they don't reply to email or facebook enquiries, and the fact that the shop still exists means it's officially fraud at this point.

FCKH8 — fraud*scam*total ### lies*

I have ordered from fckh8 in the past and loved my shirt. I order afterwards, being july 30, 2016, yes-july 2016, with today being may 05, 2017, (Happy cinco de mayo, potus) spent...

FCKH8 — customer service/lack thereof & general company issues

This is a for profit Not only did they take 5 weeks to even dispatch the order, after I noticed a small error in my shipment address, I contacted them via email (prior to dispatch...

Buy elsewhere

I bought something from Fckh8 and was very excited about my purchase.
I paid for my order and Fckh8 took my money right away but there was no confirmation and no information about my order.
I sent them many messages and tried to contact them so many times but they never replied. I decided to wait and after over a month of waiting I decided to cancel my order and get a refund, but they also ignored my cancellation request.
I contacted PayPal and they helped me to get my money back.
Fckh8 is not to be trusted, don't risk and buy elsewhere!

FCKH8Items ship much later than they claim

I first bought a shirt from FckH8 four years ago because I support their message and saw a shirt I liked. A month after I ordered I still hadn't received shipping info so I contacted customer service. They answered me and said there were delays because they recently got very popular. My shirt finally arrived a full 3 months after purchase. Skip to this fall. My little sister recently came out to the family and as a sign of support I wanted to get her a gift from FckH8. I figured that since it's been four years they'd have it together. I was very wrong. I ordered the hoodie almost 5 weeks ago and it said allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. At 4 weeks I contacted customer support. I still haven't received an answer. I wanted to give it as a Christmas gift, but it looks like that's out of the question.

FCKH8Horrible experience!

I've ordered a lovely shirt from Fckh8 website and did not receive anything yet. Two weeks after I placed my order I decided to contact Fckh8 customer support and ask about the status of my order, but there was no way to reach them. Tried to call many times and it always said that I need lo leave a voice mail. I left them numerous mails and they never contacted me back. I tried and tried for months and still nothing. They also do not reply via email. I recommend everyone to avoid Fckh8. is a scam,don't order from them

DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I am in full support of the gays and was really excited about this website when I first came upon it. So I ordered a 45 dollar sweatshirt on June 18th. But I still haven't received it. In August, I FINALLY got a hold of someone on the phone and they said my sweater was on back order and they'd call me the next day. Needless to say, I never got that call. Over the last few months I have sent countless emails and called numerous times, but to no avail. I haven't heard ONE WORD from them. I can only assume that this website is a scam...what other company hasn't sent out an order after 7 months and won't even say a peep to you?? Nobody. So I repeat, FCKH8 IS A SCAM, DON'T ORDER FROM THEM!

DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered a sweater on June is January 15th and I still have not received it. In August, 2 MONTHS after I ordered it, I finally got a hold of someone on the phone. They said it was on backorder and they'd call me the next day to clear things up. I never got a phone call. Over the past couple months, I have sent countless emails, and numerous phone calls. I have heard NOTHING from them. This all leads me to believe that this company scams their customers. So I repeat, DO NOT ORDER FROM FCKH8.COM! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY, NOT GIVE YOU YOUR ORDER, AND NOT EVEN TALK TO YOU! THEY'RE SCAM ARTISTS.

It's been THREE MONTHS and still NOTHING

I ordered a t-shirt for my best friend on September 24th, 2012 as a birthday gift for her. Her birthday wasn't until the end of October, so I thought that was plenty of time to make sure I got the shirt. After three weeks, I emailed them telling them I still hadn't gotten my order. I merely received an automated email saying that because of the election they were backed up and out of product, blah blah. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to wait a while longer. A month after that, in mid November, I emailed them again, asking when I could expect my order. A week later I got an email back, which was partially automated, but still better than what I had received before, basically just telling me why my shirt still wasn't here and what not. I was annoyed, but I thought I'd just try to be patient. Here I am, three weeks after that, and three full months after I ordered my shirt, and still NOTHING. I emailed them today and said if I can't get my shirt by Christmas, I don't want it anymore and I'm just going to cancel the order and get a refund. I really fed up with waiting. If you're out of stock, DON'T LET PEOPLE ORDER THE PRODUCT.

  • Da
    Darsus May 30, 2012

    I've been waiting for the stuff 2 months already. Nothing happens (although I've paid) :((

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  • Tr
    Trogane Jul 24, 2012

    They are a fraudulent company. Do NOT BUY SERIOUSLY!

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  • Ha
    Harbere Sep 26, 2012

    No sense of proper business etiquette. Terrible company in general. Never got the things I ordered.

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  • SKOR Dec 08, 2012

    3 months is ridiculous. Ask for your money back and buy something else. If they will not refund, dispute the charge with your credit card company.

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  • Brenda* Dec 08, 2012

    Read the back of your credit card statement. Typically you have to report it "in writing" within 60 days of when you receive a bill with a charge you dispute.

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  • Lo
    LorangerJustin Jan 16, 2013

    Same ### happened to me. I ordered a tank top back in October and still nothing. They keep telling me to contact Nicki, so I do, and she never responds back. I'm about to file something on my credit card statement to get my money back

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Don't let this site steal from you as it did to me

This site has some great products and they stand for human equality. However, after ordering from them multiple times they have finally lost me as a customer. They always take a few weeks to get stuff to you but after 2 months of not receiving my product (after paying for express shipping) I still didn't have what I payed for. I talked to their customer service rep and he said I would receive a check in the mail for the shipping charge. I emailed a rep when I didn't get it that week as I had been told. Still nothing. I have called their hotline numerous times and no one ever picks up. DO NOT LET THIS SITE STEAL FROM YOU AS IT DID TO ME. Go somewhere else to support human equality.

This site is garbage

I placed an order on February 14th. It is October 2nd and after SEVERAL phone calls and emails, I still do not have my gear. Because they lied to me several times and did not answer my emails or messages, I missed Lobby day, MSP Pride, on top of that I moved and when I called again today, they sounded bored with my call. This site has cool stuff, but I very highly doubt I will ever shop here again. I recommend that you do not either, what I recommend is you make your own t-shirt and donate the money to another LGBT cause. This site is garbage.

Don't waste money or time on this company

I strongly believe in this campaign and the ideas of gay pride. I live in Minnesota where the sanctity of marriage amendment is up for vote this year- I ordered this shirt to spread the word of gay equality. I ordered this shirt over 5 weeks ago and still have not received it. I have called 10+ times and emailed. I was FINALLY called over 2 weeks ago to say it would be here on that thursday. And it still has not come. Still have not received an email or call regarding my last 5 calls. I will be forced to take legal action claiming fraud against this company if I am not contacted. Buy your gear from a reputable dealer next time. Don't waste money or time on this company.

delayed shipping, incorrect merchandise

I ordered a shirt as a birthday gift for a friend in early April. A couple weeks later they emailed me saying they were backed up, that they would send the shirt soon and include a free sticker or button of some sort. I emailed them in late May to follow up. I was moving, so I changed my shipping address. Ryan confirmed the change. No shirt. Fast forward to AUGUST when I followed up once again after hearing nothing from them. With no personal reply or even "To whom it may concern, " Ryan replied with the shipping tracking number. They shipped it to the wrong address. Incurring more time and money, the person there sent it to me. I just received it today, nearly 6 months later, AND IT'S THE WRONG SHIRT. What. the. heck. I sent Ryan a long, heartfelt (not rude) letter a few days ago and he wrote back that he was sorry and would check with the warehouse and straighten the shipping out. He clearly didn't read my email since it was already shipped. I wrote back today asking for an exchange for the shirt i actually ordered six months ago or a full refund. DON'T. ORDER. FROM THEM!!!

They have done nothing more than made me feel like a &bully& when I asked for my money back

Being an advocate for anyone who wants to love or marry anyone they want, I was on board for the FCKH8 organization and their message to "LEGALIZE LOVE". I even bought their KOOLAID (t-shirts/sweatshirts). However, 3 months later and I have been sent several emails implying my order has been shipped (which it hasn't), nor have I received the refund on my items after being told I would get one fo...r a month now. I am now forced to put this "charitable" organization on blast. If you plan to use merchandise as a method of spreading your message, make sure you understand how to treat your customers/supporters. This organization that is supposed to teach intolerance has done nothing more than made me feel like a "bully" when I asked for my money back. According to Google Search, my experience is not unique.

Save yourself the headache and make a donation to another charity

I placed an order on the 27th of March. It is now the 27th of June and I have still not received my order.

I waited patiently for two months thinking they were a small business that got overwhelmed. When June rolled around I started to get annoyed. I e-mailed and was told on June 4th that they had just restocked and would be shipping my order that weekend. The weekend came and went. June 12th I got a message saying my order was "being processed for shipping" not that it shipped, just that it was being processed. It was the exact same message I had received months earlier and nothing had ever come of it.

I then asked to cancel my order and get a refund. I got an e-mail containing usps shipping information. No apology, no explanation, just shipping information which I took to mean they would not give me a refund. I entered the tracking number on the usps site and was told that they were notified to expect a shipment on the 12th but that no further information was available as it had not shipped yet.

It is now the 27th, exactly three months after the date my order was placed (and my money was taken) and there is still no shipping information. I was willing to give them a pass on slow shipping as they are a charitable organization, but this is ridiculous. If they can't fill their current orders, they need to take a break and stop hyping up their products on facebook and encouraging more sales until they can catch up on shipping orders that are long overdue. In the end, even if I do get my order, I don't want to wear the merch because I don't feel good about promoting a company like this. Bottom line, save yourself the headache and make a donation to another charity.

Horrible business ethics

I ordered a t-shirt over a month ago. I was sent a e-mail that day saying it would take 14 days to ship. I was okay with that. So now a month and a half later, still no merchandise . I have called customer support many times, never getting a answer, left 5 voice mails never getting a call back. I e mailed them about 2 weeks ago and finally got a response, I was told that my shirt would ship that Friday. Of course that did not happen. I emailed them again, and was told it's now on back order. They are not sure when the warehouse will be re stocked. This website has an amazing message but horrible business ethics, it's sad. People won't continue to support this if they don't step it up.

This will be my last order

I've been waiting 71 days for my shirt. I've been sent blanket emails saying that the demand has been crazy because the videos went viral but that was over a month ago since I got those and I haven't heard a peep since. I've now emailed them, believing I've given them well and truly enough time to get their sh** together.

I've ordered them two other times as well, both taking over a month each. Both of the orders have been screwed up in some way. In one I received the wrong badges, in the other I received an XS shirt in place of a 2XL shirt. They re-sent the right size and it was received in only a couple of weeks, and I had to pay for the shipping of the other one back to them...PFFFT.

This will be my last order.

It's been three weeks, my order has not been shipped

It's been three weeks, my order has not been shipped they finally told me by the end of this weekend and guess what? Still no shipping information. They said it was Because so much was out of stock or back ordered since going viral which was almost a year or so ago so you think they would have expanded enough to stop people from having these issues or at least be smart enough to make sure you know when your order has been place on back order. Tried to bribe me with free wristband or pins that I do not want and have no use for.

  • He
    Hensons Jun 22, 2011

    I ordered a $45 hoodie from them. It has been 6 WEEKS and I still haven't received it. I demanded a refund and they refunded half of my purchase and promised me it would go out within the week. That was 3 weeks ago. Absolutely ridiculous.

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  • Pr
    Priamber Jul 30, 2012

    I have notified my financial advisor to this possible scam. There's no reason why it should take 2.5 months to print a tshirt and wristbands. Still haven't received my order and the company has gone silent on customer service responses. Donate to something else.

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  • Ko
    Koop Oct 19, 2012

    I ordered my product 8-21-12 and it is now 10-15-12. I have been patient and have understood that sometimes there is a backorder but this is ridiculous! Never ever again!

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  • Vo
    Vorsipe Oct 27, 2012

    I have been waiting for my order for 6 months. I have sent emails to customer service and never been given a reply. I occasionally get emails saying my order has shipped which it hasn't and no one picks up the phone when I call. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from FCKH8. They are TERRIBLE!!

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  • Ru
    Ruppel Feb 06, 2013

    I ordered a $40 hoodie 4 months ago and have not received it yet. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I have called and emailed customer service over a dozen times and they still haven't gotten back to me. Plus, I can't figure out how to cancel my order. Terrible customer service.

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  • Kr
    KristiLovee Nov 26, 2013

    I ordered a shirt, almost a month ago, and I still do not have it, no one answers the phone, and the email is just an automatic response, saying it was out of stock, which is ###. Probably a scam, there goes 26 ###ing dollars.

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I'm yet to have my order, which was made 6 weeks ago

I can't believe I've been forced to give them one star! is a lousy website, I would truthfully say, avoid at all costs, just look at their current backlog of angry customers!

So, what's the real issue? Lack of stock/too much demand? Well either way from their advertising you could be dumb enough to think they have stock, clearly they don't as they aren't shipping it out!

I'm yet to have my order, which was made 6 weeks ago!

Very poor business practice!

Tried to call the people from the website but no one answered

I placed my order at the end of feb. 2012 I got an email in On march 26th saying that it was finally being processed and I was finally given a tracking number. By March 28th the package was in a post office near by. The next day the package was shipped across the state. I tried to call the people from the website but no one answered and their support line kept looping "if you would like to speak to someone please stay on the line (pause) If you would like to speak to someone please stay on the line (pause) if you would like to speak to someone please stay on the line." So I called the post office of the city that my package had been shipped to. They said it happens all the time, the two cities zip codes are one number off so they get mail for my city all the time and just forward it on to us, BUT (and I spoke to the guy who handled my package personally) the company did not put the name of the city my package was being sent to on the label so they could not forward it on to me personally instead they had to send it back to the sender. After speaking with the post office I tried calling the website again and finally spoke to someone. First, it sounded as though I had just woken him up by calling, second there was a dog barking in the background, third he looked me up and said that when the package came back to them they would send it out again. I said ok. Today, April 9th, I got an email from someone there saying they got the package back and wanted to know how I would like to proceed and that if I would like it mailed back to me again I would have to pay more shipping (over 12 dollars) I responded saying that in situations like this it is their responsibility to pay for the shipping and send my package back to me or give me a full refund of 51 dollars (shipping included). they replied saying it was not their fault i did not receive my package it was the post offices fault and that they were not responsible to pay the shipping and if they gave me a refund it would not include the shipping cost. I responded telling them that I spoke with the post office and that if they (Fckh8) had included the city I live in I would have gotten my package therefore it is not the post offices fault and they need to take responsibility for it. They have since not responded.

This company strait out lied to me about when my shirts would be shipped and where they were

I ordered two t-shirts for a friends birthday TWO FULL WEEKS beforehand. Three months later and the shirts had not arrived. I called the company many many times and they gave me little to no information on the status of my order. Finally I gave up and after hours of arguing on the phone they very begrudgingly admitted they did not have the $#*!s and would not for quite a while. AFter another long argument they admitted defeat and reluctantly refunded me. After this whole ordeal I've come to realize that this company strait out lied to me about when my shirts would be shipped and where they were. I would not recommend buying their products.

FCKH8 has been a major disappointment

I ordered 4 tees on February 7th and it is now March 27th and still no merch! I ordered them for a special event. I emailed twice and they responded with... Give them another week and a half... 3 weeks later... I emailed again asking for a refund and no response. I love the cause, but the service is HORRIBLE! I ordered merch from NOH8 and Second Class Citizen on the same day and received those within a week to a week and a half. If you want to support a great cause while getting some awesome merch I recommend those sites. FCKH8 has been a major disappointment!

  • Ma
    Maindzhelloe Feb 14, 2012

    I ordered two shirts from this website, they took THIRTY SIX days to get here and when they did get here, there was a hole in one of them. I called and called, most of the time getting no answer, but when I did get answers the employees were NO help whatsoever. All the employees are trained to do is apologize, which is just annoying because they just keep saying sorry and can't do anything else to help me. When I asked for a supervisor the employee didn't say a word and just "hung up" by forwarding me onto a supervisor. When I spoke with him he was very unprofessional and seemed to not even have an ounce of concern that it took so long to get my shirts and that there was a hole in one of them. I am very upset with this service and I will no longer support this cause. And go ahead and tell me "they donate and don't make very much money", because they do. That's why I pay $20 for a $5 shirt.

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  • No
    Noziruse May 06, 2012

    I ordered a sweatshirt and a tshirt on March 5th. I didn't get a notification that the package was being shipped until March 23ed. It's now May 6th, tomorrow it will have been a full two months since I placed the order and the package is still in "electronic shipping info received." This means my order got to the warehouse but they don't have what I ordered in stock. I have contacted them on three separate occasions and always gotten the same useless response. I love their stuff and their message, but this is unacceptable and unprofessional. If they were honest about their shipping it would be better, but over all I would not recommend ordering from them at all. And if you really want it, be willing to wait for a long long time.

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  • Sh
    Shimane Jul 02, 2012

    They push for people to buy their merchandise, but when they do, they keep the money and never ship out the product. Horrible service. As if the gay community needed more people trying to take advantage of us.

    Takes them a year to ship an order but minutes to take my money. Not too happy. Use another pro-gay website.

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  • On
    Onures Sep 20, 2012

    I ordered a shirt and various other merch on 7/30 I still haven't gotten it. I was hoping to wear my stuff to Austin Pride on 9/22, which is why I ordered well in advance. This isn't the first time I've bought from FCKH8 and every time they've taken MONTHS to ship my items, but this is a cause I stand behind and it's hard to find cute Anti-hate clothes, but I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'll buy from them.

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This website has a great message and a horrible everything else

I had ordered a sweatshirt from fckh8 last year it took over a month to receive and I kept getting fed crud about not enough merch. in stock, or it got lost, or they will send it...