The Salvation Army USAmanager on duty

A May 16, 2018 Review updated:

The Salvation Army store located at 2285 Versailles Road Lexington Kentucky phone number [protected]. Date May 16th 2018 at 4:08 p.m. I purchased two pictures for a total of $12.70 at the store call my mother after leaving the store and was informed that she did not have room for these two pictures so I drove back to the store about 15 minutes later and ask to speak with the manager on duty she informed me that all cells were final and wouldn't even listen to the reason I was bringing the merchandise back she was very very disrespectful so much so but it seem to offend the other customers around me I'm a veteran serve for 24 years in the United States Army and I understand the policy this retail store has I know that their business is to help people who are homeless and two otherwise help the community I don't mind not being able to return the merchandise but I feel as a veteran that at least some level of respect should be shown to a customer I will never shop at this store again and I hope the manager gets fired for being appear undeniable ginormous b**** thank you very much for your time and if you're in Lexington Kentucky make sure to tell the Salvation Army on Versailles Road to suck it

manager on duty
manager on duty

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