The Salvation Army USAhackettstown, nj


There is corruption by the staff working this location, they take donated items for themselves to be sold elsewhere later (Not by Salvation Army, but at local flea markets for their own personal profit). This situation needs immediate attention by the highest levels. You can find comments from local people who have stopped donating to the Salvation Army because of this, Here's a few quotes with a link to the source:

"I will no longer bring my donations there. Some of the workers there have a Buddy system with some shoppers. Rather then items going on the floor for others to purchase. Stuff is being put aside for the two brothers who are twins. They get items very cheap there and then resale for a higher price. One of those places is the flea market on 46. They have sweet talked every worker in there. They wait in the back were only employees are allowed to go and wait for new donations so they get fist pickings. This store is just going down hill, and these aren't the only two doing this there is at least 3 others they do this for. It's like the worker's lost control of the store."

"First things first I did mention it to a manager, and as of today it's still going on.. Second of all they have jobs. They tell people they work at Target. This is no way to run a business. They don't make money doing this for certain individuals. I think your forgetting what this store is all about. It's profits are to help those less fortunate. Not to line the pockets of those who have money pay less for goods so they can turn around and charge more then what they got it for."

"I've noticed the exact same problem at that store, and with those brothers and others. They actually posted a warnimg letter from Salvation Army HQ by the registers that dressed them down for this practice. I guess the people there don't care. It really hampers that store. They never have new electronics/movies/games out because they all are going out the back door. It's a shame because the other stores in the area are more competently run and cycle old merchandise out regularly."

"That store has been going down hill for about a year or more. Once management changed hands to give a"higher ups"family member a job. All you hear is cursing and swearing by the"manager"and volunteer (family) in Spanish. Complaints made to the"manager"and main office in Paterson get ignored.
They have old crap and do sneaky stuff. Im really surprised the town hasn't got on them too about all the crap thrown out back. It looks like a junk yard. Makes Hackettstown look terrible."

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