The Salvation Army USAemployees at and connected with the local office employees in lake forest, ca.

S Apr 10, 2017

Horrible experience with luz mundo and her manager pamula (who is never at the store to be accountable for the lying, employees that work there. for one thing I would like a background check on employee luz mundo. is she even legal to work in the united states? secondly what is her criminal record like. these employees violated the salvation army code of ethics for any charity organization. I do not feel it is safe to give them any personal information such as social security numbers or addresses of us citizens asking for help with rental or utility assistance. false statements were made about my mother defaming her good character. terrible things that she would never say to anyone. promises to her that she was chosen for a MOTHERS DAY SHOPPING VOUCHER FOR 100.00 DOLLARS. THEN LYING ABOUT HER TOTALLY WE NEED SUPERVISION AND ACCOUNTABILITY. this should be based on fairness, and keeping the promises they made to us being changed. there is a lot of racial problems on the salvation army's part in these California offices

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