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I am being told me and my 2 year lid are being kicked out for video chatting with my daughter. Nowhere does it state this is not allowed in my rules and i simply asked was this allowed since other residents informed me it was not. Nobody was around me at the time so its not like i was showing anybody here or breaking the anonamity rule (as if my 16 year old daughter cares who is here). I was at this same shelter about 8months ago and was exited for something i was not involved in and had nowhere to go but back to my abuser. This time i had to like plead to be able to have a safe place for me and my baby to go. These workers should not be allowed to dictate who deserves the services of the salvation army. I feel like they have something personal against me as more than one worker knows my abuser. I have not broken any rules or laws and am being told i must go out on the streets with my baby. When i caught a thief red handed stealing and many other women here also on seperate occasions caught the thief stealing she was simply moved to a different room. Then after being caught stealing again she was escorted out and protected from us calling the law. I do not think this is the way salvation army helps people the way jessica this directer just picks and chooses who is worthy of this shelter(which by the way is the only dv shelter in this area). I am not pleased.


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      Oct 14, 2017

    So the other residents/guests told you it wasn't allowed but since noone was around, you did it anyway and now you are angry at SA because they enforced the rules? They aren't forcing you to go back to your abuser. You chose to willfully disobey the rules.

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