The Salvation Army USAdiscrimination, humiliation and harassment

M Nov 20, 2017

In early March 2017 I was ordered by the court to do community service at the Salvation Army which started on March the 7th 2017 later on after such a good job I was asked by the manager Miss Kathy the store manager if I would come in and volunteer after my community service was done I went in to volunteer for her to help is Kathy out but Kathy was very appreciative of it lady doing my volunteer work Miss Kathy went on a vacation I was ordered by Miss Kathy to do a certain assignment first thing in the morning when I got in to work another lady by the name of Lauren was there in Miss Kathy's place to help out Miss Lauren had no knowledge of women's Kathy had asked of me to do so as I begin to complete the task that I was asked by Miss Kathy Miss lower and got very upset and told me that Kathy was not there I do what she says I said that wasn't a problem I live Miss Lauren told another employee to let me suffer and do it the work all by myself not to help me I thought that it was very cruel of Miss Lauren 2 say that when I was volunteering to help the company out I told miss Lauren that I was going to leave and I left for that day, about a week later I went back to the Salvation Army when the store original store manager had returned to continue my volunteer work notified the store manager of the incident she apologized for Miss Lauren actions and said that she was thankful and appreciative of me coming back to help her have acceded to help volunteer all the way up until I got a job as store manager of Subway I later on a month or so later went back in the store to shop when Miss Lauren was then the new store manager of Salvation Army which I had no knowledge of until that day Miss Lauren then stated in front of several employees at the Salvation Army that I was a thief and the police was called on me back in March for stealing out of the store and I was not allowed on the premises I've been stated to Miss Lauren that that was not true maybe she have me mixed up with someone else but Miss Lauren insisted that it was me and to keep down confusion I just left the store because it was very embarrassing to have Miss Lauren speak of those things which were not true in front of several customers as well as employees I told Miss Lauren that I would pray for her and I didn't understand why she had so much hatred in her heart for me later on in October I was sent back to the Salvation Army by the court to complete community service for fines and fees Miss Lauren again stated to the courts that I was escorted off the premises and asked not to return the court stated that they had no record of that but they would send me somewhere else I then went to complete my community service working with miss tidwell at antioch youth & family have to come clean in my community service with Miss tidwel well I did not return because I had a job but would have loved to return. On November the 20th which is today I went into the Salvation Army in obtained a voucher for clothing for myself as well as my grandson I was allowed to walk around the store to pick out a few things but when I got to the register Miss Lauren stated that I had to leave the store or she would call the police because of a incident that occurred in March of 2017 I told Miss Lauren that I was not there to cause trouble and whomever is misleading them and giving them the information is wrong I haven't committed any crimes and done nothing wrong to be discriminated against are treated like a criminal Miss Laura and then stated that she would allow my niece to obtain the items but I was not allowed in the store I then informed Miss Lauren that it wasn't a problem I will contact the head office to find out what's going on on today November 17th I contacted the office left several messages for mr. Dennis West to contact me but instead of receiving a call from mr. Dennis West I received a call from a Mr. Poff who then stated that he was the one that signed off on the papers for me to not return back to the store it had nothing to do with me stealing when I proceeded to ask mr.Poff why was I not welcomed back in the store he stated he had nothing more to say to me and hung up the phone in my face I feel like I'm being discriminated against for personal feelings towards me and it's not right I would also like to include I would also like to include that after the incident that they are stating to place I volunteered for the Salvation Army in done work with the store manager prior to this store manager that has the personal problems they can send me I think it's because of my race and her personal

The Salvation Army USA
The Salvation Army USA

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