The Salvation Army USAcustomer service / cashier


After several horrible experiences with this same cashier...I find it necessary to complete an official complaint. The cashier name tag says Virginia. She cashiers at the Salvation Army Thirft Store located at 26065 Greenfield Rd Southfield, Michigan 48076.
Just because we love finding a great deal doesn't mean that we should continuously be treated disrespectfully, belittled, or disregarded. We should be treated decently whether we are paying $5 or $5000.
Any time I am encountered with Virginia i leave feeling disrespected and upset. I am so tured of her irrogant behavior. I realize that she has been at this location for years and may know the company's business, however she is not suitable for the cashier position. She is extremely loud with her sarcasm and tends to enjoy embarrassing customers. My last incident with her was 10/26/2017 at 4:30pm. I ask that you please investigate my issue. I love salutation army and I hope to continue being a customer but not at this expensive. Signed Concerned Customer

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