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I defrosted my cool whip I bought a day ago in the refrigerator. When I unsealed it and opened the lid I found the most gross mold in it.
It was totally bad!! Yuck!
I have pics to show you what I found.
I have never had this happen to me ever in my entire life, and i'm 50+.
I have used cool whip for as long as I can remember in indiana. Now I have lived I hawaii for over 25 years? And I don't like the generic brands,
So I have been a very loyal customer.
Patricia smith

The Kraft Heinz Company
The Kraft Heinz Company

Apr 23, 2019
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  •   Apr 23, 2019

    Was a clear tape seal around the cover? A tiny opening allows air inside and spoilage happens. Do you have your receipt to return it?

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