The Great Wolf Lodge KCKSblack male employees smoking weed on job


The Great Wolf Lodge of Kansas City, Kansas located at 10401 Cabela Drive in Kansas City, Kansas 66111 is a dirty hotel mainly because the hotel employees mostly black male housemen who fail time and time again to do their jobs. Donald Starr a manager of the housemen, who smokes and sells weed, was told several times to put hand soap and toilet paper in the public restrooms and he spaces the instruction's off continuously. Donald was told to get a clean mop with clean mop water to mop public areas and restrooms and he promises to do it, but fails everyday to get the job done. Donald Starr and other black male employees focus their time on having sex with courtesans at work like a Latina named Vanessa, and a white girl named Ashley who is dating a white manager named Brett who works in the pool area. Ashley works as a stripper at the Shady Lady lounge in Kansas City, Missouri part-time. Ashley gives lap dances to men at works such as Donald, and even Vanessa. Ashley says she is bi-sexual, and what Brett doesn't know, won't hurt him. Brett is a nice guy and doesn't know Ashley is cheating on him with a black guy who smokes and sells weed, named Donald Starr. Vanessa is a Latin courtesan who lives with her boyfriend, and yet has sex with Donald and a black male who claims to be bi-sexual, DeAndre Ward. DeAndre Ward took Vanessa to a room on the fourth floor to have sex after the company bowling party in Johnson County. This is the kind of behavior that goes on at the hotel and why many chores are neglected.

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    There is a young girl, of Mexican descent, who does not speak good English and is not legal working at the Great Wolf Lodge of 10401 Cabela Drive in Kansas City, KS 66111. She is about five feet inches tall, about 98 pounds and is around 21 years old. She harasses other co-workers by telling vicious lies about them to the managers. This girl does not have a drivers license yet drives a car and was recently pulled over by law enforcement. Every black male at the hotel who is screwing her came to her aid. She has sex with a black manager named Donald Starr, and DeAndre Ward, both who lose their minds over white and Latina females whether they are trash or not, they don't care just as long as the female has light skin, and naturally straight hair. This girl's name is Vanessa. She will have sex with any black male at the hotel who approaches her, they sexually touch her in front of everyone in the hotel, the display is so disgusting. She has the protection of the managers' there because she puts out easily. They absolutely love this Mexican who is illegal. I hope she is deported, she is bad and does not need to work at a hotel where children are at.

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    The reason why the hotel in Kansas City, Kansas cannot get anything done is because black males like Donald Starr, cannot keep their mind on their work. They are too occupied with smoking and selling weed. Plus, a woman named Vanessa who is Mexican born, illegal, does not have a drivers license, allows black males to run trains on her in the rooms. Ashley too is very promiscuous. She claims to be dating a Brett who works in the pool area, but yet she says, what Brett doesn't know about won't hurt him. Ashley is another whore who works part-time as a stripper at the Shady Lady lounge. Plus she allows black male employees to use her sexually. Donald Starr and Vanessa always disappear together after management leaves, to be in the rooms for sex and smoking weed. Deandre Ward a bi-sexual black man takes Vanessa to the fourth floor rooms to have sex. They too always disappear for hours at a time. This is why the hotel suffers.


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    Bearcat Şándor Feb 28, 2017

    I don't know if you are just a troll or really believe what you wrote, but it's time to move on from your antiquated racist paradigm. Besides, anyone who criticizes another person's grammar with the words, "does not speak good English" is failing at Eurocentric derision. but succeeding marvelously at irony.

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