The Cover guysHot tub cover not fitting poor service


Do not buy from the cover guys they do not stand behind their warrany or their product. My cover is brand new and it is leaking of the icicles coking from the seams. I sent them pictures and they insist it is my hot tub. I had a service man check and there are no leaks. However they continue to say it is not their cover it is my hot tub. They do not stand behind their advertising of a 7 year warrany...that is false adverting.
Their covers may be cheaper but I guess you get what you pay for...garbage and no warrenty. So please please please do not waste your money on them. I've been fighting with them since I got it in august because the cover was too big. They insist it it is suppose to move that much. I sent them videos to show them the movement they are not taking me seriously maybe they will when I take it to small claims court.
I should have read the reviews before buying from them, they do not have very good reviews.
So please do not waste your time and money on them.

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