Thai Airwaysgetting inflexible service at check in (refusal a child to get on board)

E Sep 11, 2018

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Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd
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Bangkok, Thailand - 10900 September 12, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 01/08/2018, my family and I were scheduled to fly to Singapore (SG).

We bought Thai Airways tickets(TG409:1-Aug-18/TG408:5-Aug-18), having regularly flown TG over a long period of time. At the check-in counter, the attendant told us that one of our daughter's passport, Kourtney Wong, would expire within 6 months. Kourtney was 9 years old. (I attach a copy of her passport. At that time, the passport would expire in 5 months.)

The TG attendant told us that SG requires her passport to be valid for at least 6 months. Therefore Kourtney could not take the trip. She said there was nothing that could be done. She asked us to consider all going home. Apparently her shift was almost over and she wanted us to just go away, disregarding the horrible situation that we faced as a family. She said TG would not issue a ticket because of potential fine. She showed no sympathy or understanding of the situation even though we were in obvious anguish. I had to attend a business trip, and we were considering leaving Kourtney behind with her grandfather who had to rush to the airport just in case.

Given the commotion, someone else nearby tried to help. He walked us across to the SG Airline counter. SG Airline confirmed they have no problem to fly us. Therefore we bought 2 tickets on SG Airlines, one for Kourtney and one for my wife. Needless to say, we were so relieved!

We flew separately to SG, Kourtney and my wife on SG Airlines, me and Ellie (our youngest daughter) on TG. We flew a few hours apart. Upon arrival, SG immigration did not ask any questions and let all of us in. Apparently because Kourtney was only a child and her passport expiry was in 5 months there were no concerns.

I am writing to ask refund and compensation for the stress that TG put us through as explained above. We did not receive any warning. The service was appalling. SG immigration had no problem accepting a little girl. Why was TG so insensitive, inflexible, gave us wrong information and only caring for a potential fine?


Keilic W.

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